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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Forex factory tampa

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Debbie will now provide the financial update. Thank you, Tim, and good morning, everyone. If I could turn your attention to Slide 14 for a review of the second quarter results ended April 30, By way of background, aligning with our contracts and IFRS reporting requirements, we recognize revenues on product sales at the point of delivery to our customers, based on black mass sales volume and prevailing market metal pricing.

Our customers take tight to us in materials and we retain pricing exposure until the related receivable is [indiscernible]. As such both our revenue and receivable balances are remeasured at each period end for movements in metal prices between the initial recognition of the sale and the final settlement of the receivable. Hence the fair market value adjustment in any reported period. Black mass produced in the quarter was more than 2 times higher than the same quarter last year and slightly higher sequentially.

A significant portion of the battery feed supply for our Spokes in the second quarter with large format in nature. For example, from energy storage systems and our recent [Technical Difficulty]. As Tim noted, our Arizona Spoke has a first of its kind capability to process these long-term pack with that discharge or dismantling. In relation to this, we need a deliberate choice to build inventory of these large format battery feed supply during the quarter for optimal processing at our Arizona facility.

As we expand our sources of supply and grew our Spoke network, we will increasingly be able to optimize recovery rates and capacity utilization at our facility by matching our feed with the best suited Spoke for processing. The increase was primarily related to personnel costs for operational, corporate, commercial and engineering resources, as well as public company comps. In addition, this reflected the higher cost from raw material and supplies attributable to our increased black mass production.

We are being deliberate and balanced in our operating expense, investing in corporate infrastructure that will support our extended network in that will drive significant revenues and cash flow economics in years to come. Moving to Slide 15 to cover the balance sheet.

As a result, we have sufficient liquidity for our capital and operating needs to fund the current pipeline of projects in development. Having achieved this important strategic and financing milestone, we are continuing to be methodical and evaluating multiple sources of capital to optimize the balance sheet and provide future flexibility. As I mentioned before, these include debt based financing alternatives such as traditional corporate debt, project financing and government-related funding.

Moving to Slide I'll discuss our longer-term financing strategy. During our first quarter earnings call, I indicated that our financing plan will follow a modular step-based approach to growing our business. I would like to add additional context to what we mean by that. The current network consists of a total of seven Spokes in North America and Europe, and one hub in North America targeted to be operational in This phase of our goal is fully funded and is expected to lead to sustainable cash flows particularly following commissioning of our Rochester Hub in As for future growth prospects, we anticipate a modular approach to capital investment and associated operating expense.

Hand in hand with this, we expect to take a modular rollout approach to the funding requirements that will support these global prospects. To reiterate, there is a clear delineation between current project pipeline needs, which are fully funded and incremental growth which is optional and the related financing requirements. Executing on our operating plan will expand the breadth of financing alternatives available to us and enable us to take advantage of additional growth opportunity while optimizing our future cost of capital.

Turning to Slide I would like to close with a recap. The market is anticipated to have a global supply deficit of critical battery materials in the coming decades. This is driving growing momentum for localized or domestic sources of production, accelerating growth in North America and Europe.

We have executed milestone commercial agreements with key strategic global partners that further enhance our leading position as a preferred partner for recycling and resource recovery of critical battery materials in North America and Europe. That concludes our formal remarks. Operator, we are ready to take questions. Question-and-Answer Session. Your line is open. Good morning, everyone. I want to unpack the quarter a bit really three quick, but key questions. So obviously, the black mass production surprisingly didn't improve much quarter-over-quarter revenue, obviously, more than doubled.

And then, obviously, you're benefiting from the just stronger battery metal prices overall, but what was the black mass price specifically in the quarter? And then trying to better understand like this fair market adjustment, and maybe you can help us understand how to think more of that in the context of like Q1 and Q2,was there some, like, how should we think what the shift there like was some of this revenue, obviously, which is really strong, despite like the production issues seemingly still, I guess some of that forward from Q1 technically like maybe just trying to figure out how to model that a bit better going forward?

Hey, Robin. Good morning. It's Ajay. So, maybe we will split it into two. So two things cover the production part and Debbie will take the financial parts of [indiscernible]. Then, -- and good morning. Welcome, to answer your question in relation to production, one of the things that we've been guiding to is the waiting of the second half of the year in relation to production.

So what we are expecting is not Arizona is ramping up and Alabama is due to come online slowing. This will be a significant step change in production. I would also highlight what we've been doing is focusing on inventory and talking about battery, about feed inventory that relates to the larger format materials that things like energy storage system and we've had recent [indiscernible] that we've been working through.

Rochester and Kingston are really our first generation plants, which are better suited for all purchasing small format material. And so what we expect therefore is not that we're increasing the capability and capacity of the network of Spoke facilities that we will have the ability to direct feed sub-optimal slides in order to improve both throughput, but also recoveries associated with different types of battery phase.

