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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Ctrader think forex live

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After a long day at work, coloring pages is a great game to play in your free time; if you'd like, stop by and play with me. If you believe there is copyrighted material in this section you may use the Copyright Infringement Notification form to submit a claim. API; using cAlgo.

Internals; using cAlgo. Indicators; using cAlgo. Max Math. Abs Bars. Pow Bars. ClosePrices[i] - price, 2. DrawTrendLine "center", start, pr1, end, pr2, Color. Gray, 2, LineStyle. DimGray, 1, LineStyle. Red, 1, LineStyle. Green, 1, LineStyle. Download downloads. Double-click on the downloaded file.

This will install all necessary files in cAlgo. Download the Indicator Double-click on the downloaded file. This will install all necessary files in cTrader. Cryptocurrencies also promise a wide range of technological innovations that have yet to be structured into being. Cryptocurrencies represent nearly counterfeit-proof digital currencies that are built on blockchain technology. The global cryptocurrency market has seen a huge surge in trading volumes ever since the onset of the pandemic.

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With Crypto CFDs, clients can speculate on price movements using leverage and get all the benefits of market moves without the headaches of setting up multiple wallets, storing keys, or worrying about trading with a regulated partner. Some additional advantages to trading Crypto CFDs include:.

They are constantly on the lookout for promising coins to give their clients first-mover advantages and welcome suggestions from their traders. FXPIG also ensures zero trading restrictions. Traders get access to some of the most popularly traded stocks including Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Virgin Galactic and more.

FXPIG is committed to providing secure trading experiences, prioritising the safety of client funds. Client trading funds are maintained in segregated accounts, so that the company has no access to their funds for its own operational needs. Also, with access to tier 1 liquidity and banking, the brokerage offers some of the most competitive spreads and execution in the market. Is there a crypto pair you think we should add to our CFD offering?

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If you remember your knowledge on limit orders, you would know that a buy limit order is an order to buy an asset after prices drop to the desired price while a sell limit order is an order to sell after prices rise to a certain desired price. Right from this window, cTrader will suggest possible prices to place any of these orders, and that is one-click exchanging that makes the process much faster and efficient instead of having to type in the prices manually as you would have to do on other platforms.

At the centre, you can even adjust the size of the lot you want to exchange from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking. Normally, you would have to do these calculations yourself or use an online calculator, but the platform does all that for you immediately. Since cTrader is used for ECN accounts that charge commission and not a spread, you will also know just how much of a commission you will be charged. Finally, at the bottom are horizontal bars coloured in orange and green.

These are the market sentiment indicators, and they tell you how other traders are leaning. By hovering your mouse pointer above these bars, a popup will appear to show more information. Knowing this, you would know that the overwhelming market sentiment was leaning toward a bullish market. You should know that this information is provided by your broker depending on their client positions. Therefore, their market sentiment indications are very reliable because they represent a huge number of traders.

Check out these: Forex market sentiment indicators. On the other hand, if your broker only has a few thousand clients, then the information may not be as reliable. Clicking a second time on the asset name will reveal the second level where some more data is not available like in the image above. The only difference here is that the depth of market DoM data is now visible. Depth of market data is used to show the level of liquidity available in the market by looking and the limit orders placed by traders.

If there are buy limit orders once price drops to 8. That is because fewer traders are willing to sell at 8. By analysing the DoM data, you could have even more clues about just how much liquidity there is in the markets and at what prices.

This view of DoM shows you the direction orders are being placed in and at what direction. In our example above, you can see that there are a lot of buy stop orders at prices above the current ask prices. This indicates that people are expecting prices to go up, and that the prices will keep going up.

Such DoM data echoes the same as the market sentiment glimpsed from the coloured horizontal bars telling you that it is very likely prices will keep going up. When you see this, you should also be looking for buying opportunities. The only problem with VWAP DoM is that it represents huge lot sizes, and that may not be ideal for someone with little capital.

The second type of DoM window is the standard DoM like the one illustrated above. Just like the previous one, this too tells you how traders are leaning, only this one indicates smaller lot sizes. In the example above, you see once again that there are a lot of buy stop orders above the current ask prices just like with the VWAP DoM.

