Finding business angels or private investors can be quite a daunting process, but the World Trade Exchange Commerce Network offers a simple platform to streamline the venture capital sourcing process.

World Trade Exchange connects you directly with angel investors, venture capitalists and business funds so that you can find the start-up capital or expansion funding you need for your business. World Trade Exchange is the premier global angel investment network & small business funding network that matches serious and active business angel investors with entrepreneurs’ seeking in-kind investment capital and business funding to start-up their new venture or expand their existing business.

World Trade Exchange is possibly the only resource you will need during your search for early-stage angel investment, seed investment capital funding or business finance to kick-start your business for your New-product, or invention.

The World Trade Exchange Commerce Network welcomes applications from startup or early stage companies from the United States, Canada, Mexico and elsewhere across the globe. We evaluate applications on an ongoing basis and meet monthly from February through to December.

Do you have a big idea?

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with a business breakthrough or innovation that will shape our lives over the next century, we’d love to hear from you. We’re committed to investing in obsessive visionaries (with a practical side) who share our passion for making an impact on how we live, work and communicate.


World Trade Exchange offers entrepreneurs:

  • Access to in-kind capital from our network of accredited investors.

  • Mentoring and support from our team and investors.

  • Educational events.

World Trade Exchange welcomes entrepreneurs with:

  • Knowledge of their target markets, passion and integrity.

  • Products or services with a compelling value proposition, a revenue model, and sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Plans for building a company.


An angel is a high net-worth individual who invests his or her own assets in start-up companies in exchange for an equity share of the businesses. World Trade Exchange recommends that entrepreneurs work with investors who are accredited investors (who meet requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission) and who can add value to the company via high quality mentoring and advice. Other important things to know about angels include:

  • All of our angel investors are entrepreneurs themselves.

  • The World Trade Exchange Angel investors make investments in order to gain a return on their money, to participate in the entrepreneurial process, and often to give back to their communities by catalyzing economic growth.

  • The World Trade Exchange Angels make a return on their investment when the entrepreneur successfully grows the business and exits it, generally through a sale or merger.

  • It is estimated that angels invested 19 billion in more than 55,000 start-up businesses in 2008 (Source: Center for Venture Research).

  • Angels tend to invest in companies that are located near them regionally (or to co-invest in a wider geography if a local investor they know and trust is involved).


World Trade Exchange can provide angel investment and in-kind capital funding to start-up enterprises for the following goods and services:

  • Accounting Services

  • Advertising

  • Amenities

  • Architectural Design

  • Audio Visual Production

  • Business Plan Development

  • Catering

  • Client Entertainment

  • Conference Organising

  • Courier Services

  • Data Entry

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Employee Incentives

  • Equipment Leases

  • Event Organising

  • Financial Planning

  • Graphic Design

  • Hotels & Resort Stays

  • Human Resources Services

  • Interior Design

  • Internet Services

  • Legal Services

  • Management Consultants

  • Market Research

  • Office Rent

  • Packaging & Packaging Design

  • Patent & Trademark Registration

  • Photography

  • Printing

  • Public Relations Services

  • Sales Training

  • Secretarial Services

  • Security Specialists

  • Software Development

  • Stationery & office Supplies

  • Taxation Specialists

  • Telephone Answering

  • Trade Shows / Expos

  • Translation Services

  • Travel and Accommodation

  • Vehicle Leases

  • Virtual Offices

  • Website Design

  • .. and more

Services provided on an “in-kind” basis are designed to help you reach the next level in your business.


World Trade Exchange has a range of advertising and media available for start up businesses. We can provide this advertising to you in return for shares in your enterprise.

By acquiring advertising you increase your market share, acquire new cash paying clients, build your brand value and increase your asset base – all without having to sacrifice your valuable cash reserves.

We can provide media in Australia, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Macau, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States of America. Additional options are available upon request and subject to certain lead-times.

  • Advertorials

  • Airport Advertising

  • Banner Advertising

  • Bathroom Advertising

  • Billboards

  • Blimps

  • Building Advertising

  • Bus Shelters

  • Business Directories

  • Cable Television

  • Campus Television

  • Catalogue Design

  • Cinema Advertising

  • Classified Ads

  • College Campus Radio Stations

  • College Newspapers

  • Coupons

  • Digital Signs

  • Direct Mail

  • Editorials

  • Elevator Advertising

  • Entertainment Venue Advertising

  • Escalator Advertising

  • Exhibitions

  • Fax Broadcasting

  • Ferry Advertising

  • Flyers

  • Gas Pump Advertising

  • Golf Course Advertising

  • Health Club Advertising

  • Highway Advertising

  • Hotel Television

  • Industry Journals

  • Inserts

  • Inside Bus Advertising

  • Internet Advertising

  • Kiosks

  • Magazine

  • Mall Advertising

  • Market Intelligence

  • Messages on Hold

  • Metro Advertising

  • Mobile Billboards

  • Mobile Phone Advertising

  • Newsletters

  • Newspaper

  • Parking Garage Advertising

  • Point of Sale Promotions

  • PR Management

  • Program Sponsorship

  • Promotional Events

  • Public Relations Services

  • Radio

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Shopping Trolley Advertising

  • Sidewalk Advertising

  • Signage

  • SMS/Text Advertising

  • Social Network Advertising

  • Sporting Venue Advertising

  • Street Bench Advertising

  • Street Furniture

  • Taxi Advertising

  • Telemarketing

  • Television

  • Trade Show Exhibits

  • Videos

  • Washroom Advertising


If your early-stage, high growth potential company is seeking funding, you may have the opportunity to present your business to Seraph Capital Forum members. Here is how it works:

No-cost Submission: Submit a presentation application through the World Trade Exchange Commerce Network

Review: All applications are reviewed by our Screening Committee

Screening: Six companies are invited to present to our Screening Committee for final selection

Coaching: If selected to present to our members, you’ll participate in an extensive coaching session with our Coaching Committee

Presenting: Present at our member meeting where you’ll have 10 minutes to tell us what makes your business one that should receive funding, and then respond to member questions


You can complete your financing application below for free. This will help us to evaluate the opportunity and see if we can help you meet your angel funding / venture capital needs. There is no cost to meet our angel investors or to arrange in-kind equity funding via the World Trade Exchange Commerce Network.

Please complete the following information:

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NOTE: Do not include confidential information. Neither World Trade Exchange nor its members sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for initial proposals. If there is sufficient interest, an NDA may be negotiated with individual members at a later time.

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