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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Magictraders forex factory forum

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Some of Fischer Black's work showed that overvaluation was much more common than undervaluation due to the costs and risks of short selling. Political prediction markets are an easy real-life experiment on this, they consistently tend to overvalue longshots and overvalue bets on outcomes happening over bets on outcomes not happening. The academic research backs this up, and it's not too hard to make money from arbitrage if you know where to look. Competition has historically held automotive industry profits down; I view electric vehicles less as a new market and more of a technological improvement to an existing market.

Full stop: electric car stocks are in a bubble. The bubble started in earnest in and accelerated as an unintended consequence of ultra-easy Fed policy leaving speculators flush with cash. Other probable market bubbles in order of severity include altcoins, luxury real estate in many areas of the US especially vacation properties , the NASDAQ, and high-yield bonds. No one knows when these conditions will end, but there is an alarming amount of fraud and leverage building up in the system, so I can say with confidence that there will be some sort of reckoning at a future date.

Fundamentally, I think Tesla's valuation be one of the harder-hit areas of the broader stock market when the crazy valuations eventually do pop sometime in the next few years. The stock is up 20x in two years — the business is doing well but not that well. Tesla trades for x earnings, giving it an earnings yield of about 0. Add these numbers together, and you get a long-run return of about 5.

This was the story for many tech companies post-bubble in the s that took years to show positive returns once their valuations normalized. I again think the risk-reward dynamics are poor for the buyers paying the current price — unless they're looking to almost immediately flip their shares to someone else.

If you want to buy TSLA here, you can certainly make money, but I don't think the risk-reward is very good at today's price. I'll freely admit that I've underestimated investors' appetite for TSLA stock over the past two years. Despite all of the calls to the contrary, this time probably isn't different than the rest of the history of human innovation, so investors buying Tesla now probably are overpaying. Verdict: With risk from the high valuation and below-market projected returns from the underlying business, TSLA stock is a sell for all but the shortest-term momentum traders in the market.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Logan Kane Tesla Selloff, post Musk share sales Data by YCharts Then, as if by magic, traders stepped in to buy the dip, and now Tesla is near its all-time high again.

Tesla Stock Forecast If you set the valuation and dilution issues aside, Tesla's business fundamentals are actually decent. This article was written by. Logan Kane. Author, entrepreneur and Texan. My articles typically cover portfolio strategy, value investing, and behavioral finance.

I like to profit from the biases and constraints of other investors. Is this happening to you frequently? Margaret Inos Small Leopard, of Heyburn. Rupert Ccmcicry. Ihinscn Mortuary Chapel in Rupert. Mclnnic Taylor and Nikki Wiirrell. Use ' ' Managing opportunity cost is - y wi r. Callcn Zillah Amundson.

Wcndal Cole. Silcnl'spring" by Rachael Carson containers were found at the sprayers facility. Hayes said the use of DDT in the. But it can be allowed in. National Engineering : Laboratory has launched a three- month cleanup of obout 16 illegal garbage dumps on the eostem-Idoho site. Energy reservation. The trash includes cans, battles, metal drums and -plostic bags of garbage. But sampling has shown the trash does not 'contain hazardous or contaminated material. AP — A convict who escaped fruni prison nearly two rnontlis ago and hus bet nliui the subject of an intense inanliunl kidn.

Convicted bank robber Danny Ray -Homi n g. Homing lied the girls to a tree-near. Red Lake, about 45 miles south of iho park. Oliroggc said. She said the women, who were in tlicir 30s. The women were unliarnicd. He was serving four cuiiseciitivc life sentences for robbery, kidnapping and aggravated assault. After a 1 9-minulc diase during which Homing fired one shot through ihc cur's back window, he crashed the vciticic into a tree and fled into woods, siiid Lf.

It wasn't known how Homing was able to, get past uuihurities checking vehicles leaving the park. Anderson and Oliroggc said. The new search was centered about 15 miles west of Mormon Lake. Anderson said. Homing took a man and a woman hostage in FlagsialT on June 25 aild forced them to drive to ilie canyon.

