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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Forex nzd gbp

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Forex nzd gbp News that the Conservative party Tories were leading the polls based click Boris Johnson suggesting every election candidate has pledged to back his Brexit deal boosted the GBP to 0. Mongolian Tugrik. We do however need to see a break past 0. NZ quarterly growth ending September came in less worse than expected at This delay to budget spending commitments prompted profit taking in the GBP with sellers exiting positions and improving the price back to 0.
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Forex nzd gbp We have a busy calendar this week in the pair with NZ employment data tomorrow followed by Bank of England monetary policy Thursday the focus. Looking ahead we forex nzd gbp UK Manufacturing with analysts predicting the sector may have hit a snag. While the central bank maintained a dovish tone, it was hardly a surprise and very much in line with previous statements from them. With signs already indicating growth should improve in we think the central bank made the correct decision to leave the rate unchanged. Price is hovering around the December high, a push through 0. Extra bureaucratic paperwork along with additional cost and regulation has been bought in making it difficult to deliver produce to mainland Europe.

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The low in the cross was in mid-August when the pair bounced off 0. British CPI publishing last week at 5. The Bank of England will no doubt hike rates from 0. The GBP has pushed price lower over the last few days and looks to possibly continue to rally in the coming days with global risk waning and omicron in NZ spreading. Current Level: 0. Price moves to 0.

We are back around 0. Worry in the UK has started to set in with the fallout from the covid pandemic starting to cause concern with recent case numbers running high. The bear run from early Novembers 0. Nothing of note on the calendar this week has the cross reacting off big picture themes. The Pound improved early this morning on the Bank of England policy announcement. The Bank of England increased rates to 0. The BoE said the strength of the labour market transpired into the need for higher borrowing costs in order to keep a lid on price growth.

The central bank will keep its asset purchase program in place at B. The news spiked the GBP to 0. NZ quarterly growth ending September came in less worse than expected at Huge support at 0. As the omicron coved variant intensified across the globe the risk related kiwi has certainly been left in the dust. A daily close below 0. Exchange Rates Current Level: 0. The pair has not been well supported on dips over the past three weeks with lower lows, followed by lower highs trend.

Earlier in the week we did see a little NZD strength push price to 0. The covid pandemic in the UK is being reported at nearly 50, new cases per day with around 30 omicron cases also detected. Price in the pair reached a fresh seven week low of 0. The kiwi recovered small losses Monday to 0.

He also warned that a new lockdown could easily change the landscape. Downside moves towards 0. Support around 0. With most market participants predicting a 0. In reality the less aggressive play was perhaps seen as somewhat dovish.

The RBNZ however did raise its cash rate projection to peak at 2. We expect a reversal of sorts over the coming hours as profit taking takes place and the NZD claws back losses. UK Retail Sales came in at 0. Piercing this area will be tough. Year on year CPI climbed to 4. Upward pressures from housing and energy were the main drivers. A healthy UK economy is predicted to allow the Bank of England to lift its benchmark interest rate about 15 points in December and a further half a percent in We also had NZ inflation expectations yesterday with the 2 year expectation up to 2.

The news pushed up the kiwi for a while back to the 0. This should lend heavy support of a rise in interest rates by the Bank of England in their December meeting and push the Pound higher. UK GDP estimate increased by 1. The biggest contribution came from hospitality and recreation, not surprisingly. Despite recent gains by the GBP the pair still trades in a bull channel, a drop to 0. Hawkish forecasting around the Bank of England policy release last week came unstuck by traders as the BoE fell in line with other central banks walking back on tightening policy.

The NZD edged higher Monday to 0. The Bank of England BoE left their cash rate unchanged at 0. Defying widespread expectations of a start to hikes and a move up 0. Year on year inflation sits at a 9 year high at 3. The cross flew into Friday around 0.

