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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Sud sudan petrolio investing

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Sadly, he is no longer in the region. He is no longer with us. Therefore, I also welcome the agreement on the resolution of the conflict signed in mid—August. However, although the content is good, we all know that the worrying part is that commitment to this deal it is extremely weak and the fighting continues. Political leaders in South Sudan clearly do not care much about their own population but rather, I am afraid, about their villas and bank accounts outside the country.

I believe that a sustainable deal on ceasefire and other elements will only be achieved if we use the threat of targeted sanctions against the political leaders who do not stick to the agreement. The EU should reconsider imposing the arms embargo as well. On the positive side, I am glad that the African Union has released today the report of its Commission of inquiry on South Sudan.

Also, you mentioned civil society, but does the EU plan to work closely with local grass—roots organisations to monitor the effective implementation of the agreement? And again, what is the strategy here? Por el contrario, Israel lo sigue violando reiteradamente. La veo bastante a menudo y eso quiere decir que nos tiene en cuenta, y nosotros se lo agradecemos ampliamente.

Siguen los combates. Then there are the continuing arrests and detentions of IGAD monitoring staff whilst UN staff and contractors continue to be abducted. Does she feel that such EU engagement further complicates their operation on the ground and raises possible duplication of work?

Edouard Ferrand, au nom du groupe ENF. Mariya Gabriel PPE. I do not think you should apologise, Madam, because passion shows you care, and when you care you will get things done. You mentioned some of the difficulties. NGOs on the ground have written to MEPs talking about thousands of civilians killed, thousands of women raped and children abducted. So we have got to do something. You are trying to up the diplomacy, putting pressure on the warring factions to come back to the table and to respect the ceasefire.

But what do we do if they will not agree? What can we do about it? How can we get tough? Colleagues spoke about arms embargoes, sanctions, and sanctions against the right people; not at the low level, but the most senior representatives. Can we have sanctions and will they bite?

Have they been discussed with our partners, like the United States, and also can we have projects to give women a voice in this country? If they had a voice, I think some of the policies could change. Finally, just to say, as I said at beginning, we need a sense of urgency about this because it is a forgotten crisis but if we do not act soon that forgotten crisis will soon be on our television screens in the form of starving children, in the form of more women being raped.

It is a very familiar scene from Africa, but it is one we could avoid if we act now. On a donc toujours un double langage. Soutenons le gouvernement transitoire d'union nationale, mais la division du Soudan fut une erreur. Tome nije pridonijela niti odluka predsjednika Kiira o novoj teritorijalnoj podjeli jer je suprotna tekstu i smislu sporazuma. Mark Demesmaeker ECR. Het werd een gewelddadige kleptocratie, gevangen in een kluwen van regionale belangen en allianties van en tussen buurstaten en allerlei rebellengroepen.

De bevolking heeft alleen nog maar gruwel en straffeloosheid gezien. Er is nu een vredesakkoord. De strijdende partijen hebben toezeggingen gedaan om deel te nemen aan een overgangsproces. Vergeef me mijn scepsis, maar zonder sterk internationaal engagement blijft het ook deze keer een papieren vrede. Zijn wij met onze partners in de regio klaar voor zo'n engagement om erop toe te zien dat wapenhandel en plunderingen van natuurlijke rijkdommen ophouden, dat de gestolen goederen worden bevroren en teruggegeven, en dat wie zich te buiten is gegaan aan misdaden ook verantwoording aflegt en gestraft wordt?

De Unie kan niet anders dan een actieve rol opnemen. Het moet meer zijn dan business as usual. De EU moet niet altijd lief zijn. Lief is een woord dat ik in verband met Zuid-Sudan nog niet ben tegengekomen. Joachim Zeller PPE. Die wievielte eigentlich? Das Positive daran ist sicherlich, dass wir unsere Augen nicht von dem Schicksal der Menschen in diesem Land abwenden.

Anscheinend ist das Morden dort bei vielen bereits zum Selbstzweck geworden. Un accordo tuttavia minacciato dalle diffidenze di governo e ribelli e dalle violenze che continuano in questo Stato. Milioni di sud sudanesi soffrono ormai da troppo tempo, mentre alla guerra rischia di aggiungersi una gravissima carestia. Pace non solo per il popolo sud sudanese, che soffre da decenni, ma per l'intera regione dell'Africa orientale.

Infine vorrei ringraziare l'Alto rappresentante Federica Mogherini per il lavoro svolto sul tema della pace. Tunne Kelam PPE. The same applies, of course, for South Sudan because the refugee crisis we are facing in Europe should not prevent us paying attention to the similar tragedy that South Sudan is facing.

Our absolute priority is to secure a credible peace and implementation of the Cotonou Agreements: without that, even humanitarian aid will not reach those in need, and South Sudan will face hunger. We hope to do our utmost to enable this war—torn country to move towards stability, security and national reconciliation.

It is vital to make sure that the support gets to where it is needed most. It is unfortunately true that the current conflict was easy to predict — so why is it that we could not avoid it? Why do we have to repeat the same patterns in different parts of the world? Why is it that, first, comes the desire for freedom, and later it is defeated by bloody greed.

This lesson has still not been learned, and we have to remember that. Negli ultimi giorni sono stati uccisi in una sola contea, nello Stato di Unity, 80 civili, e tra questi 57 bambini. Non permettiamo a cinesi, arabi e tanto meno a noi stessi di farne una colonia da sfruttare. Se non possiamo riparare agli errori del passato possiamo almeno impedire quelli del futuro. I have found it helpful in relation to the work we have to do.