After spending a night at a luxurious hotel"on the canyon's southr'fim'. There was a 10 percent drop in visitation to Grand Canyop National Park in the first four days after the search began, park spokesman Jjm Tuck said. The park averages about 2 I. KK vistors per day, A computer analyzed the readings and He and his crew of profe.

I sections around ilie most significant readings. All would, ilCXaid. Jim Lorge of Washington. DTCTT quarter-inch screen. Karziniiiski said lie's not Trail Heritage Foundation. Sometimes the work at the dig seemed The area probably was used by Indians for strenuous. Large said, but it was never boring. Working on a private ranch northeast of Great '. Falls, Karsmizkl and his crew have found evidence'of.

But he said- finding clues to determine who used those fires could lake years. I tion'l know. Searching tor objects left partly what drives Karztni. Now the community is doing its part. He was knocked down while watching a baseball gome. It would have metted him. Doctors expect only minor permanent.

Bur Howard itrno'sirangcno surgery. Bom with a deft lip and palate, he had the fiisl of eiglit opcnilioiis , to concci it when he was three months old. Yarn said the medical bills would be lough to' iinndle because she does not have health coverage. She also is going through u divorce ami does not have Q rull-lirnc Job. The bills so fur arc several thousand, with an unknown amount for four days of intensive care.

But a Boise station on Wednesday raised S2,6 X from listeners. Vam said she was gratified by the radio station's efforts. I couldn't send out chough thank-you canls. Llluirstlav filed ' naming J. Opp lias demanded the Campbells publish a rciraciioii. The complaint contends the Campbells "acted in conspiracy with others, yet to be identified, and maliciously publisiicd" a flyer sent to Canyon County residents, -Jiie-ilvcr-cliarged 'iWlalii TOse'dr Waller Opp and Mary Lee Opp have been.

Earlier in the week, fellow Commissioner Jan Vinson, who contributed S3. Li au. Dale J. Peterson, M. Bonnin'o Shoo Repair. Pocolollo au Jairocki leaves Vljn. State University. No depoill required. Pom» for oi on your cholco ol bockgtound. Not valid wIlK ony ether oUer.

One odvortiiod pockoge per. What if the San Andreas Fauii breaks off. Tlie 6,. S6 million in damage at the Big Bear Lake reson area. Lodge owners re'ported a 10 percent dmp-in July Fourth reservations from lust year. Nea rby. John Welch of Wesiniinster. Tliey have found an understanding arbiter, but hardly an advocate'. EehoHawk sajd Indian leaders should ha-vc no illusions. Legislative Council hearing on whether the slate should try to block Indian efforts to esiablisli casino- type gambling on their reservations.

Others include Shoshone- Hannock speartislimg rights,. They were coming to a head regardless of who was attorney general, he said. Js and curly iy8 s pre- pared him for disputes, but he did not expect to face so many high-profile issues. He said relations witli EehoHawk arc good, despite what someliiiies appears to be his lialfiiearted commitment to the Indian view of tribal sovereignly.

I lielieve. Senate in iWfi. Ami lie tias carefully avoided showing inlcresi in any other office. Just do the very best you can. EehoHawk supporls-csiahlisliing a stale of- fice on Indian affairs, as others have suggest- ed. But for -now. John A. Carver, the son of Dr. Max W. He recently completed a series of four natioottlly published reseonch papers. He has been in general-ophthalmology— practice In Provo, Utah, since Due to the illness and death of his wife, he was unable to complete the fellowship prior to this time.

When he returns to Utah, he will divide his time between teoching and clinical service. Explorer Post 43, Kimberly First Wnrif. For his nroieet. But Lewis shares something special with her country: a birthday. She was bom July 4 -- in a covered wagon. Jones come into the world in a wagon full of furniture, dishes, cows and chickens. Her grandparents, parents, two uncles and on aunt were on hand, too. Lewis moved to Salt Lake with her family when she was 3, and the history lesson of her life continued.

On that day, Lewis had been told that the boy who caught the first fish would get to kiss her. The lucky fisherman was named Edward Prescott,. Covered wagons were common in 1 water. One son died when he was two months old, and her daughter died three years ago, at age Lewis had been married more than 40 years when Prescott died.