Earlier NZ employment data surprised to the upside with the Unemployment Rate printing at 3. This kiwi bounced as markets scratched their heads over how such a read was possible given a large chunk of the population have been in lockdown for most of the last quarter. We expect the GBP to remain under pressure for some time. Equity markets lengthened out record highs pushing risk products higher despite warnings of a reversal, November the best performing month of the year. This week is the Bank of England decision with markets questioning whether the BoE will start raising their interest rate from today as snowballing inflation starts to become a problem.

This would come as a massive surprise creating demand in the Pound. NZ unemployment figures print tomorrow and are expected to print under 4. We predict the kiwi to come under pressure this week. The medium-term bullish channel confirmed the run higher from 0. The UK Debt Management office announced they would slash its planned bond sales by close to 60B this year, a much bigger than anticipated, the news was not well received by markets putting the GBP on the backfoot.

Thai could send the kiwi higher in the short term. Looking ahead we have NZ employment data Wednesday. UK Retail Sales disappointed Friday coming in at Manufacturing was a little better, the index at Meanwhile the new covid strain in the UK is causing concerns as well as hiccups with Brexit negotiations. The bearish channel in play from early September was cracked when price travelled through 0.

The RBNZ may be looking at reviewing their interest rate hike projections to combat further rises. The kiwi clocking a two week high of 0. Downside pressures from ongoing rising NZ covid numbers were shaken off with the focus on improving commodity prices and US Dollar weakness. GBP buyers should consider current levels as we believe the NZD is trading in overbought territory and we could see a reversal in the coming days. Brexit woes continue with the UK insisting on a significant change to the Northern Ireland protocol this week.

This protocol determines trade flow between Ireland and the UK borders post Brexit. With the UK looking for drastic changes any outcome over the deadlock looks unlikely. Broadly speaking the GBP is still well supported based on increasing expectations of Bank of England interest rate hikes with markets now pricing in 0. No data on note for the cross this week should see prices remain in the September formed bear channel.

The medium term economic forecast has not materially changed during covid restrictions Governor Orr said. Headline CPI would likely rise to 4. Price inflation is highlighted by rising Crude Oil prices, transport costs and supply chain issues globally.

The central bank will continue to reduce the level of monetary policy over time. The chart looks like a cardiogram at the moment, the GBP vying for a fresh break through the 5 week low at 0. Solid data to end the week with UK Manufacturing revised higher helped out the Pound. He said a hard border on the island of Ireland was not working and changes had to be made. Triggering article 16 to suspend part of the deal could be the only way forward. The key standout this week is the RBNZ policy statement tomorrow with expectations of a 0.

Although this is already priced into the curve we should still see topside movement in the kiwi. At one point the cross traded at 0. The kiwi is facing mounting pressures from reports the RBNZ may not hike rates by 50 points at their October policy meeting next week. Instead assistant governor Hawkesby recent comments suggest a more restrained approach saying hikes will be made in 25 point jumps.

With investors pricing in a full 0. The Pound received an unexpected jump midweek when second quarter GDP was revised higher. Looking ahead we have the RBNZ rate announcement and policy statement Wednesday which could be very interesting with the recent spike in covid cases in Auckland this week denting lockdown confidence. Petrol stations across the UK have run dry of gas with panic buying leaving areas high and dry. Although fuel shortages are predicted to resume normal delivery general supply constraints could cause softer growth forecasts and increase pressures on the GBP post the Bank of England saying they would start to tighten policy sooner rather than later.

We are picking a retest of 0. The bank has signaled a case for tighter policy and modest tapering, which in turn strengthened the GBP post release. Markets are now pricing in a hike of interest rates by March next year. Job vacancies remain low leading businesses to raise wages, this could lead to price pressures prompting the central bank to raise rates. Prices in the pair weirdly tracked higher Monday to 0. The Bank of England will hold their monetary policy meetings this week.

Recently the bank voted to finish its bond purchasing program with expectations this time around, we should not see any change from the current pace. Prices into Friday have been GBP supportive generally at 0. UK CPI came in at 3. NZ GDP for the third quarter rose by 2. Forecasters are predicting a contraction in the third quarter based on Coronavirus setbacks with Auckland being largely closed down due to lockdown restrictions.