On the one hand — conscious of the fact that we have a role to play in this crisis, but that our role is very much in support of and in coordination with the regional players, starting with the African Union — I completely agree with all of you who mentioned the work with regional and international players as the strong point of our action in this crisis. There are two sides to the task. Ranked the largest bank in Kenya by assets, KCB hopes to have around 30 branches across the semi-autonomous south of Sudan by and , customers in the next three years, up from around 10, currently, he said.

The lender expects to have 19 branches in the south by June, up from the present Relations between the north and south Sudan have been tense in the build up to the referendum and analysts have warned that both armies have been re-arming, stoking fears of a return to war. KCB, which also operates in Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda, was the first international bank to be licensed to operate in southern Sudan in and sees the best opportunities there for investors in agriculture, telecommunications, construction, education and health.

Dirt roads crisscross the country, but these quickly deteriorate when it rains. KCB has so far focused its business in the south on money transfer services, trade finance backed by governments and loans backed by assets in neighbouring countries.

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Il dossier di Campagna Italiana per il Sudan. La mappa dettagliata delle concessioni petrolifere. La mappa della divisione religiosa del Sudan. Il nuovo inno e la nuova bandiera. Ricerca per:. A cura Carlo Manzo e Dario Ronzoni. Condividi: Fai clic qui per condividere su Twitter Si apre in una nuova finestra Fai clic per condividere su Facebook Si apre in una nuova finestra Fai clic qui per condividere su LinkedIn Si apre in una nuova finestra Fai clic per condividere su Telegram Si apre in una nuova finestra Fai clic per condividere su WhatsApp Si apre in una nuova finestra.

Compare GDP by Country. Sudan - Credit Rating at Sudan Inflation Rate MoM at Sudan Crude Oil Production at Sudan Government Budget at French Stocks Close Higher but Underperform. London Stocks Snap 2-Session Decline. Calendar Forecast Indicators News. Population Unemployment Rate. Gasoline Prices. More Indicators. National Statistics World Bank. We have a plan for your needs. Standard users can export data in a easy to use web interface or using an excel add-in.

API users can feed a custom application. White label accounts can distribute our data. We Are Hiring. Trading Economics welcomes candidates from around the world. Current job openings:. GDP per capita.

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Neonati con gravi malformazioni. Nelle altre zone rurali del Sud Sudan si discuteva invece di malaria, malattie respiratorie e diarrea. La rete di attivisti di 50 organizzazioni. Documenti e ricerche si trovano sul suo sito. La ricerca di "Sign of Hope". I metalli pesanti che inquinano l'acqua. Proprio i problemi rilevati nel lavoro quotidiano di cura della popolazione hanno dato origine alla ricerca.

E proprio i metalli pesanti che hanno inquinato la falda acquifera della zona sono ora ritenuti i probabili responsabili delle malformazioni fetali che provocano gli aborti spontanei o la nascita di bambini malformati, eventi che si verificano in quelle zone in percentuale molto maggiore che nel resto del paese. Bambni nati senza gambe. Dal , secondo i dati raccolti nella zona, ci sono stati aborti spontanei, 12 bambini che non sono sopravvissuti al parto e 10 nati malformati. Logico che cerchi un satellite.

Ed evita di seguire Merkel e Macron nelle aperture a Mosca e Pechino un attimo dopo che Washington ha comunicato ai soci europei i propri piani per il contenimento dei rivali. Terzo, le resistenze burocratiche e ideologiche. Lacuna di tutta la classe dirigente, sia politica sia burocratica.

Al contrario, cerca smorzare un trattato bilaterale con appelli al multilateralismo. I due paesi sono rimasti su posizioni opposte da allora. La disputa ha fatto fluttuare il mercato mondiale del petrolio con le quotazioni del Brent salite sopra i 75 dollari al barile, come non avveniva dal Estensione che garantirebbe prezzi del petrolio stabili e relativamente alti nel , mentre la fine o una rinegoziazione dello stesso provocherebbero maggiori fluttuazioni o addirittura una corsa alla produzione, come accaduto nella primavera Tuttavia, questa mossa ha scatenato la reazione di Riyad e ha approfondito la frattura che andava formandosi tra le due monarchie dal a questa parte.

La Russia ha aggiornato la sua Strategia per la sicurezza nazionale. Sulla falsariga del messaggio di fermezza veicolato dal presidente Xi Jinping in occasione del centenario del Partito Comunista Pcc , in settimana la Cina ha dato prova di reagire — nella pratica e nella retorica — con risolutezza alle mosse del fronte anticinese capitanato dagli Stati Uniti e alle potenziali fonti di destabilizzazione interne.

Aziende finite nel mirino del governo — al pari di Alibaba e Tencent — che punta a preservare il pieno controllo di comparti strategici come quello della tecnologia e della raccolta e gestione di dati sensibili, centrale nella contesa con gli Stati Uniti. Sul versante estero, i paesi del Quad e non solo — accomunati dalla minaccia posta dalla crescente proiezione cinese — tentano di serrare i ranghi.

Comprovando che la difesa di Formosa resta caposaldo di entrambi i paesi. La violenza a livello subnazionale continua senza quartiere un quarto dei pazienti trattati dalla Croce Rossa nel sono donne e bambini. Questo il bilancio al suo decimo compleanno: il sistema di potere intorno a Kiir pare in salute.

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Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) expects a successful referendum in southern Sudan and an improved investment climate to allow it to double its. No deal yet on southern debt share. * Investors likely to wait until debt clearance. JUBA, Sudan, March 25 (Reuters) - South Sudan would be. Since gaining independence in , Sudan has endured a troubled history, including the longest civil war in African history in Southern Sudan and more.