cooling vest for umpires
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Cooling vest for umpires

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Most outdoor jobs can't be put on hold when the weather turns hot - from outdoor drive-thru employees to airline ramp workers, battling the summer elements is embedded in the job description. Employers have to get creative, finding innovative methods to keep employees cool in the intense heat and summer sun.

The implications for safety and health are too severe and costly otherwise - heat stroke, fatigue, and dehydration are serious concerns that limit your manpower and in extreme cases, land people in the hospital! Let's brush up on some simple science before comparing the features of PCM Vests on the market. A phase change is when a material changes its state ; for example, when water goes from being a gas the water vapor that comes off a boiling pot to a liquid or when liquid water freezes into a solid turning water into ice.

What's truly fascinating about all changes of state is that the temperature of the substance remains constant until the entire substance changes state. For example - you have a solid chunk of ice in a bucket and allow it to melt in the summer sun.

The temperature of the water and the ice will remain at 32 degrees F 0 degrees C until all of the ice melts. Only then will the temperature of the now water start to heat up! No matter how hot it is outside, this will always be the case although the hotter it is, the faster the melting process will occur. Do you see where I am going with this? A PCM like water can be used to absorb heat, while maintaining a constant temperature. Pretty cool, huh?

Water isn't the only PCM of course, but it's one of the most ideal - powerful enough to offer dramatic cooling, without falling into a dangerously low or dangerously hot temperature ranges. The IceVest HiVis is an innovative piece of PPE that harnesses water's phenomenal heat absorbing capabilities - keeping hard working people cool and safe.

What separates IceVest HiVis from other PCM Cooling Vests, though, is that the user can drink the water as it melts - cooling the body from the outside, while hydrating from the inside and saving on the environmental and economic costs of bottled water.

Properly applied, heat stroke and dehydration become a thing of the past. Interested in learning more about our industrial safety products? Check out our catalog, e-mail us, or call us at We work six days per week to keep people safe! Close menu. By Type. Ventilated Padding. Plate Carriers. Safety Vests. Hand Warmers. Packs and Vests. A quality cooling vest without a lot of extras, the Standard Basic Cooling Vest is aptly named.

The cooling effect is provided by 16 Phase Elements, which each contain a mixture of salt in aluminum paper. Ultimately, the Standard Basic Cooling Vest resembles a black vest with numerous small pockets to hold the 16 Phase Elements, and is designed to keep the wearer cool in any environment.

Although their cooling vests can be used for medical or fitness purposes, First Line is actually a company that focuses on preparatory and response gear. Ideal for those who have MS, or for a variety of other cold vest functions, the Standard Basic Cooling Vest by First Line is a high-quality product that meets the standards of a durable cooling vest.

With heat increasing on a worldwide basis due to man-made climate change, there are many climates in the world where the average person could use a cooling vest. For general needs, each of these cooling vests can keep your temperature down when you need it most. Featuring a light blue color that will keep you visible while wearing it, the Phase Change Cooling Vest by TechKewl is durable and easy to maintain.

The Phase Change Inserts are removable, and a single charge will keep the vest cool for hours. Whether you suffer from an ailment, hate doing yardwork in the sun, or want to keep cool during a tough workout, this cooling vest by TechKewl will ensure that your temperature stays low.

TechNiche International is dedicated to a wide array of products that have cooling capabilities. Their cooling technologies and products include Kewltowel, Coolpax, and Hyperkewl among many others. Their website contains an entire tab for science and research, showing a lot of proof regarding the effectiveness of their products.

For a vest that shows up more than traditional black ones, the Phase Change Cooling Vest can keep you cool for three hours strait. To charge the 22 phase elements, simply store them in a cool area, with the refrigerator being optimal but not necessary. This cooling vest is designed to be worn discreetly, so putting clothing or armor over it should not be an issue. First Line Technology is committed to providing the best products for first responders and military personnel.

Sealable with a durable front zipper, Original Cool Vest from Glacier Tek is designed for pure comfort and functionality. The Glacier Comfort Set is included, and keeps the vest comfortable and cool via biodegradable packets. GlacierTek emphasizes comfort and cooling technology in their vests, and prides themselves on taking a unique approach. From the company to the product, everything about the Glacier Tek Original Cool Vest is a little different from the rest, and their products are leading the pack in cooling vest innovation.

Click here to buy it from My Cooling Store. A cooling vest with a much more sleek look than most others, the Flexicool Vest by Coolture utilizes cooling packs that can be inserted into the vest. Those same packs can be used for heat as well, which greatly boosts the value of the product. Wearing normal clothing over the vest should be easier than ever since there are no cumbersome buckles and straps adorning the exterior of the vest.

