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If you trade the forex markets regularly, chances are that a lot of your trading is of the short-term variety; i. From my experience, there is one major flaw with this type of trading: h igh-speed computers and algorithms will spot these patterns faster than you ever will. When I initially started trading, my strategy was similar to that of many short-term traders. That is, analyze the technicals to decide on a long or short position or even no position in the absence of a clear trendand then wait for the all-important breakout, i. I can't tell you how many times I would open a position after a breakout, only for the price to move back in the opposite direction - with my stop loss closing me out of the trade. More often than not, the traders who make the money are those who are adept at anticipating such a breakout before it happens.

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Enforex barcelona profesores de matematica

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Laura Collado. I specialize in tutoring english, literature and spanish. My goal is to kkepp studients challenged, in different types of learning cognitive skills, hability to learn a foreign language wih games, memory and riddles. I think that the best way to learn a language is with games and grammar. I like to teach english, catalan and spanish because I'm a spanish native speaker, so I can teach with a different way to improve other languages.

I'm a Spanish teacher with many years of experience. I can help you to develop, expand, or enrich your ability to use the Spanish language. You can find a variety of courses that can be adapted to your interests and needs. My confident, professional instruction is the key to your success. Because I can be flexible and responsive to every to student's needs. I am a native teacher from Barcelona, with a degree in History and as a Spanish teacher for foreigners. My lessons are oriented to all levels, using the language in real and pedagogic contexts.

As a teacher, I am very interested in letting my students learn not only the language but also the Spanish culture, as it is a fundamental aspect to really be able to succeed in the learning process. In order to do so, we will work on all the different competences oral and writing skills , grammar and vocabulary, of course, but also I like to use some real texts, videos, songs, etc.

I try to use Spanish as the main language during my lessons. Of course, I can translate when it's necessary I am fluent in both English and French. But I really believe that the most important thing is to try to communicate in Spanish so you will become more and more fluent. Don't worry: we will get there step by step! I am used to teach Spanish from scratch, I have long experience teaching high levels as well. Please, contact me for further information and let me know how I can help you.

Ofrezco clases bien estructuradas en las que el alumno aprende a leer, escribir, escuchar y hablar, siempre, en un contexto real. Creo que cada alumno tiene su propio ritmo de aprendizaje y se debe respetar. Con un buen profesor todos pueden alcanzar su objetivo. My goal is to transmit to my students all this cultural background that I have by teaching Spanish. The objective is to learn to pronounce the words in the most neutral way and learn how to conjugate verbs to avoid making the usual mistakes, which will make you feel more comfortable.

Spanish native teacher, I also speak English, French and Arabic. Can adapt to your necessities, my methods are dynamic and I make things easy to learn. Je peux m'adapter you need, the methods are dynamic and easy. Spanish teacher with four years of experience. I'm a graduate in Literature in the University of Barcelona. My native languages are Catalan and Spanish, and I have the proficency level in English. The classes will be tailor-made for the student's needs and requirements.

I have experience teaching in private and group classes for children, teenagers and adults. Ayudo con refuerzos en las materias que se necesite. I have been teaching Spanish for over 7 years, both face-to-face and virtual through different applications that can be adapted to the student's need.

I live in Argentina, therefore I can give classes via Webcam to anywhere in the world. I've configured a class that will help you improve your weaknesses. I like to insist in phrase order and to analyse every word. That will help you understand better how a romance language works. I guarantee that you'll be able to comprehend how these languages work and once you learn Spanish, you will find French, Portuguese or Italian appealing due to its similarities.

My classes are aimed at anyone who has difficulties in any subject. My specialty is Catalan language and literature, but I also teach Spanish, English, Latin, Greek, history, philosophy, etc. My teaching method consists of alternating theory with practice in order to apply knowledge through exercises, writing, etc.

I am a very patient person, committed to my work, persistent and eager to help anyone who costs or wants to increase their course average. I am a multilingual translator who has been working as a language teacher for 4 years now. As my parents are Spanish Catalan and French, I am native in the three languages. Contact Irene. Spanish : Spanish for adults. Tuesday at Wednesday at Thursday at Many thanks, Carole.

Save money on group classes and benefit from material adapted to your needs! Learn or improve your English fast — contact me to sign up! Come and experience relaxed, yet structured conversational classes with native and non-native Spanish speakers. And your first class is free! Contact me to sign up : I'd be delighted to help you master Spanish! Hi, I am a teacher specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students. I just charge 5 euros for 1 h class. I have lots of experience. I just teach to adults.

I live in central Barcelona. I have a degree and a master's degree in Law. Kind regards, Coral Photo on Whatsapp. The focal piece of my lessons is to ensure that you are practising it consistently — that is the quickest way to make strides Email - smackle gmail. Hi everyone Im a native Spanish teacher and an English teacher online. Ive been teaching Spanish for more than 7 years at academies in Madrid, companies and since the pandemic just online.

If you want to check my instagram Spanishandcronopios you can read up to 50 testimonials of old and new students and get to know me a bit better. My students see my lessons as inspiring and enriching and I consider myself as a talkative, open minded and a feminist person. Also you can contact me via whatsapp or my instagram.

I have been teaching English for more than ten years. I normally teach general English to late adolescents and adults. For the first time, I charge fifteen euros per class and for the subsequent courses I charge between 18 to 25 euros depending on several factors which I decide after meeting the learner.