Economic fallout from the level 4 lockdown restrictions in Auckland through to next Tuesday could have an effect on the kiwi this week putting pressure on the kiwi as forecast GDP numbers for third-quarter worsen. We will get a look Thursday at second-quarter results with expectations of a rise higher than the March quarter result of 1. UK Inflation is predicted to rise around 3. This may have policymakers rethinking their strategy on hiking rates, possibly rising over the next 12 months, sooner if inflationary pressures continue.

Predictions show inflation could rise to 4. We think the fortnight low at 0. Despite stronger demand for the greenback and weaker equity markets the kiwi is perhaps happier off the back of lower daily covid daily cases. Falling to just 13 new cases yesterday as Auckland looks set to ease restrictions from next Wednesday.

The rest of the country eased lockdowns Wednesday prompting a surge in consumer spending. We would need to see a retrace through the 0. Broad-based greenback weakness has boosted the cross currencies of late, such as the New Zealand Dollar NZD , extending moves to 0. Looser restrictions for all of NZ except Auckland come into play at midnight tomorrow.

With markets pricing in a hike to 0. The Pound was boosted Wednesday from strong housing data up 2. UK Manufacturing published at A thin calendar next week may indicate the pair is restricted to offshore headlines. Focus was on the Jackson Hole Symposium and hinged around what road Powell would go down with regards to a tapering tactic.

The dovish tone sent the greenback lower supporting the NZD. Trading this week has been around the 0. Equity markets traded just off recent all-time highs and the greenback was sold in favour of improving global sentiment.

Heavy resistance sits at 0. UK Retail Sales posted a poor NZ entered lockdown level 4 on Tuesday night as the virus threatens to derail normal life and set back the economy. Prior to the restrictions markets had anticipated a 0. Overall, the RBNZ was hawkish in their statement with two hikes planned by the end of the year starting October. The kiwi clawed back losses to 0. Upcoming UK Retail Sales prints tonight. As risk markets start to improve downside moves in the pair should be limited.

Currently the level is 4. The downtrend in virus cases in the UK has also supported the GBP of late with rules coming into play that fully vaccinated people no longer need to self-isolate if they are a close contact of a positive covid person.

A 50 point rise which is not out of the question would almost certainly spike the NZD. The British Pound made an early run to 1. The GBP was weighed down by a political confrontation with Chancellor Sunak with the surprise news of a whopping The latest NZ Inflation expectations survey highlighted participants expect inflation to be at 2.

Currently it sits at 3. This result is ramifications with the RBNZ meeting next week and could be just enough data the central bank needs to hike rates 50 points instead of the widely predicted On the chart the long-term yearly bear channel holds its own, the NZD at the top of the recent range signalling possible further downside bias.

Certainly, a hawkish RBNZ next week could be enough to end the trend. After the New Zealand Dollar reached 0. A break through 0. With a slow week of data we may see the kiwi tick higher over the coming days as markets continue to price in future hikes.

The pair currently trades around the 0. We expect to see the pair continue to make gains and test the 0. All risk currencies closed the week in the red as coronavirus infections start to pick up again around the globe. UK infection numbers rose to its highest level since January this year with over 21, new infections in the past few days with 24 deaths.

Key standouts this week are NZ employment data followed by the Bank of England policy announcement. On the chart we see the bearish channel coming to an end over the next couple of weeks and a directional change towards 0.

With a light economic calendar this week markets swings have been risk based. A dovish Federal Reserve took buyers out of the kiwi together with significant recent drops in UK coronavirus cases. As global equity markets posted gains Thursday risk conditions improved and the NZD was back at 0.