She later married Henry Lewis, a relative of her first husband and a man who had also been present at the fishirig expedition. Since her second. Photographs of her nine grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren line the walls of her. The first paved road in Idaho do more obout helping to feed ihe poor," she said. Yeah, and I In Jerome County tpined up only graded dirt. You want to yell. You wont to.

When parents go with the gut,- it gives adolescMts permission to go with their gut. Every so often life serves a wake-up coll tlut shakes you to the bone. My latest one came at a. When I realized this was an earthquake,. I ran to tbe doorway - experts say doorways are reasonably safe places to stand in a quake - and rated, while the Ufa Old Tbnas Phil Sahra house shook, ond shook; and shook. The shaking got strong, and stronger, sod stronger.

Tbe whole nouse rattled as I stood in the dark, waiting for the rumbling to stop. Tne next three hours seemed a constant aftershock. Then, at 8 a. No time to think about 24 hours. Hold her hand. Say I love you. Surprisingly, nothing else did. Flying at 35; feet, avoided the big one. The event was coordinated by Mike Henderson Boise. Approximately grade-setuuilers K. RcH 1 1. Bxg7, K. S - l-l. V l-l. IKcK l i. Rc-1 2 1. V Kbl, Ret. OveS 25, Ne. I collect Elvis Presley memorabilia. I understand there's going to be a new doU of the young -Elvis..

Or phone Ihe doll's distributor, the Ashion-Drake Galleries, at 80n North hi. Myers, Ma. To have missing, chipped or broken precious stones rccut or replaced in antique or fine jewelry. Clark St.. I hove a service for 12 including side disKes, two platters,' A. Bov I have about 20 cast-iron apple parers.

Ohio 4. The hiimmllily Nautical Brass s X. Grandfather tells how The conimeiilauir I'irsi hail llie young "chess pieces" run jhmiigh a famous game by ilie first American world champion. Heie is the game. Rxc7, NI6 ,'2. L Rxa7, Kb. Rl'4, Nc4. Kt:4 42, yi'. V cl- 6. For more intornuiti'oii. Universitv- has anmmnccii. Highest lloiuus 4, 1 ; S'iolci R.

Rowe of Filer: Gleiula Jean Knighl. Imih of Kimberlv: and Jenna Lynn Busch. Phillip Allen Hager. Cynthia C. Royee and Whitney IJiane Smilh. High Honors 7. Peterson of Wemlell. S'ieph;inie Hale of Q;ikley: Jill L. Kehrer of Rupert; M. Wendy Kay Fleming of Wemlell. Meyer "Mike" Moldevcn. The man. Keep writing, even if you never hear from iltem.

Comniunicaiioiis and Wcll-tx;ing is a. His iwo gramlchiUiren. Moldeven lias written ;iiul mailed "at least. When they gel together, he and the children talk ;iboul future stories. Moldeven could not find :i publislier for his bookicl. For ;i copy, write o; Mike Moldevcn. Box Del Mar. Iiy ,i,iinm,l. Once vou do ihat. Slialov, says. Shalov - says. We feel like w-e want to lx- popular. BiK iKing a parent is ;ii unpopular job. Wlieii 1 go oiiL l iell you when I'm coming hack. And It comes with a money-back guaranioo- Becauso you canl see It.

Monday through Friday at the Mountain View School in. Tmos-Nows, Twn F. School in Rypert. Susan Kippes and- Julic Coffman will teach all skill levels from preschool. Tuesday through Tljursday nt the Burley Golf Course. Wally Studer will instruct grades six through nine from 9 to 10 a. The' Rupert ckss for grades one through nine will meet from noon to- 1 p. Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning this Tuesday at the Rupert Bowl. Scan Kay will instruct begin- ning students from 2' to 3 p.

Pre-registration is required. William L. Garrison of Buhl will be honored at an. They have lived in the Costlcfbrd and Buhl ar- eas for 50 years. He works at the Livestock Commission Co. The couple has six grandchildrqn. J TWIN. He is employed by Albert- son's in Boise. Milton J.

