dota 2 tips dan trik forex
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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

Dota 2 tips dan trik forex dollar yen on forex

Dota 2 tips dan trik forex

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Snake by Aaron Enriquez. This project enables users to submit document to the app and user can hear the audio of the file and look for the meanings, synonyms, part of speech of the word in the input. My Mix by Aaron Jay N.

Concordance by aaron kolatch. Concordance is a group notetaking web app that shows users the connections between their notes. Stocks Dashboard allows users to input the stock ticker of any stock, and be able to see the stock price trends and a variety of other financial data presented in the form of an interactive dashboard and tables. A native android app and website, hosted on a raspberry pi, with the ability to play the classic game of Hangman. My Webpage by Aaron Olton.

Expat Friendly by Aaron Pierce. An android app to connect expats and travelers to a database of restaurants that can accommodate English speakers. Drinking with Aaron by Aaron Richards. Periodic Table by Aaron Thomas. Rookiehub by Aaron Ugbede Omale. Mochi's Website by Aaron Wu. It's a story telling website that I built to dedicate to our pet Mochi who suddenly passed away earlier this year. Your ToDo's by Aarthy Ramesh.

Inception by Aarush Manica. Space Invaders by Aarush Tayal. Railway Management System by Aarushi Singhal. Using the OOP concepts this project helps passengers make reservation easily and make secured online payments. It has been divided into different modules which is to be carried out by classes and methods and final touch given by the objects which are allowed to access their variables and methods of a particular class.

AR50 is a discord bot, that can perform a few functions like getting the current weather, or getting the current stock prices of a company, and also some basic mathematical functions. Multi-Pathed Story by Aarya Thakkar. Sudoku Online by Aaryan Arora. Sudoku Online is a web application that allows you to play sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty and input sudoku boards for the application to solve. TimeCloud by Aaryan Mohta.

CarpetStory by Aashrit Garg. Zuul Implementation by Aashvi Busa. Barnes, based on Bilbo's house from "The Hobbit. Step Count Prediction by Aashvik Dhingra. Health First by Aatmane Oulmouden. Calculator by Aayush Deshpande. Portfolio by Abanoub Nagy Mesiha Ayoub. Forex by Abbas andam. Reimplementation of Malloc in C by Abbie Currington. Reimplementation of malloc, calloc, realloc, and other memory allocation functions in C. TODO by Abdallah. Stufolio by Abdallah Ayman Daha.

CS Pocket by Abdalrhman Mostafa. Taskaty by Abdelaziz Mohamed. Covid Tracker by Abdelilah N'gadi. Web page, Android, IOS App that automatically generates the evolution of the epidemic in real time, mainly in Morocco as well as throughout the world. HaBits by Abdelmounaim Eljirari. SConcrete by Abdelrahman Ahmed Abdeldaim. I programmed this App to help engineers calculate steel reinforcement in concrete quickly without using a computer only by phone.

PomodoroTimer by Abdelrahman Ahmed Albarbary. Bank web application by Abdelrahman Ali Hekal. A bank web applications that allows the bank customers to register, pay bills, review exchange rates of the different currencies and make money transfer to other bank customers. Fatouta Consultancy by Abdelrahman Hamid. Mr momah by Abdelrahman Hassan Hamdy ali. Anime World by abdelrahman khaled.

Quiz website by Abdelrehman Mamdouh. Tips by abdelrhman basyoni. My mobile application makes it easier to create and share a search notice for a loved one who has disappeared. FoodCalc by Abdiel Lopez-Larson. AlgorithmVisualization by Abdo Mosa. Epic Mode by Abdolbaset Afrazeh. A learning management system webapp that enables teachers and students to schedule classes easily. YouTube Notes by Abdul Ahad.

BioGraphy by Abdul Elrahman A. A simple game in which you lead your ball to the finish line without touching the monsters or moving outside the track. Cine Lab by Abdul Moiz. CS50 Pharmacy is an integrated platform which allows physicians to dispense medications easily and patients to view their medication records instantaneously. A database management website for school, displaying different info for different users.

My IDs by Abdulkader Tayara. Todo Application by Abdullah abduljader. Readability GUI takes the readability problem from pset2 and enhances it further by adding new features and turning the whole thing into a GUI. Sudoku Solver by abdullah ayman. The Crink. We used technology stacks such as HTML 5, python3. The site is currently hosted in google cloud using AppEngine and MySql google cloud storage.