Coolture is a company that was founded on the goals of superior design and helping people. Their cooling vests are excellent for those who seek to alleviate the symptoms of MS, as the cooling function affordable cooling vests. Smooth in appearance and available in three functional styles, the Flexicool Vest can provide both cooling and heat as you need it.

Created to be lightweight and durable, the Stacool Premium Industrial Vest comes with two sets of cooling packs for a total of Secured with Velcro straps, the Stacool Vest is very smooth, and easy to wear under clothes and uniforms. Stacool is a company dedicated to cooling apparel, including their Premium Industrial Vest among others.

Their product line includes cooling vests for children as well, and accessories that make your cooling vest more customized to your liking. For a cooling vest with high durability and a relatively low price for the effectiveness, then the Stacool Premium Industrial Vest is a winning choice for most purposes.

Cooling therapy can relieve a massive variety of symptoms, ranging from those with multiple sclerosis, to muscle and joint pain. While most cooling vests can be used for a huge array of purposes, the following are specifically ideal for those who benefit from cooling therapy. With a simple looking white vest connected to a pulled cart and cooler, the Single Coolvest System Complete is capable of delivering hardcore cooling to those who need it.

Alternately, the cooler provides the functionality here, but with 70 feet of tubing, the wearer can still engage in local activities and tasks while the vest is being worn. Cool Shirt Systems makes cooling shirts and cooling vests that are supplemented with a connecting cooler. Rather than phase element vests which can be worn anywhere, these cooling vests are more hardcore as far as their cooling capabilities, but they lack the ability to go anywhere.

That said, these are designed with patented technology and meticulous detail, as evidenced by improvements like their anti-leak connectors. If therapy is more important than portability, then the Single Coolvest System Complete is a patented cooling system that will provide the low temperature therapy you need.

Easily worn under your choice of clothing, the Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest is an innovative cooling vest from Veskimo. Using tech from NASA, the vest runs cold water through a 50 foot tube, creating an aura of cold around the vest. This cools your entire upper body, alleviating symptoms and keeping you constantly cool in hot environments. The method used is either a cooling backpack, or a 9-quart hand carried cooler.

Veskimo is a company focused on developing the most highly affordable and effective cooling apparel for various purposes. Founded by a mechanical engineer in , the cooling vests made by Veskimo are highly technical, and take advantage of technology used by aerospace companies like NASA. For those who need a highly versatile cooling vest that can function with a backpack or a hand held cooler, the Personal Microclimate Body Cooling Vest uses an innovative circulation system that maintains a climate of coolness throughout the upper body.

Those who need cooling therapy may want an alternative to wearing a vest, and the CoreControl Pro is the perfect solution. Featuring a cooler that connects to a hand pod and wrist strap, the CoreControl Pro is designed for you to sit in comfort while it lowers your overall body temperature. The experience is similar to checking your blood pressure, but much more comfortable, and with cutting edge cooling technology. Avacore is the company behind the extremely popular cooling product, the CoreControl Pro.

Founded on a basis of science, innovation, and research, their products apply the latest technologies in cooling therapy. Replacement parts for each of their products are offered on their website, and their service spans multiple continents. Rising body temperatures can contribute to exhaustion, fatigue, and other unwanted ailments for serious athletes.

Whether using it while you train, or wearing one afterward to cool down, a cooling vest is a massively beneficial tool for athletes. Using evaporation and ice to cool, the Hydrogel 08 is a completely customizable cooling vest. This makes them ideal for buying for an entire company function, little league team, or simply a cooling vest customized to your style. Unlike products that depend on tubes and coolers, the Hydrogel 08 is designed for active people, so feel free to have one customized, and take it hiking, fishing, or on other adventures where you want to stay cool.

Izibod Cooling uses advanced technologies to make customized cooling vests for any purpose. Highly slim and durable, their Hydrogel 08 cooling vests are created for cyclers, runners, and other athletes. Their website gets deep on the various technologies used in their product, and you can find out a lot of info about Hydrogel, fleece, and PCI, among other topics. Highly active people may prefer a vest that uses Hydrogel rather than phase elements or coolers, and this one by Izibod is a revolutionary cooling vest that takes advantage of multiple technologies.

For a vest that looks awesome enough to wear it alone, the Artic Heat Ice Vest looks very smooth and white as snow. The lack of excessive straps, buckles, or tubes seen on other cooling vests means this one is lightweight, with the smallest vest weighing just 2. That makes the Artic Heat Ice Vest a phenomenal choice for runners and other athletes, because it will keep you cool without slowing down your game as much as heavier vests. Sponsoring numerous cycling teams and military divisions, the Arctic Heat Ice Vest is a product that is exceptionally lightweight.

Focusing their efforts on military, MS patients, and athletes, Arctic Heat USA supplies ice vests to many champions throughout the world. An interesting note from their website is that ice vests are widely used to burn fat in a process called cold thermogenesis. If you want a highly-adaptable vest that you can wear on a hike or jog, then the lightweight Arctic Heat Ice Vest may be the perfect option.

