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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Ulrika granath forex converter

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The question of how change occurs has taken Majken to social science areas such as social movement theory, resistance studies and sociology of humour, law, history and emotions. Her research is published in books and articles in international peer-reviewed journals. The thesis explores what role humour can play in facilitating nonviolent resistance to dominant discourses and powerful institutions and people.

Through 16 examples from different social movements Majken explores the phenomenon humorous political stunts. She has also developed new theory in the form of a framework that identifies five distinct types of stunts. Two in-depth case studies from Swedish and Norwegian activist networks seen in relation to sociologically based theory of nonviolent action are the basis for the further exploration of humour as an activist method. In addition to the relationship between humour and nonviolent action, Majken has also explored other topics at the intersection between conflict sociology, social movement theory and conflict transformation.

Literature on social movements and civil resistance frequently describes the repression or direct support of various movements and campaigns, but little has been written about all the responses that fall in between these extremes.

The article questions the taken for granted assumption that conflicts are something problematic which should be avoided or de-escalated. In addition, Majken has explored nonviolent action in relation to areas such as culture and emotions. In literature on nonviolent resistance, the case of Danish resistance to the Nazi occupation during WWII is frequently referred to.

Majken compared the narratives in the case studies with the latest Danish historical research and found a tendency to simplify the narrative to make it fit with the story of nonviolent resistance the authors wanted to tell. The study is the first of its kind and can serve as model for similar critical investigations of other cases about nonviolent resistance.

This is an emerging research area concerning the way people involved in resistance not only fight and protest what they object to, but frequently construct alternative institutions and ways of living their everyday life outside the control of dominant structures. Majken is strongly committed to make her research accessible to the general public and always strives to write without unnecessary academic jargon.

She has been involved in social movements herself and hopes to build bridges between academia and civil society actors striving for a more just and peaceful world. It also includes pedagogical introductions to theory of nonviolence and cultures of peace.

At Karlstad University Majken teaches introductions to sociology and social psychology, classic and modern sociological theory, qualitative methodology and also contributes to the spatial and social planning programme. Majken has worked for more than eight years outside of academia as a social educator in Denmark and a civil servant in the Norwegian public administration. These jobs have exposed her to the diverse everyday challenges facing citizens in a so-called welfare state, something which Majken finds extremely useful when teaching sociology.

More information about my publications here. Her interest in non-violent social movements, conflict change, as well as humour and political activism, centres, among other things, on human capacity to effect change from the bottom-up.

She studies social science areas such as public movements, resistance, and the sociology of humour, history and emotions. Majken has lived, worked and studied in five different countries: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain and Australia. She earned her Doctor's degree, titled "Humorous Political Stunts: Nonviolent Public Challenges to Power" at the University of Wollongong, Australia, in , and was appointed senior lecturer at Karstad University in , while still conducting research at Wollongong University until Over 10 years, SEK million will be invested in the development of digital welfare services.

The aim is to make it easy for all residents to prevent illness and receive the necessary support regarding health issues. Three focus areas Computer Science will contribute research related to 5G service quality, safety and privacy for IT-based systems, and support for the development of prototype software-based services.

Both situations place demands on the service quality of the connection, such as low delay, high capacity or otherwise high dependability. It is important that only authorised users can access sensitive patient data. Moreover, we are going to investigate how we can support organisations that develop and provide digital solutions in making sure their solutions are of high quality and compliant with the IT architectures in place in the Swedish e-Healthcare sector. It is also a multinational environment with connections all over the world, being part of research projects with international renowned companies and research institutes.

Through international research projects and the local cooperation group SNITS, our students offers great possibilities to meet and collaborate with their future employers. The cooperation group SNITS Cooperation between industry and IT student , offers a variety of activities to promote meetings between students and industry. It is a unique opportunity for students to build relations with the industry during their studies and to meet future employers.

SNITS arranges study visits, guest lectures, lunch meetings, mentorship programmes, practical placement and degree projects for IT students at Karlstad University. Our involvement in the many research projects is beneficial for our students. It gives them the opportunity to collaborate with national and international companies and research institutes at the fore front of technology. For example, our researchers are involved in the Prismacloud Privacy and Security Maintaining Services in the Cloud project, with the aim of developing the next generation of cloud security technologies.

In this project, our researchers are one part of a strong international consortium of top industry players and leading academic centres. The goal is to achieve a complete redesign of the way in which Internet applications interact with the network. With a master in Computer Science from Karlstad University you give yourself the possibility to shape the digital future. Computer Science at Karlstad university is a multinational environment with internationally renowned researchers.