Raul Gami. Evans is a graduate of Buhl High School and is currentlyj cm-. Garza is. Chester L. She i. Club in Buhl. Wegner, of Medford, Ore. Amy years in the Heybum area, moving and their spouses. Freds of crofSho-shone. Iowa, and Sandy L. Penny Saturday at the As. Maurils in Mo. Wilpas of Be lgium, announce Ihl: Mi,nrn,- k :,li,.

II of 1. He is also employed in Spradling Munroc. The wedding is planned for a. Krueger is a graduate of Kimberly High School. Wedding J. They The wedding is planned for Aug. FALLS She -was director of Lincoln' children, Renee Partin. Hich School. John Foils High School. He is employed C. University of Idaho in music com- Friends arc invited. Peacock is ,a, I,gradu. Raymond Fil- Doris and John Rob. She is employed by Lo- ll. After serving nt Comp Harm in and was a past president of the State real in Akron.

California, he returned to Gooding Treasurers Association during Filing is a graduate of Akron Uni- where he owped and operated a He is employed by ranch north of Gooding for 47 years. The event is being givert by their White Rubber Corp. They are members of the United spouses. Friends and relatives arc invited to call from 2 to 5 p. The couple requests no gifts. Ruth and RJ. Friends and relatives are invited to call from I to 3 p.

Officiating was the Rev. Wayne -Weld-Martin. Sarah Benton was' the organist and Catrina Olsen was the soloist. Roger Vincent, great-uncle of the bride, sang "The Lord's Prayer. Boise and the late Stanley Price. Michelle Kcnzlcr, friend of the -bride , — se r v ed -a-s-thc-bridc's-matron— of honor. Barry Hanson, friend of the bride- groom. Jake Wills, son of Ac bride, was the ringbearer. Special invited guests included grandparents of the bride, Mr.

A-rcccplion-was-hcld-foUowmg— Ac ceremony. Gift atten- dants were Kendall and J. She is employed by Ac Hansen School District. He is- employcd at Lytle Sign Go. Visu us when shopping for a gift. B ikMuia an miiuio. No Booze. No Men. No Way. A Major League Hit. Park Ave. Twin Falls, Idaho Sunday. Or luive cats taken over llie workr? Which pci is Hirst? Send us your opinions. W-ofjt:o»r, canine or feline experiences with us.

Sorry, no i;oId- tlsh orfierbils allowed this time around. SR and phone number so we caii talk to you if wc have any questions. Send respo nses to Cal vs. D ot;. Twin l-alls. July l. Valley happenings Plav croup for parents, children set guests. Tuesday at StKihuster Resiaurant. Wednesday in the recreation room for'a potluek;"'. Wednesdiiv at Larry and Ju dy B ums' home. New officers will be elected. Tuesday and Tlmrsday monthly dub shnoi will Ixj bcld al 10 n.

Students must be IS-TliP-fcc. For more, inlonnalion or to register. Send nuiteriiil to The TjVrfe. The Ooeding Garden Club, will be. Ling of al standards, man Eric W. Fort Benning. Lujan, son of C. During the deploynieni. She spends hours each week chal- lenging. And she is deeply con- cenieil alxiuljhe declining quality of American education.

She is a volunteer. Fdiic aiors liavc. But during a time when school districts arc increasingly squeezed hy shrinking budget-s and. In- nearby Hawthorne. It s Woollctt said. Robert C. Ling, containing 40 one-kilo packages of gree. School volunteers arc donating Iheir lime have the rnoney to staff clemcmary iskcptonkcM.

X 0 students, about 30, pco- part of her winter breiw drilling ri.. The dis- tables. In many casc. Many- der and consistency in. And with little prospect that parents still make up the largest. The U. Compton J. Tucker, the lab's head, '"the Northwest is much worse. Forest Service says the phoios.. J did not know what to do, so I ran the — Icamera. JThe-bear-arched her neck and - smacked her lips. She ambled toward me. Forty feet.

She stood only a Lives! The bear arched her neck Wilderness," is filled with such ex- ilashbacks from Viet Nnm, where he and smacked her lips. She' ambled tmordinary accounts. Peacock has served as a Green Beret medic, toward me: Fbny ' feet. With head spent the lost couple decades living Available only in hardcover S Hernosc and in Yellowstone and Glacier National N. The Paries and probably knows more ' that your library purchase this amaz- grizzly was twelve feet away, so than most wildlife biologists about ing book.