The long term bear channel set last November in the pair should ensure further downside momentum for the kiwi, however if we focus on the RBNZ hiking rates in August we should see some pricing adjustments for this and NZD well supported. We do however need to see a break past 0. British Retail Sales printed up 0. Manufacturing showed slower growth in June once again with coronavirus woes playing a part and business outlook darkening.

Looking ahead, we have no tier one data releasing, the pair should remain in current ranges this week. Broad swings in risk sentiment have been the main driver of movement between those two levels, but that could change tonight with some key UK data set for release. For the time being we look for the pair to respect those levels and no major trend to develop in either direction.

UK restrictions were lifted yesterday at a time when they have reported the highest number of new cases per million in the world. Experts predict the UK infections currently around 50, per day could grow out to , by late August, a harrowing thought. We do need to see a break however through 0. All said and done the pair trades into Friday slightly higher than the weekly open around 0.

All of the 4 major banks have accordingly priced in a 0. Incoming inflation and unemployment data releases today and early August will almost certainly cement the decision one way or another providing the necessary evidence the RBNZ needs. If the central bank raises over the coming weeks this would mean they are a whole year quicker than the May forecast of third quarter Calls by investors and economists have voiced concerns urging the central bank to think seriously about saying when they will be deciding to hike interest rates instead of whether they should do it.

The 2. Risk markets sold the kiwi overnight, but we think this is overdone and we should see a solid reversal into the weekly close. A combination of factors this week have brought about a couple of solid rallies in the British Pound GBP as it reversed off 0. A risk off tone has engulfed any mood to buy risk currencies and products over the past couple of days as the delta covid variant starts to worry investors. Scientists warn that Euros could be blamed for massive surges in infections over 30, since January as people gather in stadiums and pubs and anywhere to watch the football.

It seems the reopening of current restrictions will remain until the 19th July. The NZD ended the week at a healthy 0. With very little tier one economic data releasing this week movement could be limited to risk flow and coronavirus headlines. Prime Minister Johnson has lifted lockdown restrictions this morning to end on the 19th of July. He said the pandemic is far from over with vaccine rollouts to be fast tracked. RBNZ governor Orr spoke Tuesday and reiterated that monetary assistance is required for the economic recovery and that he was pleased to see economic activity return to pre- covid levels.

UK Manufacturing came in light, the index at Long term bears may have the upper hand this week with the cross trading at the top of the recent channel, we anticipate moves back to 0. The Bank of England left benchmark rates on hold at 0.

An improving economy should mean a tightening of conditions later this year. With consumer and business confidence running high we should see a more hawkish approach on the horizon. That being said the BoE could hold off raising rates until as they gradually unwind their QE package.

On the chart the bearish channel is holding from the high of 0. The kiwi sold off across the board resulting in fresh August lows against the Pound. Meanwhile the UK and New Zealand have held productive discussions on a free trade agreement and will accelerate talks with the aim of getting an agreement in August this year. Free market access and removing tariffs over the next few years is the goal. More downside pressures remain for the kiwi. Markets were subdued at the front of the week as investors waited for data to publish.

UK CPI published at 2. Price early Friday has extended to 0. The re-opening will be delayed amid fears the NHS could be overwhelmed by a flood of covid cases of the delta variant. Prime Minister Johnson said the restriction will now remain until July 19th.

UK CPI publishes first and is predicted to rise to 1. We think we should see some demand in the kiwi into dips this week to 0. UK homes have increased in value on average by GBP 22, over the past 12 months. Looking forward we have no tier one economic data publishing in the pair — expect direction to be dictated by risk factors and rising coronavirus infections in the UK. UK authorities are struggling to find a good reason to fully open restrictions on the 21st of June with a new variant causing issues amid signs of an imminent third wave developing.

After meandering for most of the week around 0. As coronavirus infections drop the UK govt has been easing restrictions and reopening the economy. Punters have been keeping a close watch over recent comments that the Bank of England will start to taper their massive monetary policy and start hiking rates. The economy is predicted to grow 7. Over the last couple of hours price has backed away from 0.