Online University by Abdullah Hussein Elbradey. Sudoku50 by Abdullah Mohamed Fawzy. Product Searcher by Abdullah Rashid. Randomizer by Abdullah Sabaa Allil. Thumbnails Generator by Abdulqader Mohammed. One template, multiple designs, the idea of the project sparked me when I tried to create YouTube thumbnails for my playlists. Speed Watch by Abdulrahman Alabdullatif. My project is a website that show the current status of covid of visitor location and any location that a user want to see.

A web-app to track and record inter-company transactions with relevant user privileges. Restowebsite by Abedalhassan Haidar Hammoud. Space Rush by Abein Abraham. A top-down space shooter video game where the player tries to survive and gain points by destroying asteroids and enemy ships. Pomodoro Web by Abel Loredo. CS50 Portfolio web by Abenezer Zewdu. Website AZ by Abenezer Zewdu. Finance Manager by Aberam Sriganesh.

Val UI by Abhay Amin. Parking by Abhay Dharnidharka. Ultimate Hockey by Abhijai Suresh. Build a website to store my favorite movies, including movie title and a movie trailer. At A Glance by Abhijit Nambiar. My Weather by Abhilash Katuru. This app uses speech recognition to aid in typing out large documents.. Parivartaka 5G by Abhinav Anthiyur Aravindan. Shree clinic by Abhinav Muley. The Pong Game by Abhinav Sharma.

Python sudoku solver by Abhinav Sharma. Anger Management by Abhineet Kumar. TimeDesk by Abhisek Niraula. Quickie by Abhishek A. Corona Tracker by Abhishek Agrawal. Viking Dive by Abhishek Gokal. The Wiki Game by Abhishek Karale. Zombie Runner by Abhishek Menon. Keeper by Abhishek Rawat. SchoolVid19 by Abhishek Shahane. Blue Flames Fitness by Abhishek Yadav. Ankini by Abhiyan Bhandari.

Flappy Clone by Abhyuday Singh. LearningTracker by Abilasha Vediappan. Game of Life by Abirami Sankar. Counter by Abril Bahiana Blanco Ferrenti. Trivia Quiz by Abubakar Aqiil. A platform to increase the awareness of Iraqi people about the importance of saving the climate change. Random Movie Picker by Abulfaz Hajizada.

The Human Chain by achal shetty. Wall Street by Achint Gupta. Sorting - Visualizer by Achintya Mishra. A tool that provides a better visualization on how sorting algorithms mainly Bubble, Insertion, Selection and Merge works with adjustable array lengths and speed of how fast the algorithm will go. Fast Inventory by Adam Bernard Woroniec. World Caption by Adam Dagaiev. School club booking system by Adam Iqbal. Weather Bot by Adam Jarmolovic.

Wood Art Shop by Adam Korsheed. InStorage by Adam Matovic. Cipher by Adam McMahon. A rudimentary SP network that helped me get a better understanding of their operations. Rocket50 by Adam Michia. A simple game where the user flies a rocket through the obstacles to a marked location. Sudoku Solver by Adam Raabe.

Password Vault by Adam Walker. Finance by Adam Xu. My Book Logger by Adarsh Sivasubramani. My Book Logger is a web app that serves as a personal database for users to record the books they have read! Daily Diaries by Adarsh Tiwari. Tascal by Addie Hannan.

Your Garden by Addison Marcus. Renaming pictures files by Adduci Stefano. Renames the pictures files from different sources like cameras, mobile phones, web, whatsapp in an uniform way to better organize them. Foodie Web by Adebimpe Adeteleola. Personal Portfolio by Adeeb Sidani. Blood Drive by Adekoyejo Adegbite. Enables users to identify blood donation centres in Lagos for increased blood donations. Track your trips by Adela Ioana Mester.

More than a Mum by Adele Story. Seizure Superstar by Adeline Lim. Chrome Extension by Adeniran wuraola racheal. This are program that can be installed into chrome in order to change the browser's functionality, this includes adding new features to chrome or modifying the existing behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for the users.

Link Buddy by Adeyemi Adetoye. A solution to some problems identified as inhibiting sustenance of benefits associated with groups and grouping, for long span of time. Visitor Book by Adhikar Babu. To make animation possible, the animated element must be animated relative to a "parent container". JavaScript animations are achieved by programming incremental changes in the style of an element.

