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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Swissquote forex tutorial for beginner

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Seize trading opportunities worldwide with over Forex and CFD instruments. Explore one of the most extensive offers of currencies worldwide. Trade Options across the major currency pairs. Trade gold, silver, platinum and palladium against the main currencies. Gain exposure to the leading global stock markets.

Diversify your portfolio with over 20 popular commodities. Hedge your positions by trading long-term interest rates. Choose from a range of award-winning platforms, complete with premium analysis tools and plugins. Discover our platforms. Our experts are ready to assist you in more than 10 languages, and our Trading Desk is open whenever the markets are.

How can we help? A recent study by Ipsos confirms the general client satisfaction with Swissquote 5. The Forex analysis plateform ForexBrokers. Ever since, our high reliability is also reflected in outstanding numbers every year. CHF Need to brush up on your Forex knowledge? Our education section will get you up to speed in no time!

The world of Forex is fast-paced. Stay on top of the markets with our daily reports and live analysis. Trade with Swiss excellence. Specifically tailored for beginners, our online courses will help you familiarize yourself with the trading field, step by step. Shares, Options, Derivatives — the world of trading offers endless possibilities.

Not sure how to start? Consult our educational videos for initial aid. With the right basics, trading Forex becomes more accessible. Participate in our Master in Forex and elaborate some good trading skills. Be assured to learn with the best! For intermediate and advanced traders who wish to deepen their knowledge on specific markets, products and advanced tools on their platform.

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This could be an indication this broker is more suited to those traders with more experience. Broker charges are not mentioned however your banking provider may apply charges so bear this in mind and check before completing the transaction. To withdraw fromSwissquote, you may send your funds to your Swissquote e-bank account.

The only other alternative is an external bank wire transfer. There are no alternative options, according to the website. It makes sense to first be a Swissquote bank account holder and client before becoming a trading client also. Depending on particular currencies, fees can vary and a full list is available via the website.

All withdrawals are processed on the same day, however, no exact time scale could be provided by the live chat agents. Since Swissquote does not specifically target their service to traders but more on the banking side, it is not a surprise that they do not offer forex education training tools alongside their platform.

Having said that, there is an array of free training material to be found online. You may contact Swissquote via telephone, email, or live chat. You may open a demo account to test Swissquote trade conditions for yourself. This is always good practice before opening a live account to ensure a broker is suited to your style of trading.

It is not specific on which countries are restricted and which are accepted and when we asked live chat support, we were advised you will only know once you register when you will need to select your residing country from the list available. Should your country not appear, then you will not be accepted as a client. Swissquote remains to be a very popular choice among traders, due to their strong quality of service they provide as well as the fact they are regulated.

We believe this broker may be more suitable for those who have more experience and for those wishing to trade with higher capital since the minimum deposit requirement is rather high compared to the majority of Forex brokers. For beginner traders, the website is not entirely easy to use and finding information is not easy. We communicated a lot with customer support live chat as a result of this, which made pinpointing basic information very time-consuming.

All in all, the trade conditions offered are fair, and this broker offers a strong variety of assets to trade. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Forex Academy. See the big picture: predict price movements on the longer term and implement relevant strategies. Introduction to Fundamental Analysis. Fundamental trading strategies. Introduction to Risk management.

Measuring Risk. Managing Risk in Forex trading. You will need a trading platform in order to proceed with the following tutorials. We recommend starting with a free demo account, which will allow you to access all the features of your chosen platform and practice risk-free with virtual money. Alternatively, if you feel ready to trade on a real account, get started today!

Exploit the full potential of the MT5 next generation multi-asset trading platform. Introduction to MT5. Discover the ins and outs of our elegant and user-friendly trading platform. Introduction to Advanced Trader. Advanced Trader: Trading Interface. Learning Center Hone your trading skills. Forex Videos Learn about the tools and strategies to become a successful trader. Introduction to Forex 2. Introduction to CFDs 3. Technical Analysis 4. Fundamental Analysis 5. Risk Management 6.

MetaTrader 5 7. Advanced Trader 8. User Guides. Introduction to Forex All the fundamentals to grasp the inner workings of the Forex market and get started as a trader. The Forex Market How to trade Forex. Forex eBook Consolidate your knowledge by reading this introduction, outlining the core concepts of Forex trading. Technical Analysis How to interpret charts and analyse price data to predict trends and identify trading opportunities.

Trading with Charts The Trend is your friend.

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Swissquote forex tutorial for beginner MetaTrader 4 MT4. How can we help? Charting - Trendlines Moveable. Stay on top of the markets with our daily reports and live analysis. What affects the Forex market?