Our different experiences and perspectives generate new knowledge. The conference had about participants, including several world-leading researcher in consumer behavior. One study is made in collaboration with the local IKEA store in Karlstad on what happens when customers are welcomed by an employee at the store entrance; how attitudes towards the employees, the satisfaction with the visit, and how the amount of the purchases were affected.

In this study the researchers have collaborated with American researchers Nancy J. The other study involves physical contact, that is, what happens when an employee touches a customer, for example, by a pat on the shoulder. What do you bring back from the conference? Among many things we learned that people who are asked to wash their hands are more likely to cheat. About ACR The mission of the Association for Consumer Research, ACR, is to advance consumer research and facilitate the exchange of scholarly information among members of academia, industry, and government worldwide.

Read more about ACR here. Please visit the conference website for more information about the conference. Karlstad University. Get to know our alumni ambassadors. Don't hesitate to contact them! More information. Being a mentor means that: you have an honorary assignment you share you wise experience of both success and adversity you listen and ask the wise questions you are prepared to learn new things about yourself and others you invest time and energy in your novice you are a good ambassador for your organisation Interested in being a mentor please contact us!

Introduction The workshop is primarily directed at Young researchers, and in collaboration, more senior researchers are welcome. Workshop Dates September 28 Tue. The name of the course indicates which date you must register at the latest to keep your place. You can easily register in Mitt Kau. It is possible to register for an exam within a course you are registered for. Click on the card to complete the registration or register for the exam. Programs and courses have their own education card.

In the card you will find: Link to the introductory information - to get the best start possible at Karlstad University it is important that you read it Important dates for course registration Contact details Link to syllabus, reading list and schedule. When you are registered on the course you will also find a link to the Canvas learning platform When the registration period opens, you can easily register in My Kau. Links In My Kau, you can also find useful links to the Canvas, Ladok for students, the Library and important information for students.

My Kau In My Kau you will find an overview of your education and welcome information that is important for you to take part in. Title Grandparenting Children with Disabilities: Impacts on Retirement Madonna Harrington Meyer, Syracuse University Abstract Because of the paucity of social programs, US grandparents provide a great deal of care, particularly for grandchildren with disabilities.

Research Magnus Johansson works within the field of integrating natural disaster risk reduction with climate change adaptation. Teaching He is responsible for master courses in societal risk management and further education on climate adaptation and risk reduction for professionals working in private or public sector. Foundation of nature reserves after disasters and different modes of remembrance. Sustainable development and cross-disciplinary research education: Challenges and opportunities for learning.

Experience of data collection in support of the assessment of global progress in the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction A Swedish pilot study. Data sources on small-scale disaster losses and response - A Swedish case study of extreme rainfalls — Merits of using a socio-technical system perspective and different industrial accident investigation methods on accidents following natural hazards - A case study on pluvial flooding of a Swedish railway tunnel Indicators of road network vulnerability to storm-felled trees.

Landslide risk management — A brief overview and example from Sweden of current situation and climate change. Using education and social learning in capacity building- the IntECR concept. Den upplevda nyttan av den norska skreddatabasen Skrednett - Intervjuer med brukare. How to measure efficiency in risk prevention? Social learning in education — an important step in practical integration of preventive risk reduction and adaptation to climate change. Efficiency of preventive actions for landslides and flooding — evaluation of Scandinavian practices.

Effects of Security actions. Evaluating the range of perspectives on lessons-learning from the storm in Sweden. Learning lessons from natural disasters - sectorial or holistic perspectives? Building memory of lessons learning from natural hazards into systems - a Swedish approach.

Development of granite sheet fractures in response to long-term morphotectonic evolution in SW Sweden. Lithological and structural influence on the development of basin-and-hill landscape within basement complex in SW Sweden. The significance of rock structure, lithology and pre-glacial relief for the shape of intermediate-scale glacial erosional landforms. Development of joint-controlled rock basins in Bohus granite, SW Sweden. Inherited landforms and glacial impact of different palaeosurfaces in southwest Sweden.

The role of tectonics, structures and etch processes for the present relief in glaciated Precambrian besement rocks of SW Sweden. Analysis of digital elevation data for palaeosurfaces in south-western Sweden. Application of digital elevation and geological data in studies of morphotectonics and relief - a case study of the sub-Cambrian peneplain in SW Sweden. Research My research is on surface treatment technology and materials research printing, coating, gluing applied to forest industry products paperboard, paper, etc.