The changes are called by a timer. When the timer interval is small, the animation appears continuous. The Application SportMateFinder shortly SMF aims to bring the people together, who wants the play sports games, practice sport with others or enjoy sports but don't know how can they meet a group to play.

Film Review Database by Adithya Ganesh. My project is a web application that allows users to make movie reviews, create and add to a watchlist, and search up movie titles. Questionopedia by Adithya Venkatesh. A platform that connects global donors and smaller Indian nonprofits to raise funds to improve female literacy in India.

Reptiles by Aditi Bobba. Systema Solaris by Aditi Jain. My webpage titled 'Systema Solaris' helps you explore fascinating facts about our Universe. Strategic Sessions by Aditi Mundra. This is a task-based web application that helps users stay organized on a day-to-day basis. BrickBreaker by Aditi Rahul Sathe. Let's Read by Aditya. A Full-Stack Web App where readers can look for their favorite books and their reviews.

Adie's Life by Aditya Anil. Election Forecast by Aditya Balan. Shows live data of national and state U. CreatePage by Aditya Bang. Stock Visuals by Aditya Bhargava. Tetris by Aditya Gaur. MyReflections by Aditya Ghosh. A simple website that allows users to log in to record personal reflections on any topic of their choice. DigiCare by Aditya Kishore Kontikal. HappyJ by Aditya Kristanto. Individual Excellence by Aditya Malhotra.

Findify by Aditya Naidu. Checkers by Aditya Negi. Budgeteer by Aditya Pulipaka. Red Devils by Aditya Raman. A web application for users to learn more about the football club Manchester United. Hangman by Aditya Ramanathan. Environ by Aditya Samdadia. This project aims at spreading Environmental awareness and to make the world a cleaner and greener place in the near future. Wishlist by Aditya Singh Chauhan.

The CS50 project is titled 'Wishlist', which is a website to create a wishlist for movies one could watch whenever one wishes. Maze Solver by Aditya Sirohi. Book Cricket by Aditya Srinivasan. SideTracked by Aditya Vinodh Arjun. Pixel Art by Adran Farias Carnavale. PoorStudent by Adrian Bartko. Router Configuration Creator by Adrian Klinger. You will find this tool very usefull as a netwokring engineer you to generate standard configuration for a cisco router or a switch device adding some information into a form, based on your network requirements.

Virus C by Adrian Limon. Indexator is a program that allows adding an index to the income statements of companies listed on the Argentine market. Clauser by Adrian Robayo. TriviaUp by Adrian Serban. TriviaUp the website where you play trivia quizzes with up to 50 questions, questions available from 24 categories and difficulty range from easy to hard.

Eplbets by Adrian Yonan. Voter by Adriano Carvalho e Sousa. I've made an application for people create and monitor their own polls, as well as they can share with their friends, so they can vote. Real Time Detector by Adriel Au. Synonyms by Adson Henrique. Synonyms - an google chrome extension to find synonyms of English words more quickly. Caffe Craze by Advik Nakirikanti. An app to allow customers to buy food items online with their credit card and pick up in store.

Momentum by Advikar Ananthkumar. Flavours by Advitiay Anand. Minigames Adventure by Adwait Upasani. Tweety by Agam Ario Wicaksono. Quizathon by Agastya Dey. Dictionary and Thesaurus by Agil Singaraselvan. Its a web app that allows users to define a word with the dictionary and find synonyms to words with the thesaurus. Exchange Rate Calculator by Agile Quemuel. CineGuru by Agnibhu Mandal. An online movie database where you can search for movies, write reviews, add to your watchlist and more!

Farmly by Agnij Moitra. GuessVerse by Agung Sudrajat Supriatna. A game of guessing a verse, either bible or koran. The game will randomly generate the verse. This is a project that intend to create links among people who can offer help as tutors or need help as students.

Defender by Agustin Literas. ClimbingHero by Agustin Mandarini. EZFinculator by Ahaan Shah. This calculator is Java-based incorporating GUI and includes some basic operations, algebra and financial transactions. Mini Weather by Ahamed Musthafa Careem. Wiki by Ahammad Ullah. Dody music player by Ahed alhussen.

Watch the World by Ahmad AL-hshlamoun. Electronic shop l store by ahmad edrees. Mawareeth 2. Al Samaoui. Crab Catch! A catching game with a point system; as the player progresses in a proper manner, the score increases as well. Bar warriors by Ahmad Nabil. CS50 final project by Ahmad Shadcome.