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Consult our educational videos for initial aid. With the right basics, trading Forex becomes more accessible. Participate in our Master in Forex and elaborate some good trading skills. Need to complement your knowledge with a good read? Here is our selection of eBooks that help you to develop or deepen your trading skills. Download PDF. You should pay an extra fee for Swiss quality Swissquote positions itself as a Swiss company with a focus on the residents of Europe and Asia being its strategic development priority.

In particular, Swissquote does not hold licenses of North American regulators. Accordingly, citizens of the U. There is no specific list of the countries Swissquote does not work with as such. There is, however, a list of available countries, which appears in the pop-down menu in the interface for opening an account. Overall, Swissquote commissions and fees are average, or even higher than average. You do have to pay extra for the Swiss quality, reliability and confidentiality of financial affairs.

This principle generally applies to the entire pricing policy on products and services of Swissquote. Below, we will review commissions and fees of Swissquote in more detail, separately by offices, account types and sets of instruments. Swissquote Bank states in the description of its conditions for forex products that the spread is used as a commission in the majority of cases.

However, in some cases, also other types of commissions are applied. Absence of commission is an important feature of Forex accounts on Swissquote. Below, we compare the spreads of Swissquote Bank and Swissquote London, also adding eToro to the comparative table, as the broker also uses the model with zero commission.

Degiro does not provide access to forex. Swissquote spreads differ, as they depend on the account type. The bigger the account, the lower is the spread. As you can see, in many cases eToro offers more attractive spreads, all the while USD is enough to open an account on eToro, and not nearly enough to open even the simplest Forex account on Swissquote. In order to make it more understandable, below we have calculated how much a trader will actually have to pay for the purchase of a standard lot , units of base currency on Forex on Swissquote and eToro.

The provided amount includes all commissions and average spread of the brokers on standard accounts. In order to trade with better spreads on Swissquote, you will need to open a bigger account. The broker also has Professional account in its Swiss branch.

In order to open it, you need to have quite large volumes of funding for the transactions. The exact amount is not specified, but based on the scale of such a bank, it is possible that we are talking about more than EUR 10 million per month. In order to open this type of account, you need to submit an application and if Swissquote Bank considers it interesting, its representatives will offer you individual conditions on the spreads.

The conclusion here is that if the moderate pace of trading, holding positions for several hours, is your style, the difference in spreads will not be a critical factor for you. Swap rates also known as overnight and rollover rates are accrued or paid for holding the position overnight. Swissquote performs calculation on the overnight positions at CET. There are examples of swap values for Forex accounts in the table below. They are the same both for Swissquote Bank and for Swissquote London.

Both Swissquote Bank and Swissquote London allow swap free trading. This information, however, is not available on the websites. The swap free option was discovered after our communication with the support team. It turned out that swap free accounts are available, but the information about them is provided upon request, as it is a special service and it is allowed only individually for large customers.

Option trading is an unusual service for forex traders, but it is available on Swissquote Bank. As a reminder, options are derivative instruments based on base assets. We will not go into too many details about options and what their purpose is, as this is not what the article is about.

If the lot exceeds this amount, the commission is zero. It is important to understand that you need security in order to maintain your position, so you have to make sure you have enough funds on your account as of the date of execution. Overall, the commissions on trading stocks are high. As for the speculators, who execute many small traders throughout the day, they need to find other partners.

Is it a lot or a little? If the method of calculating the commission based on the volume is not suitable for you, you can use Flat Fee service. In this case, the commission is calculated not based on the traded volume, but on the number of traders per year. This method is beneficial for those investors that operate large amounts. The benefits will be evident, if the trade volumes exceed 10, CHF. As a serious investment bank, Swissquote offers its customers access to purchasing shares during their initial public offering at the exchange IPO.

The level of commissions on this market is average. Degiro does not provide access to CFD trading. As you can see Swissquote Bank compares favorably with eToro by nearly all positions. Trading such derivatives as futures and options is available only through a trading account at Swissquote Bank. As a reminder, options and futures are standard financial instruments, which are simultaneously flexible and complex and are used on dropping as well as rising prices.

They are used either for hedging or speculative purposes and are traded at specialized futures exchanges. The rates for the European markets are provided in the table below. As you can see, the choice is quite good. Swissquote provides access to trading the most popular futures contracts and options. However, if you look at the size of the commission per trade, just as in many other cases, it will not be as competitive. The level of commissions on cryptocurrency trading is high, and depends on the traded volume in CHF equivalent:.

Noteworthy, it will not be possible to actively trade cryptocurrencies at such commission. That is why it is expedient to work with bitcoin and other coins via Swissquote for investment purposes. Investment solutions are an important area in Swissquote, which is natural, as we are talking about a Swiss bank here.