Monday market conditions were thin as the UK and US markets were closed for holidays. The kiwi drifted into Tuesday slightly up at 0. With coronavirus rollouts going very well in the UK this should keep the Pound bullish this week. The RBNZ left rates unchanged at the record low of 0. The central bank saying they could hike rates as early as the third quarter of but this was highly conditional.

The RBNZ sees the cash rate around 1. The disclaimer being- meeting inflation and employment targets could take considerable time and patience. With a little risk on mood and an optimistic outlook for the UK economy together with an impressive coronavirus vaccination rollout the GBP pushed back Thursday. He did however caution that rising inflation and employment need to make solid gains before any such rises. Price was back at 0. Equity markets in the US climbed higher with the Nasdaq leading the way up 1.

Earlier the UK Retail Sales came in at 9. NZ Retail Sales also printed a healthy 2. Looking ahead we have the RBNZ cash rate and policy statement. Factors like border restrictions stifling supply chains still need to be carefully considered. Exchange Rates Current Level Reports showed inflation more than doubled in April at 1. The NZ Annual Budget is today at 2. This is followed by UK Retail Sales tomorrow.

We do expect the NZD to turn back higher over the coming months with further talk of local rate hikes starting earlier than forecast entering conversations. It looked like the recovery in the US jobs markets eased fears of inflation rises with stocks rebounding off weekly lows. Looking ahead we have UK Retail Sales in what could otherwise be a slow week.

On the calendar the Pound looks to target the prior daily low of 0. Coming from the weekly open price of 1. Stemming mainly from earlier stellar US inflation data, markets responded negatively as the Fed downplayed the significance. Yield prices shot up and Equities were sold off together with risk currencies. The level of GDP sits just 8. Risk currencies improved early Friday with the kiwi back around 0. The better the number, the more it will become a question on how the BoE will normalise interest rates.

We think the GBP will remain bid this week in a week of thin data releases. NZ employment data printed at 0. The news bumped the NZD higher into Friday with price reaching 0. The Bank of England left their cash rate unchanged at 0. The bank stayed clear of any tapering mixed messages although they did speak about a potential slowing down of QE purchases. The central bank will more than likely wait until the second half of before raising rates to 0.

US Equity markets are again the centre of attention with prices nearing record highs boosting investor sentiment. We have a busy calendar this week in the pair with NZ employment data tomorrow followed by Bank of England monetary policy Thursday the focus. Risk on followed by risk off has been the order on the board this week with price extending from 0. US Equity prices are holding up at record highs but risk sentiment seems to be dragging the kiwi lower at the moment.

Earlier, UK Retail Sales printed above expectation at 5. The Pound should continue to momentum this week. Early week action the pair posted 0. UK inflation for the month of March came in at 0. The increase was driven by petrol and clothes, with the cost of food items ticking lower with staple products like bread and cereals cheaper than they were prior to the pandemic.

Economists expect a rise to inflation later in the year based on a pent-up demand for goods fuelled by savings of over B households have inadvertently saved. The central bank expects inflation will be a 1. Technically we have staunch resistance at 0. US Dollar broad weakness and the UK adding India to its travel ban list over covid variant concerns and overall market optimism from the broader recovery from coronavirus with the UK leading the way in vaccine rollout management, has added a bid tone giving the Pound some much needed momentum.

We expect this figure to be slightly higher than forecast. Big picture themes should drive movement in the later half of the week with our view of profit taking around current levels before further upside is predicted for the GBP. Add in a dovish RBNZ and we should have seen prices extend higher from early levels at 0. The OCR will remain at the record low of 0. Comments made by Adrian Orr confirming unemployment will need to be much lower and inflation above 2.

Until then we should see price reverse away from the 5-week high resistance. Hindered by the recent tax changes to owners of investment properties in New Zealand, the NZD continues to trade on the backfoot. In its favor over the past few days has been rises in equities and risk mood together with optimism over the UK vaccine rollout.