Hot Chocolate by Ahmad Shariq. A hyper local market place, allowing individuals living in the same flat to buy and sell to each other. Xtreme Arena by Ahmad Siar Nabizadah. My project is created to represent the best out of my school institution to the world. Signature System by ahmadkuedr gmail.

CS50 E-shop by Ahmed Abdelhamid. The project is a webpage for online shopping for home decoration and accessories. I wanted to make a project like this to expand my knowledge in web development. Recipe Maker by Ahmed Adel. Donuts Corner by Ahmed Adel Nassef.

Chat App by Ahmed Alaa. Amien Pharmacy by Ahmed Amien. A Store by ahmed ashref. WorkForce by Ahmed Gamal. E-commerce app by Ahmed Gamal. Lift library by Ahmed Habbabeh. Bloodline by Ahmed Ibrahim Adem Hamed. Educate by Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed. Rock, Paper, Scissors by Ahmed Khaled. Town Market by Ahmed Khaled Shoman. SpotiMender by Ahmed Magid A. Weather cs50 by ahmed maher. Collab50 by Ahmed Mahmoud. Reading by Ahmed Maishaan. Delta Hospital Reservation system.

The Web Application is based on a reservation system for patients wishing to obtain medical services provided by the hospital. The patient fills out the form and it is displayed on the reservations page so that the disease knows that it has been sent. This is a simple hospital system for patients to register and receptionist workers can tell the specialty doctors by the database in backend.

A website to watch videos with clickable subtitles that shows the word meaning in the dictionary. Photo Editor Website by Ahmed Saed. Todo Tasks by Ahmed Salah. Go Note by Ahmed Tamer. BNE by ahmed tobar. Pyramid by Ahmed Zakaria Ali. Netflix-clone netflix-cloned. Weight Data by Ahmet Eren Dalyan.

The project I have done receives the weight data from the weighbridge device thanks to the com port and broadcasts it as an api. SimpleWeather by Ahmet Hakan Albayrak. Listen Up by Ahmet Kartal. Stock Journal by Ahnaf Faiyaz. Listen to your Files by Aida Baradari. Christmas Wars by Aidan Howe. Python homework manager by Aidan Mai. Python program where you can add your homework assignments, and it will send you notifications when they are due soon.

Battleships for CS50 by Aidan Murray. Pet Picker by Aiden Alexander Mann. Pet Picker gives you the choice between 3 different options: cats, dogs, and other. Both cats and dogs ask you 4 questions, and then match you up with a dog or cat based on your responses to said questions. Lastly, other shows the most popular, non cat, non dog, types of pets and the most common owned of that type.

ProjectMota2 by Aieshah Nasir. GiftWatch by Ailsa Weir. Spaceship X by Ailton Francisco da Silva. Simple Weather App by Aimane Badaoui. Pomoroductivity by Airam Mumiah B. Pomoroductivity is a pomodoro timer that works as an extension in Google Chrome.

The aim of Pomoroductivity is to help you focus on any task may it be studying, writing, or even coding. World Home Cooking by Airi Yamamoto. Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we are unable to travel and have to stay at home most of the time. In such a life, this website help us to exchange cultures and enjoy other culture. PsychoBlaster by Airn LeBus. Py2Run by Airton Borges de Souza. My book repository by Aisha Kala. All of the babies have escaped in your baby farm, catch them all before the timer runs out!

Crown Clothing by Aiyazkhan Aiyubkhan Pathan. Tic Tac Toe by Ajay Katoch. Geek Corner 50 by Ajay Sharma. Falling eggs by Akanksha Sharma. It's a 2D game, made with Love and Lua. Main aim of this game is to catch the falling eggs and increase you score.

Stay away from stones. NoteArc by Akash J. Exploria by Akash Menon. Exploria is tour and travel package interactive web application where user can explore and book a tour of their favorite country. Sorting Visualizer App by Akash Sharma. Financial Advising Tool by Akash Shetty. A tool that advises users on cashflow basics, and how much should be spent on a car payment. It is a perpetual calendar for the 21st century with certain additional lunar calendar features.

Credit Crunch by Akeem Kyle Palmer. Concentration by Akhil Diwana. War by Akhil Durvasula. The project is a command line run python program. This program gets an area name in Chennai as a command line argument and give the street names and the no of cases in those streets as output. Portfolio Launcher by Akhilesh Jain. Pro Sticky Notes by Akhmed Nalgiev. Company's Box by Akintola Blessing. Lookupper by Akira Aso. My project is a web application where you can register, log in, log out, edit and write your to do's.