Therefore, you should know that even smaller traders are expecting prices to go up. The only difference now is that there are several bears in the market hoping that prices will keep going down. As usual in the markets, someone has to lose in directive for others to gain, and in this case it seems very likely that the bears will lose.

The final type of DoM data seen on the 2nd level is the price DoM. This is used to see the slightest changes in liquidity at the lowest levels. A scalper would make use of this information in directive to gain eve a few pips from the changing tides. These are the: 10 rules of how to earn money with scalping. All these types of DoM should be used concurrently if you want to get a clear picture of both the short and long-term exchanging periods.

A good trader ought to consider both of these because they can help you adjust your exchanging strategy and also plan for the future. Again, cTrader developers understood the need for these tools, and they worked to integrate them into the exchanging platform. Not only did they do so, but also make it very easy to access and make use of the information through one-click exchanging.

MetaTrader 4 does not have depth of market, and even MetaTrader 5 does not go so deep into it as cTrader has done, and that is a huge advantage for the latter. First are the links to several finance websites like Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.

Clicking on any of these will open your browser to the appropriate page where you can find more information and forecasts about that particular asset. I believe this is one instance where Yahoo! Further down this window and you will see other data on the asset including market hours, swaps, etc.

After you have searched for whatever asset you like to exchange, you can add them into a watch list and group these watch lists however you like. For example, you could have a watch list for the assets you exchange the most, and another one for those assets you only exchange once in a while. You really have the freedom to do it however you want.

That is the power of cTrader in aiding traders to achieve their goals. Over on the right-hand side is the main exchanging window where most of the exchanging and market analysis is done on cTrader. The main tools are found at the top using the floating buttons. To activate any of these buttons, you only need to hover your mouse pointer above any of them and that action leads to a drop-down menu; no need to click.

The pop-up displayed even explains exactly how it works — you simply drag either the orange limit directive or the green one. The orange one represents sell limit and sell stop — if you drag it above the current bid price, it is automatically a sell limit, but if you drag it to below the current bid price, then it becomes a sell stop.

For the green one, it can become wither a buy limit or a buy stop — when dragged below the current ask price, it becomes a buy limit, but when dragged above the current ask price then it becomes a buy stop. This may seem complicated at first, but it is actually a very intuitive tool that any trader would appreciate to have because it lessens the burden. If you had to place such limit orders on, say, MetaTrader, that would require a manual input of prices. Here on cTrader, you can do it just by dragging your mouse, and even modify these pending orders after the fact with just a little effort at precision.

To the far right are buttons for zooming in and out, although you can also do it using a mouse that has a mouse wheel. We mentioned earlier that cTrader synchronizes your data to the cloud, but that is pertaining general data on the look of the terminal, accounts and watch lists.

For example, I like to use moving averages alongside the RSI indicator — that can be one template. When I use trend lines, on the other hand, I like to have an oscillator like the stochastic to confirm my suspicions — and that can be a second template.

Even more, you can even save the specific values of the indicator the way you like to use it. You can use candlesticks, line charts, bars or dots. Candlesticks are of obvious value because they show exchange movement throughout the exchanging period while line charts can be used to simplify the charts and highlight support and resistance levels. I have nothing to say about the other two — feel free to enlighten me in the comments section below. Then finally to the left is your choice of timeframe.

You will notice that there are a lot more timeframe options here than you would typically find on MetaTrader and that was meant to increase the flexibility of the trader. You also have the option to illustrate the charts in the form of ticks rather than time, and this is a new concept. Using ticks instead of time can have the advantage of displaying pivot point levels more clearly, similar to Renko charts that take away the time concept and focus on the price.

Of course, you would have to know how to study these charts because they can be overly simplified without time consideration. When you hover your pointer above this button, a drop-down of attributes on the exchanging window appear. You can use these to change the way the window appears by adding or deducting certain tools from the window. Then there are the indicators. Unlike MetaTrader where you drag indicators onto the exchanging window, on cTrader they are listed neatly in a drop-down menu.

Once you select a particular indicator, a settings window appears from where you set the parameters of the indicator. If you click on this, you will be directed to the cTrader website to download additional custom indicators. You see, developers of this platform knew that people like to develop and use custom indicators, so they made the process even easier.