There is always saying, Robin, the [indiscernible] specifically, Kingston is been running a lot of large format feeds, which in the future would be directed to one of our newer format plants, which will have increased ability to process that material and we'll optimize by Kingston and Rochester to focus on smaller format materials for consumer, electric drive batteries and manufacturing scrap in order to see a further increase in throughput.

No significant achievements to production more focused on optimizing around battery feedstock. And then maybe Debbie can tackle the financial part of your question. Hi, Robin. So I will give you some descriptions and then, you tell me some objection, your issue -- I gave you little bit of a net line in my formal remarks just to the recap of [indiscernible]. So let me just kind of walk through that a little bit for a minute and to keep that helpful.

So [indiscernible] this revenue, this is our revenue, we can keep this [indiscernible] current markets. And then each period as we grown we required, is that revenue has been scheduled, i. Then we make measure hope the revenues and we will achieve growth [Technical Difficulty]. If you see in our disclosure this quarter, that actually till roll that information together into two months fall in our financial statements.

It was in our financial statements [Technical Difficulty]. We had to go to the repeat [indiscernible] to get fair markets value impact. So I've now given you a little table of Note 14 in financial statement. This revenue out by the value of the items, it shows you clearly. Just to open and then flip it around, I think it's Page 14, I think that's network for [indiscernible] expected than our market, that's where we actually provide breakdown within actual chart or so of the revenue.

And then as Debbie mentioned is [indiscernible] detail in the actual metric. I'm sorry, [indiscernible] I think it's maybe helpful just to really [indiscernible] what you said, we would have expected a bump in that based on our remarks from Q1. This is actually an intentional choice for us to hold these new products and produce it in the right facility, firstly putting it to -- at a higher cost and a less optimal wage in one of our other facility.

So as we brought our [indiscernible] online on towards the [indiscernible] we do have contact that inventory to either Rochester or a deal, but that was not the best technology position. So we chose to maybe in part and we will profit [indiscernible]. Sounds good. Maybe we can chat with more about that in a follow-up call. But just if I could sneak a second question in, it's been a couple of quarters since you guys have actually specified what you used to call like a network targets.

I guess like the next leg of growth. It seems like there's a bit more prudence around that now, somewhat understandably so. But it almost sounds like that stage is even more optional now. I think Debbie, you might have actually used that term specifically. So maybe if you're able to provide a bit more specificity on how you think about the next leg of growth in terms of timelines and then the size of those plans kind of seems like the old targets are unlikely at this stage?

Hi, Mr. And then maybe Debbie can take. There is two part. The first part is, I guess, [indiscernible] how we think about financial investment decisions or fit as part of our business and that was really the purpose of Page 15 and when Debbie was talking through that. So on the one hand, we have a current network in development or operating today, which is the safest boat in one of the coming. And as a first step, if you think of it as a set of stairs, right?

So the first step of the stairs, that's on that path and that on its own can be providing sustainable cash flows as Debbie talked about. So that's the one half of the equation when it comes to capital allocation and how we think about what's been approved per se from a financial investment decision.

The other part of it is, into your question, okay with not taking the market and how do we our customers and how do we foresee applying the math. And as you heard in my remarks, there has been no slowdown in the face of development of our customers, in fact, it continues to increase at blazing case. So on the other hand, we have ample opportunity and perhaps it's really going to be a decision at scale, sizing and continue to work with those work streams but really becomes firm when that financial investment decision was made, a larger part of that and one of the options in there of course is financing, right?

So we just really want to delineate between what is approved and need versus the incremental growth we can take advantage. For me there's a bunch of comments out there, saying that we need significant dollars to fund the business. So the purpose of my comments were to delineate between what we need in this current network, it is actually going to be deep dive of our own business.

And then what will be the growth opportunity on that? We'll take our next question from P. Juvekar with Citi. This is Patrick Cunningham on for P. I had a question on the Rochester Hub. So what are your current expectations for start a production and what can we expect that ramp up to look like?

And if there's anything, any uncertainty there, what are the like sort of drivers of the moving start date and is it equipment backlog? Is it hiring? Just any more detail on that would be appreciated. No problem. Thank you for your question, Patrick. Of course, we are mainly focused on the challenges in the world today in relation to as we were related to labor shortages, material cost rise, et cetera. How we've been able to address that and we've talked about this on the last earnings call as well and we've continued on this part and is to focus on early procurement wherever we can.

And so, as I said, in my remarks, we've secured a majority of the long lead mechanical equipment now. I would also manage to be progress all material purchasing over the last the quarter. Why is this important, because Patrick this really drives to the schedule. And so we're at less, I would say, serve about material cost growth and more focus on making sure we have those requirements and materials available for when they need it.

Our attention now is really turning to focus for the staff and requirements for the construction, and we're ramping up that team as we speak. But at this point in time, whether it's still guiding to completion in as originally planned. In terms of ramp up beyond that, Patrick, we haven't provided any public guidance in relation to this.

I will just highlight that this is an unmetallurgical plant using standard processing equipment. This is for industry goal for the type of application. And so I think that there's lots of great examples of, let's say, low temperature atmospheric operations and their ability to ramp up relatively. Thank you. And I just had a second, I had a follow-up, Tim. And I saw as part of the Glencore agreement. It looks like there are some arrangements, not only for on the supply side, but for off-take of black mass and end products.