UzbeKafe by Akmaljon Samandarov. My project will tell you your current mood or if required help to to make it more better. Maintain Student records and calculate average marks by Akshat Aneja. A funny take on a popular tv show. A web based app that allows a user to carry out CRUD capabilities. My Portfolio by Akshat Tripathi. Schedge by Akshay Kaura. It's a flask based web application that is basically a scheduler, but with email alerts and tables with multiple participants.

Quiz about general knowledge used html, css, and JavaScript by Akshay Padmakumar. It helps people to quench their inner thirst of happiness and tells them about Soul. RemindME by Akshit Mehta. Vogue by Akshitth V.

My project is typically a social media web application in which you can sign in and add post and react to other users post with like or comment and you can update your information too. Number Puzzle Game by Alaa Elgharably. Attendance Checker by Aladin Oliver Yu. Mail Digest by Alain Mauri. Newsboard by Alan Cristian Kasis.

This program uses the Convolutional Neural Network model which aims to identify damage images on the pipe surface in the form of corrosion and cracks. MyMidi by Alan Lumb. ShoeWear by Alan Mollins. Fitness for Teens by Alanna W Hart. This project is a web program that allows the user to record their exercise, weight, height and BMI. A web-based application to simulate the success of a division-wide NBA fantasy team.

Mapinator by Albert Guo. Futbolico by Albert Mercade. An iOS app in which fans of the spanish football league can follow their favourite teams: latest news, past and upcoming matches and current standings. Ludus latrunculorum by Albert Pichler. An App to play the ultimate game,"The Game of Life". MYX helps you fulfill your objectives and gives you the tools to become an active agent of change.

Continuum by Albert Sanchez Castro. Mathematerist by Albert Wilson Quindao. A web app where students can watch lectures and take quizzes to assess their learning. Reddit Application by Alberto M. Cryptocurrency basic price analyser by Alberto Vega Peralta. Import cryptocurrency historical price data from Btifinex api, store it in a csv file and perform basic analysis over it. My Event by Albin N. Tic-Tac-Toe by Albin Rushiti. PostIt by Aldino Rahman.

Cash Control by Aldis Daniel G. Snakes game by Aldwin Carl Quitoriano Arambulo. Balances by Alec Huertas. It is a web application that serves to show the artwork done by the Chilean street artist called "kroma". Save the image addresses of your favourite images on the internet, so you can just browse through them quickly and efficiently.

Workout Tracker by Alejandro Ignacio Moyano. This is a website that returns certain facts based on some number or date inputed. There is also a trivia section where you can prove your general knowledge! Akibrus the Lord of Time by Alejandro Larrea.

Its a simples project that took a long time to make, but its fun and i enjoyed makeing it as its my first real python project. Alligator Calculator by Aleksa Djordjevic. Workaholic by Aleksandar Ignjatovic. Escape Man by Aleksander Vaca. AnyShop by Aleksandr Tkachenko. This is the online store where a user can register, log in to his account, select the product he needs and place an order, or contact the support chat.

Challenge by Aleksandr Trubin. Spotify music Player by Aleksandr Zheleznov. Easy Budget by Aleksandrs Kuskoveckis-Danilovs. Notebook by Aleksei Igorevich Vasilev. Table: maker by Aleksei Kobyzev. Hands-on web-application for a soft play manufacturer by Aleksei Tsybizov. Raven Plan by Aleksey Gusev. Timon at Home Alone by Alena Glinina. HabitApp by Alessandro Franceschini.

Cyberpunk Invasion by Alessandro Sansone. Ristorante by Alessandro Tazzari. Techno Alien by Alessandro Vanzo. Bob o lixinho by Alessandro Willian Nogueira. Bob o lixinho by alesssandro willian nogueira. DECP by Alex. Soundify by Alex Doran. A web application that creates a professionally formatted CV targeted at specific roles for better job application success. Time Delay Switch by Alex Hahn. Game Gauge by Alex Isken.

Password Checker by Alex Kim. The code will check a user's password strength by checking character count and checking if the user's name is in the password. ProFeed by Alex Oh. Kalendar by Alex Ong. A web-app which allows you to add KDrama release schedules to your Google Calendar in a few clicks. Sudoku Generator by Alex Ren. Locatelli Logs by Alex Shiozaki.