The cash rate is sitting at the record low of 0. Expectations are for current policy to continue but we may get wind of possible future rate hikes. We expect based on inflation targets that the central bank will hike sometime late in and again in With no other tier-one data on the economic docket this week price moves will be dictated by coronavirus related headlines.

However, we have seen the pair trade to the top of this zone into Wednesday climbing from the 0. The use of the AstraZeneca vaccine has been linked to reports that the use of it on under year-olds may be halted. Fears are the vaccine rollout could dramatically slow down until the end of July depreciating the Pound to current levels. Over the past 6 weeks markets have priced in a faster paced economic recovery based on a quick vaccine distribution rollout.

Price shifts will be dictated by general headline news through to the end of the week with no economic data printing. NZ Building Consents for February came in poor, falling It has taken nearly 5 years for the GBP to recover June Brexit losses… perhaps April could be the month we see the currency return to 0. Fourth quarter final GDP prints tonight at around 1. Price reached 0. The UK unemployment rate fell from 5. UK Prime minister Johnson has warned of the threat of the third wave of coronavirus infections across Europe and how it could make its way to European shores.

We expect price to chop around current levels this week with no real direction. The central bank members voted in favour of retaining the cash rate at 0. Also, January GDP printed at A push through the 0. As pandemic restrictions ease and people re-start their pre covid lives property demand should increase. For now, the bearish channel should continue for another week supporting the GBP possibly to 0.

As markets turned risk averse the kiwi slumped to 0. Technically we have a bearish channel in play from the high of 0. In a thin week of economic releases, the standout was the UK Budget. Of note was the extraordinary unwavering support for the UK economy by Chancellor Sunak.

Any optimism with vaccines and fiscal stimulus has been offset by the mention of tax increases in future as a means to repay the growing massive debt issue. A midweek selloff in the local currency saw the Pound recoup losses trading to 0. The target for the GBP is the 3-month support line at 0. If we see a breach past here the kiwi could suffer further losses. US equity markets came roaring back overnight, the Nasdaq up 3.

Earlier the RBNZ said they would maintain stimulatory policy and will now include the impact of housing in its mandate when making monetary policy decisions. Analysts are saying the GBP is now overvalued and has peaked- one determining factor will be the rise in yields paid on govt bonds. The recent rise in yields has been because investors dumping bonds for fear of higher inflation, which in turn would lower investment returns.

Higher yields actually reflect economic growth ahead which should be supportive of equity markets and risk assets. We expect currency prices this week to be volatile but stay within recent ranges. This brought back buyers of NZD with the pair through Wednesday sessions trading back to 0. Into Friday the kiwi has managed to hold these gains as the NZD lost ground against other currencies based on rises in yield prices and falls in equities. The NZD is now eyeing a possible retest of the daily close at 0.

Into Tuesday the Pound has regained early losses to 0. Certainly markets are focused on the improving outlook for the UK economy, with the Brexit deal locked in and behind them the economy is placed well to post decent growth figures in the coming months particularly if the virus eases. On the chart we see a nice little channel forming from the high at 0. The market seems to be focusing on the improving outlook for the UK economy with the vaccine rollout and potential for lockdown restrictions being eased.

With a Brexit trade agreement also now in place the UK is well positioned to potentially outperform its European counterparts as the pandemic eases over the coming year. There is plenty of work to be done however, with the Bank of England this week highlighting the spare capacity in the economy, and the expectation that unemployment will rise in the near term. We continue to see the potential for the GBP to gradually gain ground over the coming months.

FPM Johnson has also made it clear that he will open the economy back up as quickly as possible. Initial support for the pair is seen around 0. Any potential bounce in the pair will run into resistance around 0. This range has dominated trading since mid-January and at this stage we expect more of the same over the coming week.

While we have seen decent NZ data over the past week in the form of solid employment gains and increasing inflation expectations, the GBP has also found support in the wake of the Bank of England BOE rate decision. He sounded bullish on the outlook for the economy despite the current dire economic impact of the lockdown. UK January like for like retail sale have also showed sold improvement increasing to 7.