A must' for the summer close that the telephoto lens would these enigmatic creatures — the last reading list, or anytime, not even focus on her, -and she kept great predators of North America. People could feed wc do. We constantly make choices in their cans, glass bottles and plas- about the things wc think, say.

A few coins would then drop Tlicse choices have far-reaching out of the machine for the recyclcr. Tlicn, wc can think cycling machine that. The Tlicse two Questio ns can help bring company hopes to make a profit us back to our Iwsi possible choices. Daily Camcni. Daily Camera Newspaper. Wc choose ouT P. Box S9I. CO S The ' volunteer rnusl be or older. Lia- bility insurance and mileage reim- bursement is provided.

If interested, call Rosemary Evans at For more information, call Marcie Donner or Teresa Hel- lickson nt If you can donate, call Anna Fortner at 1. It youTah help, call Bill Selelyo at Many of these" people ore moving out of care facili-. Sheets, plates, cookware; silverware, towels, small appliances, etc. If you can -donatc. Also needed are coffee pouters, cashiers, money counters, receptionist at the front desk, bargain center or, in the kitchen.

Ann Gracfe is also in need of individuals to deliver home deliv- ered meals. If you can help in any way, call Betty Jo or Ann Gracfe at For more infor- mation. Marcie Donner or Tere- sa Hellickson at For more information, call Carol Layne at , their parents' home. Reimburse- ment for mileage will be 26 cents per mile. Transporting will be ongo- ing. For more infor- mation, call Marcie Donner or Tere- sa Hellickson at Bicy- cles of any type and' in gow work- Ing'order'arc'also'needetnmffcira.

If you can donate any of these items, call Mary Lynn Culp at l66of Applicants must be low- er income. Individuals are needed to work at Migrant Head Start. For mo re information. If you can volunteer your services, cull Rosemary Evans at If you can help, call Rosemary Evans at Volunteers to help with reading or math are needed. All ma- terial is furnished by CSI.

Call Rose- mary Evans at or Ruth Scott at All applicants must be 60 or older and low income and must have d valid driver's license. A tax free and ex- empt stipend, u. If you can donate, call Judy Gerard at the College of South-. Baskets of various shapes and sizes as well a. All dona- tions are tax deductible. If you can donate, call the Harambee Club at between 10 a. Training and. For mote informa- tion. Mileage reimbursement is provided.

Winners will be announced August 14th. No purchase Necessaiy. Amateurs only. Employees of Mlnute Photo and other sponsors not eligible. Our computerized registry is updated daily to ensure each gift is special and unique. Curt Ivy. Otarlie Crum-- pier. But the chief is having a little trouble making his' point, because of the engine noise from a low-flying plane. Falling'oul of Ihe sky. Customs aircraft dropped half a ton of cocaine bales Iwfore Janding at the Homestead - Gcncnil Aviation Airportrwhcrc the two men in the plane were arrested.

Think hard now; rcmember. Tlie- church's maintenance man. Paul Couey. Customs jet. They're too low! Tlicn I saw something kicked out the side. It -impact— Tlie car was denteC. Imagine ex- plaining THAT to your insurance agent. There's more! Customs had not con- hrmed this, but if it's irac. In But back to the cocaine; As of Tliursday afternoon. All we need is a sudden onslaught of jittery alligators wearing beepers and a lot of gold jewelry.

And if you think that sounds far- fetched. Wc ha»e a very, small Copgregation, and a dollar from each family doesn't BO. I know llful niunyTdf Qur parish-' ioners could be more generous with- out causing themselves any hard- ship. I thought religion, wos free. Jusl'whnt do churches do rwitirallltlielnmohcy? Since they work full time at their tusks. Custodial stuff must cal and feed their families. Most churches engage in philanthropic work aid to the needy, missions and education ; hcncc.