Locatelli Logs is a way a site where music students and teachers can collaboratively track progress. FastFood Guru by Alex Tanimoto. Dash by Alex Vargas. Professional Website by Alex Vena. Snake by Alexander. BookWorm by Alexander Afanasov. It's a app that send information and send to whatsapp a very popular text messenger app here in Brazil. Industrial Conn by Alexander Bibikov. Dog Name Generator by Alexander Boneham. MetaBook social network by Alexander Fedorov.

The Game of Sticks by Alexander Griesemer. A Value Investing - Fundamental Analysis Tool for Investors to find stocks to buy or sell based on business fundamental performance. My Homepage by Alexander Johnston.

Number Classification by Alexander Kutschabsky. A webb-app where you can find with mutual music from Spotify you share with friends and new acquaintances. An IOS app to see when buses will come in the city of Ottawa as well as seeing near stops and transit alerts. Q-Quiz by Alexander McMillan.

Browser extension to modify pricing page to reflect pricing in different currencies based on current exchange rate. Bash Vintage by Alexander Mistelbacher. Snake Revamp by Alexander Mwasikakata. Music Player by Alexander Nikolaev.

This website allows user to fetch data from Spotify search for artists and songs and get an access to their saved playlists. Apple Hunt by Alexander O'Donnell. Experiment log by Alexander Sharipov. Blooply by Alexander Zhong. StockX — stock explorer by Alexandr Toritsin.

CS50 2Buy by Alexandra Loboda. Apocalupse by Alexandra Muntean. Data Extraction by Alexandre Blais. EloArt by Alexandre Chekroun. Automatic Campaign Creator by Alexandre Guimenti. Find my lost pet by Alexandre Pargana. Minimal Kanban by Alexandre Zamarion. Backup backup. AvailabilityTracker by Alexandru Liviu Nita. WebApp that allows members of a team to track each other's availability in a centralized way real-time. CryptoWatch by Alexandru Neicu. Bestie by Alexandru Socolov.

Route50 by Alexandru Stan. A simple web app that lets the user create his own route with more than 25 waypoints, which is the limit set on Google Maps. Password Generator App by Alexei Krochin. Power Budget Calculator by Alexey Karelin. Kalme by Alexis Dietl. Website to track your caloric consumption, search database of foods, and calcuate caloric needs. Contract Sign by Alexy Kotliar. CS50 Training by Alfie Meade. Al Shaheen Project by Alfiko Utama. Bookmark Manager by Alfio Ricardo Martini.

Message board by Alfons Trabal. Task Divider by Alfonso Ghislieri. Dodge or Die by Alfonso I. Mkulima Hodari by Alfred Tuva. This website will show the user the number 1 top hits of the year they choose and allow them to play them on the fly or create a playlist to listen to all of them. NumberGame by Ali Alizadeh.

Vegitto by Ali Araste. Ticket DataBase by Ali Borazjani. My Final Project is a command-line program using C. The program calculates the "air distance" between two points in terms of both kilometers and miles. It also gives the direction and the Azimuth, the horizontal angle measured clockwise from a north base meridian.

Medical Drug Inventory: suitable for pharmacists and anyone in charge of drugs supply. Drawing on the webcam by Ali Hashemi Katehsari. This project is designed with the OpenCV library that detects the orange color on the webcam and places orange dots along it that can be painted by moving the orange object in front of the camera.

Power Gym by Ali Hassan Ahmed. I decided to work on an app to deliver passengers from one place to any place they want. Calculator GUI with Python by ali majnoon. WorkList Designed to help you get organized, achieve your goals and never forget a thing. Libman by Ali Mousavi. Habitly by Ali Raza. Cinegame by Ali Riza Reisoglu. Denizstorm by Ali Talebi.

It is a price , market cap, volume trackers for crypto currencies and it is providing a simple signal tool for trading. Jewelry Shop by Ali Zhour. Virtual Sonic by Alice Nicole Karakachian. Virtual Sonic is a Chrome Extension which allows you to have a little Sonic the Hedgehog in your browser. Cripto Finance by Alicio Romoli. The project is a website site called Cripto Finance that you can search, buy and sell any cryptocurrency.

Magic Painter by Alika Rebel. Quoteara by Alina Mihalache. Meditation challenge Web App by Alina Zakharova. Rock Paper Scisser Game by Alireza. Snapp by Alireza Ghorbani. Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers? Any suggestions? It seems too complicated and very large for me. I am taking a look ahead for your next publish, I will try to get the dangle of it!

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