We look for further range trading over the coming days. Price rallied as investors bought back the kiwi to 0. Later in the week the Bank of England cash-rate and policy statement releases, we expect a majority vote to retain it at 0.

We should see only mild price action ahead of the BoE release. Continued lockdowns and the ongoing disruption to European supply chains, kneecap attempts for the GBP to sustain a rally on this cross. With news of the first NZ community coronavirus case in two months we may see selling pressures develop over the following few days together with the risk off tone. BoE Bailey speaks today at the World Economic Forum and will cross analyse prospects of negative rates and policy.

We have no relevant data printing on the docket this week for this cross. On the chart we see scope for a run up to 0. Between then and now we have seen a couple if short lived attempts above 0. A game of two halves developed early after price supported the kiwi to 0.

Momentum has stayed with the pound into thin markets Monday US Holiday with price at 0. Fishing companies are extremely unhappy with the fish and seafood industry being massively disrupted by stricter border controls since the start of this year. PM Johnson vowed to compensate companies affected for delays and lost income due to no fault of their own. He has pledged 23M GBP to assist. Extra bureaucratic paperwork along with additional cost and regulation has been bought in making it difficult to deliver produce to mainland Europe.

Support for the kiwi is seen around the 0. Choppy trading continues on this cross with the NZD dropping from a high on Monday of 0. Over the last two days it seems as if the Brexit deadline has taken a back-seat, however the 31st December looms and it look increasingly likely that in spite of the mammoth risks for both sides a no-deal Brexit is becoming more of a possibility….

NZ fundamentals continue to favour the NZD on this cross and onl;y a sustained break below 0. Johnson saying if an agreement cannot be reached the UK and EU would part as mates. The British Health Secretary announced London would go into the highest level of restrictions starting mid-week after a sharp rise in new cases. UK and EU negotiators are still contemplating a Brexit deal as another extension came into play- chief negotiator Barnier was also on the wires assisting to rally the GBP into early today.

Price looks to be bouncing around 1. NZ third quarter GDP is our focus Thursday with predictions of a bounce back from the dire second result of Wed would need a breakthrough 0. After drifting directionless for much of this week around the 0. The move comes as the GBP suffers from a growing expectation that no Brexit trade deal will be agreed.

Talks will continue until Sunday, but in the event that both parties walk away with no deal in place, we would expect further, and potentially sharp, GBP weakness early next week. That could potentially see the pair move up toward resistance around 0.

Brexit news dominates movement this week in all the British Pound crosses as it looks like a deal may go down to the wire. The kiwi picked up some lazy points early Monday with the GBP sold off to 0. Key differences remain in three areas: level playing field, governance and fisheries.

The pair trade around August levels with resistance at 0. The pair has tried to rally on a number of occasions, briefly trading to just under 0. The key to direction going forward lies in the outcome of Brexit trade negotiations. There are several sticking points which both parties are struggling to overcome and while talks continue it seems the EU is not going to be rushed into any decision.

France recently suggested they would prefer a no deal outcome over a bad deal. Look for a range of 0. UK and EU negotiators have resumed talks this week in London clearly with the aim of forging out a deal of sorts. This looks to a last-ditch effort to put something together prior to the UK crashing out at the end of December. UK Manufacturing data is tonight the only tier one data of note this week.

A solid break above 1. Barnier has called an urgent meeting with EU fisheries ministers tomorrow in order to progress a deal, meanwhile new coronavirus tier restrictions in England will mean 55 million people will be banned from socialising with other households indoors from 2nd December. The difference between this vaccine is that the company will be selling the vaccine at cost making it cheaper than other vaccines.

Upbeat UK Manufacturing came in at Meanwhile hawkish comments by bank of England governor Bailey also chimed in. A close below 0. Momentum has been firmly with the NZD making a new high of 0. Earlier this morning Brexit negotiations were again suspended after chief EU negotiator Barnier cancelled the latest briefing.