An economic-environmental analysis of selected barrier coating materials used in packaging food products - A Swedish case study. Modelling of oxygen permeation through filled polymeric layers for barrier coatings. On the determination of transverse shear properties of paper using the short span compression test. Oxygen permeabilityand economic-environmental impact studies of some polyvinyl alcohol dispersionbarrier coatings for packaging applications.

The influence of moisture content on the polymer structure of polyvinyl alcohol in dispersion barrier coatings and its effect on the mass transport of oxygen. Flexographic ink-coating interactions - Effects of latex variations in coating layers. Impact of coating composition and structure on print quality of flexographic printed paperboard.

The influence of clay orientation and crystallinity on oxygen permeation in dispersion barrier coatings. Influence of kaolin addition on the dynamics of oxygen mass transport in polyvinyl alcohol dispersion coatings. Effects of dispersion barrier coating structure on oxygen barrier performance.

Let there be light! Modeling of oxygen diffusion in flake-filled polymer system. Modeling of oxygen diffusion through flake-filled polymeric layers applied to barrier coatings. Packaging in new light - The effects of lighting on evaluation of packaged meals. The drying process from a product perspective. Evaluation of ink penetration in porous coatings. Porous and flexible ionic paper as platform for compact electronic devices. Effect of calendering on the compressibility of papers made with fibre of various properties.

Electroconductive paper - a study of polymer deposition and conductivity influenced by sheet forming and fibre beating. Modification of Paper into Electroconductive Material. Some properties of flexographic printing plates and aspects of print quality.

Flexographic print quality of pilot coated paperboards. Influence of paper compressibility on flexographic printing quality. Water retention of flexographic inks and its influence on final print gloss. Effects on ink setting in flexographic printing - coating polarity and dot gain. Flexographic ink transfer and setting due to coating polarity and printing conditions. Imbibition into model calcium carbonate coatings of fluids with different dipole moments.

Influence of corona treatment decay on print quality in water-born flexographic printing of Low-Density Polyethylene-coated paperboard. Critical print quality factors during digital printing on paperboard ' a subjective evaluation. Important fluid properties for Imbibition into Coating Layers. Printability of PE-coated paper-board with water-borne flexography - Effects of corona treatment and surfactants addition. Effects of application temperature in paper surface sizing with temerature responsive starch on water repellency and flexographic printability.

Interpretation of Y-peel testing of adhesive sealed carton board. Printability of PE-coated paperboard using water-borne inks. Interaction between water and paperboard and liner in a flexographic printing press. Influence of board properties on the flexographic ink distribution in single and multicoloured prints. Mechanism and characterisation of ink trapping defects in conventional multicolour printing.

Selected publications 'Becoming Electronic Parliamentarians? Empowering first-line managers as change leaders towards co-creation culture: the role of facilitated sensemaking. Empowering first-line managers as change leaders towards co-creation culture - the role of facilitated sensemaking. Nordic Regional Action in a Fused Europe?

Mot en europacentrerad politikdidaktik. Becoming Electronic Parliamentarians? Nordic Regional Action in a Fused Europe. Regionalt handlande och den europeiska unionen. Looking in from the Outside. A review of the mechanism of bonding in densified biomass pellets. Energy consulting services in the information age - literature review. The amount of dust and rejects as well as the electricity consumption during production decreases with the use of adequate additives.

Additives for wood fuel pellet production - A win, win, win situation. Energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and durability when using additives in the wood fuel pellet chain. How residence time in the mixing conditioner affects the quality in wood fuel pellets. Sustainable improvements in the wood fuel pellet chain.

Energy reduction in wood-fuel pellet production. The effects of kraft lignin additives on wood fuel pellet quality, energy use and shelf life. Energy reduction in wood fuel pellet production - Verringerung des Energieverbrauchs bei der Produktion von Holzpellets. From sawdust to pellets. Still a challenge The importance of a holistic perspective when investigating agricultural products as additives in sustainable pellets development.

Experimental data from a spouted bed dryer as a basis for design of a two stage dryer. Industrial processes for biomass drying and their effects on the quality properties of wood pellets. Steam Drying of Sawdust for Pellets Production. Vandenberghe, Y. Freund-Levi, F. Verhey, S. Lovestone, J. Streffer, V. Dobricic, L. Bertram, Kaj Blennow, M. Pikkarainen, M. Hallikainen, J. Kuusisto, M.

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