Even orchids, contrary to folklore, -do not-live-on-air. Religion, like wa- ter. And the piper! For instance, if 1 want someone to spcak-morc-slowly. I will slow up. ATLANTA her 90s who is concerned with the expressions "slowing iip" and "slow- ing down": How marvelous it is to sec someone so alert about using the proper phrase. More power to her. Wc could all take a lesson from her.

Nothing - else makes sense! Abby's- booklet. Suggested donation is SI. Sunday: Center closed. Activities Library. Pool Room, und Bargain Center with cards, games, color tele- vision and movie. Open weekdays from 9 a. Bingo at p. Wednesday Crafts and quilling from a. Trip to Jackpot. Bus Icuvc. Make reservation. Thureday' Pinochle at I p. Friday Crafus and quilling from a. Saturday Center closed. Sunday Center closed. Simday, July 12 Dance from 2 to 5 p. Music will be by Last Resort.

The cost is S2. Refresh- ments will be served. Agelcu Senior Citizena Main St. Ceramics at 1 p. Tbursuy Bus to shopping at a. Birthday poiluck at noon. Crafts at 1 p. Fridqr Bingo at 1 a. Pinochle at 1 p. Suggested donation is S2. Friday Ceramics day. Suggested donationisSl. Monday Bingo at I p. Bingo at 1 p. Ceramics from 1 to 4 p. Spanish class will be taught from ,10 to 1 n. Shopping day. Saturday Potluck dinner from noon to p. Bring a covered dish and table service.

Monday-Friday ampm Main Ave. TeKva Salem va. CuM el ASanta pm. Tcaf Oe France 3 30 p rri. Kreoer SenWQoif Claaik a p m. I had d few bobbles," Unscr, 24, said afier his Snii victory and the 33rd for an Unscr on. Sue Palmer of Team Canada World led from mile marks 10 to Olympian took back-to-back wins in the Challenge's two longest -stages — Friday — and- Saturday. Other than Tliompson's uphill sprint the final two miles, the main pack of riders' stayed clo,sc togcAer.

Thompson ranks third. Angcic kept right on pushing into a solo break. I wanted lo st. Ty with my own rhythm. Thompson, a great. Olyntpiaas have a lock on the team championship. SJcphcnson has an almost insurmodmablo lead in the individual 'gepcral classificntion. Danish racer Karina Skibby moved into eighth place overall with her Clear Springs runner up spot.

Stephenson and her tcammatc. And no one high in the standings made a big break. Angela entered the Saturday in 42nd in the world. Several middlc-of-the-pack me, bccau. She sustained a scraped k a crash two miles from the finish In Buhl. In the day's fourth and fin. Three contests today, starting with Lethbridge ag. Taiwan wa,s not all thal impressive, ouihitting Twin Falls just eight to- five. Bui their offcnsc"wasicd iittlc -timc jumping on a pair of Cowboy errors to gel off to a stort after one inning of play.

The Pokes blnnkcd'thc vi. Ilftli and sixth and llircc scores in the Taiwan fourth. No pop at bat. When the throw bounced into left field Pierce romped home. The game ended - with a strikeout on the ensuing pitch. The Associated Press.. Probably the nicest thing that happened to the Can.

IK; iiiche. Not anymore. Welty had already overcome the. Welty failcd to reach the iiiglicr Olympic qualifying mark. After my first attempt at , it was incredible. I said You're going to make it today. By cementing her place on the team, she erased the chanees of eompeliior and friend. Vicki Borsheim of Tueson. England — No grunt, no Grand Slam. Like Samson shorn. Seles seemed powerless without her trademark grunts.

Her gome lacked rhythm omi accuracy os she wandered Ihc court aimlessly with a distracted, frustrated frown. Blit she didn't u. Dunilla homcced in each. Gooden failed to win in five consecutive starts, one short of his longest winless streak. I really am," Torborg said.

In Imtsy weather, in difficult conditions a lot of the lime, he's been iible to slay strong. Gooden improved to against Houston. Willie Blair lost bis fmirlli -Straight start, allowing four runs and New York Mets Bobby Bonilla crashes Into Houston catcher Scooter llicker during the sixth inning Saturday, knocking the ball out of his hands to score. He has allowed 21 runs in Ik I-.

Bonilla homered leading off big guys going. E-CvOc9 1I.