This sent panic into the pound briefly as only part of the negotiations were halted. UK Retail Sales is tonight with a poor reading expected for October which could put further pressure on the Pound. Risk on sentiment favoured the kiwi as stocks rallied following another round of encouraging data for the Moderna coronavirus vaccine.

The GBP recovered early Tuesday on fresh hopes a UK and EU Brexit negotiations could make progress this week, this news along with declines in coronavirus cases could support the Pound further. We prefer the likelihood of a return to 0. This will allow the central bank to pass on cheap funding costs with lower interest rates to banks. UK GDP released worse than expected coming in at The likelihood of the UK crashing out of the EU at the end of December got a step closer this week with talks tethering on falling apart.

A light calendar next week with just UK Retail Sales. US Election uncertainty has gone for the while pushing up equity indices as well as commodity markets overnight. Exceptionally good news, certainly markets were onboard. We should get more Brexit related headlines this week as talks continue between the European Union chief negotiator Barnier and UK officials in London.

Talks will be centred around state aid, climate change, employment relations and environmental protection. But there is only 10 days left self-imposed deadline for negotiations to be wrapped up prior needing parliamentary approval on both sides of the fence prior to the end of the year exit by the United Kingdom. Further risk on mood could shape the NZD towards the August high at 0.

We have seen big swings from 0. NZ unemployment for the third quarter came in at 5. The Bank of England left their benchmark rate unchanged at 0. The announcement took the GBP off the weekly high pushing it back towards 0. The United Kingdom is preparing for a 4-week imposed lockdown ordered by Boris Johnson as the country passes the milestone of 1M cases. Scientists have warned the virus is spreading far worse than predictions. Early week setbacks for the British Pound with price clocking 0.

Broadly speaking the GBP has not been well supported. Optimism surrounding prospects of a Brexit agreement have been kind of keeping the currency bid depending on the day. Coronavirus fears however have been the main act in town with fears mounting of further lockdowns and social restrictions expected.

Boris Johnson has to this point tried to avoid a national lockdown opting instead for a tiered system of local controls in affected areas. Winter is shaping up to be tough months in the UK. After a short burst lower to 0. However, sentiment soured into Tuesday fuelled by a stalemate in the US stimulus talks and giant spikes in European and US coronavirus cases. New worry over packed out hospitals and economic implications as new social restrictions and curfews are re- introduced does not bode well.

Recording the biggest daily increase of 20, since May with over deaths the UK are without a doubt in a spot of bother. On the calendar this week we have no economic news which means price shifts will be headline news dependent. This could all come at an extra cost to businesses already struggling through these tough coronavirus times. General risk mood improved overnight, the NZD recovering all early week losses and recovered to 0.

On the chart the cross is still trading in a bearish decline from 0. Brexit negotiations between the EU and UK continue to look like a sideshow. Who knows where this will end. After Boris voiced his distaste for further negotiations, perhaps a massive bluff? An important question of whether the UK and NZ are in a deflationary or inflationary cycle based on recent quantitative easing from coronavirus will be partially answered this week when CPI figures are releases. Both countries expect numbers to be back in the positives after months of deflationary pressures.

Support at 0. Early in the week risk on mood dominated play to 0. The Pound also boosted by the UK signalling the Brexit deadline would more than likely be extended to early November. We will know the decision post the end of week EU summit. Chief negotiator Barnier had proposed a two week extension and offered to work through the weekend to get a deal done.

The British government has announced tougher lockdown measures in efforts to stop the out of control virus spreading further, millions of people will be unable to meet with anyone outside their household bubble. We expect the cross to ease back towards 0.

He has announced a three-tier system for coronavirus rules in England. Medium- which includes the rule of 6pm and 10pm of closing of pubs, high- which covers most areas under current restrictions and, very high- which is a ban on household mixing and closures of pubs and bars.

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