Is this going to be a substantially large offtake partner and are these volumes contracted through the current track agreement or does this involve some sort of other agreement? Thanks, Patrick, and I can address that. I mean, maybe two parts of the answer. One, taking a step back, I mean, this has been a very transformative deal for the company.

And we announced this in closing about two weeks ago. We essentially do today to talk about the strategic aspects. No one, and that's one question that we could take opportunity to answer your question. Look, I mean, we all know that raw materials, critical materials are the linchpin and we'll leave the rate limiting staff to be frank or electrification and we see that. Now some of the recycling space will say or recycling can solve each and every day.

Of course, recycling is a very important and critical aspect as time goes on. And we're already today starting to see that as part of our business, but we have to get there. And primary supply is a very important part of that. So this is what we've announced as a holistic global very strategic agreement with Glencore. Glencore is the top producer of cobalt, the top producer. There are top three producer of plasma and nickel.

So, look, as time go on, there'll be more that will come through as we continue through as we continue to develop them for, obviously extremely exciting for the business, highly validating and a great underpinning strategic partnership with the business. On your question, so just to describe and maybe there's some questions about this how this interplay between Traxys and Glencore.

To be clear, attractive, so that's object driven and they continue to be great partners. And then in North America today for any black mass that we do sell that is through traffic development. The Glencore agreements are actually outside of that jurisdiction, a longer term basis.

So that pertains to the uptake for any up products, uptake to the black mass that we might sell, but there were a couple of other very exciting assets that including very quickly byproducts -- made byproducts that have now been fully spoken for [indiscernible] with Glencore, key rated supply and one of the really exciting parts is working together on feed supply.

So, Spoke supply is for black mass to wrap. We'll take our next question from Brian Dobson with Chardan Capital. Thanks for taking my question. So let's talk about Europe a little bit, I guess given geopolitical issues there, have you found local governments are becoming more accommodated in terms of approvals in order to secure local battery recycling capabilities?

Thanks, Brian and thanks for joining. I'll turn it over to Tim for [indiscernible] comments. Good morning, Brian. And so I guess there's two charts of trends that are [indiscernible] around the world and including Europe. One is, of course, increased desire to regionalize material supply networks. And we've seen an increased focus on this and that's part of our strategy for building out in Europe is to be able to support customers locally close to where the materials are generated and we'll continue to update the market on that.

The other thing that's happening at the same time, increased prudence around environmental regulations and sustainability, which is actually working in Lifecycle's flavor. So it's one of the benefits obviously about processing technology is about minimal environmental footprint as it relates to our wastewater, air emissions, etcetera. And so what we're seeing is strong support from government bodies.

We're looking to both regionalize supply chains as well as customers of the regional supply chains that's also coincided with increased focus on how we're actually doing the work. And so we see both these things being favorable to lots of people. Thanks very much for that. And then my follow-up question has to do with expenses.

Do you think you could give us a little bit of color on the expected cost cadence for the remainder of the year or certain expense line items you might want to call out as remaining elevated or having the potential to grow given the inflationary environment? Thanks, Brian. And I'd like to Debbie to clarify that you really ask around how do you maybe expect so far to really pick up the year? Hi, Brian.

It's Debbie here. So I think knowing what you've got, I think we are beginning to hit a little bit straight, right? So I think that work is brought to your benefit. It's our Q1 and our Q2. I think there is a reasonably good run rate, forming there that's indicative of what a zero will look like. And you would expect that to be at the minimum wage as a balance of the year through.

Thanks for taking my questions. Maybe first just going to -- back to Europe. Could you talk to us about the folks there or the newer version similar to Arizona and Alabama? So Ben, good morning, first of all. So you're right, so to the two spots that we've announced, one in Norway, one in Germany are both in the same design as the Arizona and Alabama Spokes, so what we're forecasting is that they'll reach out to that time to the year of processing capacity and be able to process everything up when excluding four electric vehicle battery packs.

I should note that we are expecting to commission both of those facilities [indiscernible]. And then could you just talk to us more about the change that was made because that's good news for us, but to be able to process without the disassembly when that was developed and how much has been tested there? And so this is an act to calm myself a little bit just because it is a very exciting development for the company. I actually believe this is a first its kind process that we've been able to successfully demonstrate now.

So it's basically the same fundamental process. It's still the same merge shredding process. But if you think about what we were trying to do previously is in a single stage, we're going to go whatever form factor material we were feeding. So you can imagine and I'll try and talk to what's your ability to hear a little bit and people understand.

But if you could imagine a module that is sort of three feet long, two feet wide and six to ten inches tall. And now we're taking that one single piece of material and we're breaking it down into materials as well low as seven inch in size.

That's a big step change in terms of size reduction. That's not how we would do it in traditional mining applications, for example. So what we've done using that same sub-merge process has actually gone to multiple in line size reduction steps.

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