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Gold promax v. Friday at PM beverly Sophia ea forex robot. You must log in or register to post here. Log in. Interestingly, the text box has a complete toolbar for formatting. It even accommodates multi-level language coding. There are not a lot of forums that offer the same text box features as EarnForex.

You can do this by simply clicking the Watch button on the upper right-hand side of the page — this method applies to both main topics and threads. Trade2Win is a UK-based financial trading forum established all the way back in Its forum is its core offering.

The Trade2Win community forum is the main offering of the Trade2Win website. Notably, Trade2Win content, like its moniker, exerts a lot of focus on trading not investing. Here you will find trading methods, trading analyses, trading psychology. Interestingly, a category focused on things to know for having trading as a career is also must-read. Similar to previously reviewed forums, the discussions in the Trade2Win are categorized into 6 main categories which is further divided into forums.

Each forum displays the number of threads and posts that it currently holds. It also shows the last thread updated and the member who contributed. The 6 main categories and a sample of their respective forum found on the main page are as follows:. Trade2Win, like its peers, has a basic and advanced search function. Its search function is very similar to EarnForex.

Keywords are searched through:. As a community forum, Trade2Win is focused on offering trading-related discussions where members can share their knowledge and express views. Members can do this by adding new threads, responding to posts, among others. Other than these basic functions, members can also look through threads to which they had previously recorded activity. Similar to other forums, Trade2Win members can also interact in several different ways with existing posts from members.

Actions include:. Note that Trade2Win does this similar action to those threads you created and interacted with via post. The forum automatically collates into a list all the threads you have those actions in. This makes it easier for users to backtrack on all thread interactions. The MT5 Forum It is a forex-focused community that is generous in providing members with an incentive program for participating in its forums.

The MT5 forum interface is fully equipped with beyond basic features — a treat for many as membership is free for such a great forum! Aside from the usual categorization of threads and topics, the forum also has an economic calendar, forex events and quotes to keep members updated on the latest see purple box below. Other than this usual format, you can also find a live ticker of popular posts per day see black box below. MT5 Forum discussions are geared towards Forex markets and trading.

It dissects every aspect and looks at it through 4 different lens:. MT5 topic search capability is top tier. It breaks down the search criteria in tiny bits to generate narrow results. The advanced search ability can search multiple content types — this is unlike other threads reviewed. With this advanced function, members can tick multiple content types to search through. These content types include:.

Another unique search function is the Search Tag Cloud which displays the 70 most-searched-for-thread tags. Words with bigger fonts and bolded are those that are gaining more activity. The MT5 forum offers the same services as those previously reviewed. It serves as a platform of discussion among members and guests operating like a community. There are several ways to partake in the discourse: Read and learn, post a new thread, reply to thread and reply to a post. The MT5 forum is a great place to read about the latest on forex markets and learn about forex concepts.

Moreover, a quick browse in the home page gives members a glimpse of the latest currency pair quotes and upcoming critical data releases. Much of the learning comes from the lively discussions in threads. To read through these, follow these simple steps:. To begin, follow these steps:. This action is akin to posting — similar to the previously reviewed forums.

There are two ways of responding either through quick reply or advanced reply. The advanced version has the additional options akin to the posting a new thread function, with the exception of the poll option. You can open this advanced reply function by clicking Go Advanced see black box above. To subscribe, follow these easy steps:. There are several ways to do this. Notice that you can view all the posts and started threads by the same member.

Subscribe to a thread can be done by clicking the down arrow beside Thread Tools then select Subscribe to this Thread see black box below. MT5 Forum membership is for free. Follow these steps to jumpstart your membership:. The popular desktop and mobile application.

MetaTrader 5 is a trading platform that provides the whole package. One of its popular functions is its sophisticated charting software that utilizes the MetaQuotes Language 5 MQL5 programming language. This language is used to develop indicators and trading strategies for the MT5 charting software. Beyond that, discussions are also geared towards trading, strategy testing, and technical indicators from MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4.