Holders of a trading account in Swissquote Bank receive access to practically all financial markets of the world. We will delve into the products a bit later, and for now just outline the level of commissions. As you can see from the table, the level of commissions is high.

However, it can be acceptable for the long-term investors with big capital, who particularly value Swiss precision, reliability and discretion. Trading with loaned funds is not free. The broker has a system of interest rates for different currencies. In the table below, these rates annual interest rate are compared with Degiro. Swissquote is a highly respected company. The fact that it is a part of the Swiss financial system speaks in favor of its reliability.

There is not one license from the offshore territories Belize, Grenadines, Marshall Islands, etc. In summer , Ipsos conducted a study on general customer satisfaction with Swissquote. The results were quite high. The level of trust towards Swissquote was 6. Deposits of Swissquote London customers are protected against negative balance and insured for the amount up to 85, British pounds. Interesting fact. There is information about a certain Swissquotes Ltd. It seems that fraudsters decided to benefit from the good reputation of Swissquote and set up a company with a similar name, adding an S in the end.

Naturally, FCA cannot approve of such behavior and has issued a warning about possible fraud. The fact that the scammers are creating clones to hide behind an original brand can also be considered a positive argument in favor of Swissquote. Swissquote Bank Trading Account provides customers with access to millions of financial instruments for active trading and investment.

The selection of products can be considered colossal — by this indicator, the bank is one of the top brokers not only in Europe, but in the world. This account is more suitable for the speculators, who value lower expenses more than the choice of assets. Then Swissquote Bank is worthy of your attention, as you can perform transactions with over 3 million assets through the Trading Account at the Swissquote.

The holders of the Trading Account at Swissquote Bank have the widest opportunities for trading stocks at the stock exchanges in over 30 countries:. Swissquote Bank offers 80 currency pairs for trading. This may be insufficient for the traders that trade exotic cross rates.

Nonetheless, all major pairs are available. Swissquote Forex account can also be used to trade metals at the spot market: gold, silver, platinum, palladium. This must be taken into consideration when planning a trade. The table below provides information on each type of CFD and on which platform they are available. CFD is not the strongest suit of Swissquote. Of the special features, CFD on bonds can be noted, which is not a very popular option.

Although, there are only 3 of them. Transactions with such investment products as mutual funds, are an important line at Swissquote Bank. Using its platform, the customers can purchase securities of around 12, funds from different distinguished partners — Credit Suisse, Black Rock, AXA and others.

Compared to the other brokers, Swissquote Bank stands out by the number of funds rated up to 5 stars by the Morning Star agency. The customers can diversify their portfolio by risks, sectors, profitability. Swissquote Bank provides traders with access to derivative exchanges of European and the U.

The choice of trading instruments is very big. The main trading of futures and options in Europe for Swissquote customers takes place on the Eurex exchange Germany. For the transactions in the U. Holders of Trading Account from Swissquote Bank have access to the key markets for trading futures and options on stock indices, stocks, bonds, commodities both in Europe and the U.

Access to Swiss derivatives is an added bonus. Digital assets are becoming increasingly established in the global financial system. In the past, Bitcoin and other coins were perceived with distrust, while in , world-known investors and top banks have offered services related to cryptocurrencies.

Swissquote also supports this trend. In particular, Swissquote Bank customers can invest in 12 cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, ether, litecoin, ripple, bitcoin cash, ethereum classic, link, tezos, stellar, augur. Please not, it is not CFD, but cryptocurrencies that can be purchased at a Swiss bank.

The ETF has existed since and is a fast growing segment of the financial market. The key players on the ETF market are:. Investing in bonds is a path towards stabilization of an investment portfolio thanks to the reliability of this financial instrument with fixed payouts. The most popular bonds are:. In reality, it is a huge universe for investors. Themes Trading is a collection of thematic portfolios of stocks gathered by a specific principle.

For example securities of:. As you can tell by the name, Robo-Advisor is an automated investment manager, which creates individual investment portfolios for Swissquote Bank customers and controls it, continuously optimizing it to maintain the desired risk level. After you create it, you need to select the following:. Since Swissquote has a branched-out structure, the personal account for the banking trading account and for forex have different interfaces.

Overall, the procedure of opening an account can be considered simple. However, the verification of documents may take a lot of time. There is a minimum deposit on this account and it is comparatively high — from USD 1, or an equivalent amount. For more advanced conditions, you will have to pay up to USD 50, Noteworthy, the minimum deposit of USD 1, is not the best option for the beginner, considering that the competitors set this amount at a minimum or even zero level.