On MetaTrader, to add a custom indicator you have to download it, copy it into the MQL4 folder and then refresh the entire program. On cTrader, you only need to download and run it, and it is automatically added to the list of indicators. Nifty, right? The last two buttons here are used to modify the looks of the terminal and to remove added indicators. Even such simple tools have been made very efficient on cTrader because they are very easy to get to and very well organized.

There is also an option to set price alerts at particular prices. Finally, on the exchanging terminal you have a window for all your open positions, pending orders and previous closed positions. Perhaps that is because this is just a report card, and the actual work is done in the previous two windows.

On second thought, there is still some work to be done here. From here, you can make changes like closing your stance partially or change the direction of the exchange. You may need to modify your stance if perhaps you want to manage risk or simply take some profit without closing the stance entirely. As for reversing a stance, that can be used if you want to follow a exchange as it dips and peaks within a range.

Learn some: Breakout exchanging strategies. That covers everything you will ever need to know about finding your way around cTrader. Even though the company may still issue some updates, these basic tools will not change all that much. For anyone who is interested in giving cTrader a try, then these should be all the tips you need. They are:. In a previous post, we remarked at how much social exchanging has grown over the past decade and how beneficial this feature can be to traders.

For amateur traders, it can be a way of investment while you learn the ropes, and even seasoned traders can earn extra income either by getting paid for the service or just dedicating a portion of their capital to copy exchanging. Either way, cTrader developers have not been left behind when it comes to copy exchanging. From there, you will find a page that looks similar to the one above. You can tell that there are a lot of traders to copy from because there are over of them. Many of them are paid services, but there are also some that are free.

To determine if a particular service is going to be profitable, click on the name of the service and check out their historical performance. The most important factor is to ensure they have a long history of positive performance; many of the good performers are usually newcomers who only started exchanging recently.

Find out: How to find reliable exchanging signals. Then when you have ascertained that they are consistently profitable, you can now start mirroring the trades on a live account. Some of the: Best tips on working with Myfxbook. However, if you allow the service to access your entire account, then the whole of it can be wiped out. Also think about your own risk appetite because in the end that is what matters.

Once you have activated a specific service, it will show up below the account you have selected for it. After you go back to your exchanging terminal, you may begin to see the trades initiating, but that depends on the service selected. Some services only make a few trades a week, while others make plenty even in a day.

Just remember that you are still in control of your trades, even though they were initiated by cMirror. If you find a particular exchange to be incorrect, you can always close it and open another one manually. Do you know: How easy is it to exchange Cryptocurrency in the Forex market? This is the second tool from the advanced arsenal in cTrader, and it looks like the image above once selected. Right off the bat, you can see that there are a lot of tools in this feature.

On the left are some of the preinstalled robots that come with the exchanging platform. Then to activate, simple click on the play button in blue. By the way, you can set the time limits of your backtest from the dates on either side of the exchanging window… sort of. There are also other settings you will need to specify, like the tick data and spreads to be used during the test.

Actual spread data is the most accurate, but you can run a quick test using either opening or closing prices. This is: How to launch an expert advisor on MT4. Now imagine if I had not done a backtest and rushed to implement it on a live account.

Never run a robot on a live account before you perform extensive backtests and forward tests and then letting it run on a demo account for a while… unless you feel sufficiently philanthropic to throw away your money. Speaking of downloads, toward the bottom left is a button for finding more robots besides the ones already preinstalled. When you click on this button, a webpage opens with a list of robots like the ones shown above. And just like with copy exchanging, all you need to do is run the downloaded file and it will be automatically added into the cTrader terminal.

From there, you can run all the tests you need to in order to ascertain whether it actually performs as advertised. I almost forgot to remind you to read the information presented alongside the robot itself. The developer of the robot will often include some clues and tips on how to use the robot and what to expect.

Remember to go through this too because there may be some additional information you may be ignoring. Lessons on self defense: Forex scams. There are also some of us who are very good at coding, and cTrader will allow you to do your magic by modifying any robot to your specifications. That means you do not have to suffer a losing robot when you can make the necessary corrections to its code.

Get information from these: Sources of Forex exchanging information. This is the place to come over the weekend to find out what made you lose or make money, then plan for the coming week. The solution is available without installation, and provides means of access to cTrader for users with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. Both versions are optimized for tablet displays, and offer a variety of key features to enable effective on-the-go trading and analysis from anywhere in the world.

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