Many of the threads in this forum are leaning towards the technical and algorithmic side of trading. The forum follows a traditional structure where the main page displays the 7 main categories, each showing a list of its most recent threads. It is a simply a two-tier structure:. Exploring topics is through manual scrolling as all categories are lumped into one page. Unfortunately, the forum lacks a navigation tool to help with the browsing.

Topic searches are done quite differently in MQL5. The search function renders results from data found in the MQL5 database, which includes all its services. The probability of generating search results is very high given the library of resources. Users can narrow results by only selecting Forum not Everywhere. More so, the search results can be sorted by relevance or by date. Many of the members that come to the forum are MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 users. Because of this, many forums are dedicated to answering questions that relate to the technicalities of the software as well as sharing of tips and tricks in utilizing it at its maximum capacity.

Other than asking questions, the MQL5 forum is also used as a platform of sharing the latest trading systems and indicators, insights on trading stocks and futures, as well as striking a conversation with expert advisors. MQL5 is the best place to ask even the simplest question regarding the MetaTrader platform. From the ins and outs of its complex technical indicator library to a step-to-step guide in plotting lines on the chart. Surely someone from the community, whether a co-member or the moderator, will engage you in a conversation with you.

Asking questions, sharing an insight, and engaging with other members can be done either by creating a new thread or posting a reply to an existing post. Keeping in touch with other members is a great way to learn and create a discourse on a deeper, more personal level. As mentioned above, signing up for a membership will grant you access to all MetaTrader services with only a single account.

Registration is free but other services may require fees. Enter your email address below to subscribe to our newsletter. Forex Factory Forex Factory is a thriving community that aims to connect traders to the markets and to each other. Pros Active and thriving community — As of writing, Forex Factory has , members. Simple design Interface is easy to learn for beginners.

Posts are moderated inline with code of conduct. Cons Simple design — The forum might come off as too simplistic for modern traders. Lacks compartmentalization of topics — Organization of threads can be done better as the current version is not pleasing to the eyes. Can be difficult for some users to locate appropriate topics. Limited actions as Junior Member — Several actions and features are inaccessible to Junior Members: starting threads, emailing other members, sending private messages, liking posts, large allotment of space for attachments.

Pros Fun and modern interface — The theme of the website and forum is fun and animating. This promotes an encouraging and light environment, which can be crucial for traders who love to learn without feeling intimidated. Threads are categorized into well-defined categories making topic searches easy. Cons Content is heavily tilted towards basic forex education — This can be a turnoff for traders seeking advanced topics.

New users are restricted in terms of actions and have yet to earn the trust of the admin. This is a common way to maintain quality discourse in the forum. A positive, however, is that new members can already contribute valuable insights through adding new topics. Active Sponsorships — Full house of sponsors which offers a variety of resources — from free trading journals to trading platforms. Social Network Vibe — The less stringent moderation creates a social network vibe where members freely interact with each other.

Cons Less Stringent Moderation — This can be an advantage as well as a disadvantage. Allows users to speak their minds. Less focus on educational resources — This forum may not be the best resource for beginning traders who are seeking to learn the ropes.

Pros Core Focus on Forex gives members in-depth discussion on Forex. Great platform for learning for both novice and experienced traders as content accommodates varying levels of trading experience. Two distinct ways of posting — Text discussions are provided with many add-on tools. Users may also opt to conduct polls to add variety to the discussion.

Service Forums — Forums dedicated to feedback and improvement on EarnForex. Cons Discussions on commodities, stocks, and indices is lumped into one sub-category Uncategorized threads can be overwhelming and not easy to the eyes. Trading Platform forum Content is heavily tilted towards MetaTraderOther traders using different platforms may find it difficult to strike an active discussion.

Cons Limited content on fundamental and economic analysis — Fundamental and economic analysis are lumped into one forum — As of writing, only threads are dedicated to this topic; much lower compared to peers. Limited content on current events and news flows — There is not sub-category dedicated to news that can move markets.

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Share ideas, debate tactics, and swap war stories with forex traders from around the world. I don't know much but I'm pretty sure that Magic Numbers are trade identifiers used in EA's. I think what you are looking for is to add a. I cannot believe I actually went thru most of the pages of this forum.. but I was totally surprise when I read a post to say Tudor girl.