Swissquote London services residents of approximately countries, while Swissquote Bank provides its services in around countries. They include all European and the majority of large non-European countries, such as Australia and China. However, you will not be able to open an account on Swissquote London, if you are from the U. There are also some small countries, where the services of Swissquote are unavailable. The list of countries is available in the pop-down menu during opening of an account.

Swissquote complies with all international regulations on fighting money laundering, so everything is very strict here in terms of documents, just like in any other reputable bank. Opening a demo account is instant — you just need to press Try a demo. The instructions on gaining access will be sent to your email. ESMA policy means that the maximum leverage available to ordinary traders is To receive a possibility to trade with a leverage of , you need to provide documentary proof of trading large amounts for a lengthy period of time.

In order to open an account Swissquote Bank, you need to fill out an online application form, consisting of four steps. Step 1. Provide personal information — first and last name, address, phone, marital status. Confirmation by video is the recommended option. Judging by review on the Internet, no substantial problems occur and the process takes up to one hour. In the case of sending the documents by email, you will need to certify copies of your documents with a notary public, print out and fill out additional forms.

Naturally, this extends the period of opening an account to many days and depends on the speed of mail delivery. Several currencies and methods are available. If the cards were issued by Swissquote 2. For accounts of Swissquote London. The number of withdrawal methods is a bit smaller. Swissquote withdrawal fee depends on the currency of the transaction and the country, where you are transferring funds.

Swissquote Bank was started as an online service, providing quotations, which is why eTrading, its main web platform, looks very powerful and full, sometimes even too much. Depending on the type of the account, different platforms are available to Swissquote customers. Accordingly, the set of instruments may also differ. In the table below, we reviewed the information about the platforms. CH domain, featuring information about 3 million financial instruments: quotations and fundamental information.

The service also provides powerful search features across this financial universe, while the registered users can customize the settings: create observation lists, perform trades, set up notifications, etc. It is worth noting that there are 2 web interfaces of eTrading — static and dynamic. The static one is essentially the main interface with the navigation column in the left part of the screen. In the image above, you can see a screenshot of the static interface.

We selected the World item to see the heat map of the markets. This is one of the many features of the search option. The dynamic interface of the eTrading platform is an area we accessed from one subpage on the main domain swissquote. Noteworthy, the interfaces are different and look like separate programs, while being on the same domain and having an overlapping set of tasks. It is possible that the dynamic interface was designed as a tribute to the touch screen-inspired trend? Be that as it may, different interfaces with similar functionality are really confusing.

Moreover, transitions between sections sometimes occur with logoff. These are only some drawbacks. We will now review the peculiarities of eTrading platform as well as some other drawbacks. It is very important for the customers to be able to navigate the millions of instruments, which is why the developers made sure that they find what they need. The securities can be sorted by:. In the static version of eTrading, only the broken line charts with the sole volume indicator are available.

Only 7 timeframes can be selected. In the dynamic version, you can choose candles, bars. There is a function for scaling the chart, a possibility to add 18 indicators, graphic elements. However, all work with the charts seemed outdated, because the design is outdated, the visual elements are poorly read and the interaction with the charts is not intuitive.

Strong emphasis on the Swiss financial market can also be considered a drawback of eTrading. Also, the American exchanges are hidden in the sub-menu North America. For example, a customer has to wait for 30 minutes to draw up an asset report. This difference of opinions is a bit confusing, as the mobile versions have similar interfaces.

It seems you will have to form your own opinion. The customers can place market, limit, stop and stop limit orders. The process of placing an order is intuitive. Advanced Trading is a proprietary platform of Swissquote. It is designed for Forex and CFD trading.

The traders in these markets can choose from Metatrader 4 and 5 and Advanced Trader. Based on the table above, we can conclude that Advanced Trading is designed to satisfy the demands of the advanced traders and realize developments of the company:. The design is outdated, just like in several other products of Swissquote. I may be biased, but big multi-colored buttons can look impressive only to the beginners.

The good thing is that the workspace can be customized. To learn more about the program we selected the Help menu. To explore the functionality of working with charts we pressed on the Chart User Guide link and were redirected to a page on the old version of swissquote.

Overall, the platform leaves a mixed impression. On the one hand, it has some professional-level features, and on the other side, there are drawbacks small number of indicators, no market profits and other modern tools, weak help files. We also recommend watching the video guide on setting up the Advanced Trader platform.

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Hone your trading skills with Swissquote. Find all you need in one place: Forex eBooks, Videos and User Guides. Get started as a trader now! Familiarise yourself with the eTrading Platform's many functions and broaden your expertise. Discover our Video Tutorials or download the User Guide now! A complete summary of all Swissquote Forex and CFD products with their corresponding trading conditions. Read the guide. Trading Conditions.