recoil pads for shooting vests
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Recoil pads for shooting vests launch partner forex firm x architecture

Recoil pads for shooting vests

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This combination of unique fit and absorption properties allow for maximum comfort and reduced felt recoil. More comfort, less pain means hitting your target with greater consistency. The ShockEater Recoil Pad is compatible with many of the leading shooting vests and shirts, making it the optimal accessory for a variety of shooters from first timers to seasoned veterans. Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0. RE Ranger Marshall Phantom 2. Gun Safe fitout Scabbard Tech. You save.

Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Adding to cart… category. Facebook Email Print Twitter Pinterest. Product Videos. Ed Bosson, PhD — March 7, I was doubtful myself of its ability to absorb impacts and, in fact, researched on return policy.

Then I went ahead and got one. Went to gun range with my Browning BLR The very first round — hardly felt the recoil to my enormous surprise. After 24 rounds still easy to take the recoil. Improved my groupings as well. Such thin gell has great shock spread so ended up with no sore shoulder. Highly recommended…. Alisha Hines — March 10, Amazing what this recoil pad can do! Two thumbs up! Larry — March 14, I recently purchased my second shockeater pad for my son to use. I highly recommend this pad for everyone.

The shirts with the pockets built in the shoulder also work great. Michael Samson — March 23, I finally got to shoot with the Shock eater pad. I noticed a reduction in the recoil that made my over and under a much nicer gun to shoot. I just ordered another one for my self to use in a sport shirt I bought here. Spike C. I bought this for my Wild Hare vest. Very well made but for me it offers a lot less protection than the Beretta recoil pad which is wider and longer. I will give it another try when warmer weather comes to give it an honest review.

I will note that, yes my vest fits correctly and the pad is a little harder than the others I own. Price is a little high but not an issue for a product made in the USA. Ben Fletcher — April 17, I was really impressed with how much it took the recoil from the shoulder as i enjoy trap shooting. This is well worth the expense and i would recommend this item to anyone that shoots alot.

Follow up test and review. Pad works perfect! In my case it was the layering under the vest that did not permit the pad to fall in the correct position on my shoulder. Now that warmer and way less layers shooting season is here, I tested it again and it is awesome!

Do not be afraid to spend the money on this pad because it works perfectly. John Mattera — May 4, I shoot an average of twice a week. It absorbs all the recoil. Chic Kroll — May 7, John Falica — May 8, I can shoot a 20ga all day, but a 12ga will wear my shoulder down from shooting rounds. With this pad, I was able to shoot rounds of sporting clay with no problem using my 12ga.

Excellent recoil pad and the shirt I bought with the pad worked excellent! The recoil pad stayed in place all day! Going to buy a pad for my son and some shirts also! Jan M Maly — May 24, Amazing product! Get one! Tom — June 9, Jeff — July 8, Dennis — September 1, Thought I would give this pad a try and must say it works. It does take the bite out of cheap Walmart shells. Good product. Conner — February 14, Cut down on the recoil much better than the old gel pad I had used before.

I would recommend. Jimmy III — March 6, Tom — March 15, It worked as advertised. Recommended :. BW — May 24, Flexible design allows this pad to fit the contour of the shoulder making it very comfortable and does not alter the pitch of the mounted gun. Substantial reduction in felt recoil. This and a ShockEater shirt quickly became part of my everyday shooting equipment.

Stacey — May 30, I purchased 2 Shock Eater recoil pads a few months ago. Had one sent to my father in Florida. I finally had the opportunity to test drive the one I ordered for myself. I sometimes will shoot multiple, large caliber rifles in one day, leaving the range with a sore shoulder. Meddi Hogg — July 7, Mary — July 7 Bought this for my Bolivia Dove hunting trip. I tried it before the trip and was amazed! It proved itself during the trip with 4 hunts.

I had no sore shoulder at all and other shooters without the shock-eater did. Thank you!!! I will continue to use it. Alonzo — July 30, I bought mine a few weeks ago and I finally had the opportunity to test it. Loved it! Felt no recoil. I definitely recommend it…definitely a part of my shooting accessories. Ken Boben — August 30, I bought this pad to add to my vast collection of pads only to find out it is the best by far. I have now bought 3 including one for my wife who is very sensitive to recoil.

She shot trap on our vacation and started offering her shirt and Shock Eater to all the other lady guests at the dude ranch claiming you wont feel a thing. Chuck Frakes — September 19, Unbelievable product. Usually this can be punishing and this pad did wonders. No bruising or aches and pains after shooting. Fits nicely in shirt. Pad pocket places the recoil pad in the proper place. Much more comfortable shooting! Tim H. I recently ordered a ShockEater pad and two shirts.

It works very well. I have told other shooters that I know about it. I know one person that already ordered and received theirs. We are just waiting for the range to open again to go shooting. The ShockEater changed that. Using the ShockEater has made it easy to go and shoot 20 rounds.

Jacki — November 24, Works great! Went shooting with a , and — hardly felt a thing. Only thing that would make it better would be a coupon or sale. Thinking it would make great Christmas gifts. Ray C. I decided to give this product a chance after returning to the range from 3 months of therapy for a hyperextended bicep tendon.

The Gracoil system on my shotgun was doing its job but I needed something more to reduce the recoil and pain to my shoulder. The ShockEater has made a difference. Since I started using it, I have shot rounds including a hundred round. Mark Lillie — December 18, This pad has helped him to go deer hunting again. Norm — January 19, Used for trap shoot. I was pleasantly surprised at how much recoil reduction came from such a thin pad. Also shot 50 rds of Win while fire-forming new brass and the ShockEater pad was a very welcome addition.

Stayed in place and noticed a significant reduction in felt recoil. I bought this recoil pad before hand and placed it in a pocket in my vest. Philip Glass — July 28, It really performs as stated. I will be using this on my upcoming safari and likely every time I shoot my double rifle. Mike A — August 22, I purchased this pad to help lessen the felt recoil from my rifle.

The first time I used it at the rifle range, I could not believe the difference it made in reducing the effects of the recoil from shooting my rifle, which has a brass buttplate. My first time at the range without the ShockEater, I could only manage to fire 30 rounds before I had to stop due to the bruising in my shoulder. Once I received the pad, I was able to comfortably put 50 rounds down range with no discomfort. A truly wonderful product. CaptainCalf — August 24, John Payne — September 7, I bought the Browning product last week for a sporting clay shoot.

Still plenty of soreness after rounds through an older Binelli Legacy. Shot today with recently delivered Shock Eater T and pad.

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Recoil pads for shooting vests Back to top. MizMac Mr. I bought this for an upcoming hunting trip plus clays. Really knocked down the recoil well and no sore shoulder after the weekend. Norm — January 19, Used for trap shoot. I purchased this pad to help lessen the felt recoil from my rifle.
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The recoil pads help increase the accuracy of follow-up shots and you'll enjoy increased control for maximum stability. It is recommended that you use a professional shop to modify and install these pads. Search Home Products Expand menu Collapse menu. More Expand menu Collapse menu. Latest Catalogs Support Contact. The world's best recoil pad with unmatched comfort. Available for a variety of rifles, shotguns, and muzzle-loaders.

Multiple sizes available for nearly any sized stock. Tactical Recoil Pads Trusted and used by military, law enforcement, and civilian contractors around the world. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Firearms list and glossary. Shotgun shell Shot Slug.

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