Extremely versatile and easy to care for, the Standard CarbonX Cooling Vest is both machine washable and charges at room temperature. The package includes a spare set of 16 Phase Elements, and the highly-durable, flame resistant vest. Designed primarily for first responders, this is an ideal cooling vest for those who lead an active lifestyle. First Line Technology sells cooling vests for various purposes, primarily for emergency responders, law enforcement, and military personnel.

This focus has led them to develop innovative products that can keep out toxins, resist fire, and keep workers cool for hours at a time. In addition to the PhaseCore technology used in their cooling vests, First Line Technology also sells a revolutionary bus for use in ambulances, known as the AmbuBus.

Extra lightweight and designed in four color varieties, the Flex Vest by Glacier Tek is a cooling vest that is easy to wear and maintain. The included spare set of 12 Glacier Packs allows this vest to cool the wearer indefinitely, because when one set needs charged you can simply load in the other. Its smooth appearance, lacking any straps, tubes, or buckles, makes it ideal for wearing on hikes or other outdoor adventures.

Creating tough cooling vests that can handle challenging environments, Glacier Tek is dedicated to their innovative cooling technology. A highlight of their vests is that the cooling packs charge in only 20 minutes submerged in ice water. For a cooling vest that appears casual and normal, but contains cutting edge cooling technology, the Flex Vest is a highly-durable cooling vest from Glacier Tek. Made from multiple materials to enhance comfort in key areas, the Elite Hybrid Sports Vest provides two distinct methods of cooling.

Not only do you get the benefit of the Hyperkewl cooling fabric which lasts up to 10 hours, but the Coolpax PCM Inserts add their own form of cooling that lasts about three hours. The included cooler is useful for keeping the spare inserts charging, and the detail paid to the materials really makes this a comfortable and durable cooling vest that can be worn on day long outdoor excursions. Like many cooling vest companies, TechNiche employs a wide array of technologies in their cooling products.

These range from Kewlflow to Drykewl, and each contributes to their innovative cooling vests and other cooling apparel. Including spare packs and a cooler, the Elite Hybrid Sports Vest is one of the few that takes advantage of multiple cooling methods, to keep your temperature low for the long haul. People may have a lot of reasons to wear a cooling vest under their normal outfit, uniform, or extra gear. While some cooling vests may be too bulky to facilitate wearing under clothes, the following vests are ideal for staying cool while wearing your favorite wardrobe items over them.

Designed to be slim and light, the Standard Mesh Cooling Vest is ideal for wearing under additional clothes or protective equipment. Their x-small size is great for kids or petite people, and uses two less phase elements for a total of When the phase elements reach a temperature of First Line Tech is a company that makes a variety of cooling vests for customers with slightly different needs.

If their Standard Mesh Cooling Vest is too light, then they have other vests that are fire resistant, and others that are made for hardcore emergency responders. If you plan on wearing a cooling vest under your normal or work apparel, then this Standard Mesh Cooling Vest from First Line Tech is easily among the best. Buy it from MyCoolingStore.

With concealable in its name, this is a cooling vest that is specifically made to fit under your normal clothes. Easy to wash, wear, and maintain, the cooling vest is easily secured with straps on the sides, and can be adjusted from the shoulder. The Glacier Cooling Packs keep this vest cooled to a dry 59 degrees for almost three hours, enabling workers, hikers, and other active people to stay cool while focusing on the task at hand. Glacier Tek is a company that focuses specifically on the latest and greatest in cooling technology.

They offer multiple vests that each serve different functions, and their Concealable Cool Vest is easily the most appropriate vest for those who want the cooling effect without a large and bulky product. Whether you want to wear hiking apparel or a work uniform, the Concealable Cool Vest is slim enough to keep you cool under your outfit of choice. With an emphasis on gradual cooling without sacrificing mobility, the StaCool Under Vest is smooth enough to wear under almost any outfit unencumbered.

Made from durable and high-quality materials, this cooling vest uses thermal packs that can cool for three hours for every charge. Ultimately, the smooth look of this vest makes it an idea option to wear over or under your clothing, and three color choices ensures you can find one that fits your style. StaCool is determined to developing cooling vests for a wide array of people.

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Wrap some coolness into your umpire chest protector with the. Umpire Cooling & Recovery ; UMPLIFE Ice Cap. $ ; Schutt Multi-Sport Cooling Towel. $ ; Franklin MLB X-Vent Reversible Wristbands. $ ; NoSweat Cap and. Our cooling packs for vests feature a great benefit: they recharge as quickly as 30 minutes in ice-cold water. Spend your lunch break or downtime recharging.