Hola a todxs! I have experience teaching all groups and ages. British and American English. I am a highly experienced Spanish professor with a master's degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and many years of experience teaching at schools, companies and universities. I teach within the communicative approach. I also have an excellent level of English. I have also worked in various summer English camps in France and Spain with kids and teenagers. With adults, I have volunteered with VaughnTown programs.

Students will have fun and gain confidence while improving their English. Besides my native English, I am also fluent in Spanish and French. I can also tutor in beginner French A1-A2. If you would like to improve your English and have fun too, don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you. Dear Spanish Student : Are you struggling to master the Spanish language after years of studying textbooks?

Or do you need to improve your language skills in a short space of time - for an interview, promotion, or overseas travel? Take a course in which your teacher will use a natural learning approach, together with an asynchronous pedagogical method in structured conversational classes, to get you speaking Spanish fluently in just a few months!

Contact me for your free trial :. Would you like to learn to play the guitar but don't know where to start? Or do you already play and want to develop your musical knowledge? I offer guitar lessons for beginners and intermediates of all ages, following a creative method that allows you to see music from its emotional dimensions. Classes are available in the following languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact me! Hello, I am a freelance native English teacher with over 30 years of experience. I teach ALL levels from complete beginners to level C2. Classes can be given face to face or online. I teach at multi-nationals, Institutes, and individuals. I have my own transport thus making it possible to travel to places difficult to reach.

I have been living in Barcelona for 3 years teaching English to adults and children of different ages and levels. I also have a TEFL certificate. Classes are quick and dynamic and are focused more on grammar and fluency. However, classes can be tailored to your needs, e. They can be online or in-person. My experience includes teaching in both primary and secondary schools as well as private classes with kids, teens and adults.

I am open to teaching online or in person. I charge 17 euro per hour. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I will respond as quickly as possible. Have a great day :. Should have previous experience and recommendations. Please drop me PM for further details. I am a native English Teacher with several years of experience preparing students for Cambridge Exams such as First Certificate and Cambridge Advanced. If you are interested in intensive exam preparation classes to help you prepare for the exam do not hesitate to reach out for more details.

Por favor contact a me si quiere mi cv. My name is Susanne, I am a certified English teacher and I offer classes for all levels and ages. I have a TEFL certificate and a university degree in pedagogical sciences educational and developmental studies. I have over 8 years of teaching experience, with both individual and group classes. What do I offer? Thus, we will work together on this goal and keep a clear open communication about the preferences and expectations of the lessons.

Feel free to email me if this is what you are looking for or if you would like more information. Saludos, Susanne Dijkstra. My name is Manuel and I am an experienced and native Spanish teacher with 17 years of experience teaching Spanish both in Spain and in United Kingdow. Hi there! I have Bachelor's Degree in English Translation and Interpretation Eng-Tur and I have experience in working with multinational people from all ages and nations! At the moment I am learning Spanish as well and soon studying Masters Degree in Linguistics, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to practice English daily speaking, exam preparation, interviews, business English, grammar or you name it!

The classes can be conducted in tu casa or outside park, beach etc. I have plenty of free time, in the afternoons till late evenings during the week and very flexible during the weekends. Kids are more than welcome to play and learn with their tia as well! I can send my CV if requested. Thanks is advance!

Hello future fluent English speaker! I am a 26 year old University graduate from San Diego, California who has recently moved to Barcelona. I also have a special knack for working with kids! I am available for private English tutoring of individuals at a time, between the ages of 5 and I can travel to your home or set up a meeting time and place in a public location.

You should feel free to test the boundaries of your knowledge in order to discover exactly where your limitations lie so that they can be addressed directly. Together we will gradually stretch your knowledge and confidence through conversational practice and memorization techniques.

I will use a Direct Method of speaking English exclusively; providing anecdotes to help with memorization along the way. I can help students with their assigned homework or provide entire lessons. I am organized, engaging, patient, and passionate about the spoken and written word - and I truly look forward to meeting you! Happy Easter! I have a degree and a master's in Law. I have experience teaching English classes both face-to-face and online to a variety of age groups and levels, from A1-B2.

Types of classes include Practical English, Business English and Exam-focused classes, tailored to your needs and goals. I also offer informal conversational English if you are seeking to improve general speaking and gain advice and improvements from a Native Speaker. Classes are always supportive, friendly and relaxed, mistakes are encouraged!

Classes can be 'face to face' in central Barcelona or online, whichever you prefer. I have experience teaching english for the past half year to ages , and adults as well. I also have a Bachelor Degree in education, I taught primary school for 3 years in Chicago. I can give online class or in person. I charge 12 euros per hour.

Puedo dar clase online o presencial. Cobro 12 euros la hora. Hi, You live in Catalunya and need to learn catalan? I teach all levels and the class can be face-to face or online. Un saludo Miriam. Hello, I'm Orla 25 years old from Ireland : I'm an English Teacher with 3 years of experience teaching kids, teens and adults.

I want to help you practice your English through conversation, activities, whatever helps you learn best! Rapidly improve your English skills and get speaking more fluently with: - advanced data technology - dynamic open-web classes - adapted to your needs, level and progress - skilfully guided conversations - a strong focus on important language structures - access to material before and after classes What's more, you'll get to choose when and where!

Contact me and I will be delighted to help you learn or improve your English. Experienced native-level cheerful language teacher for young learners, teens, and adults of all levels. Classes are online, quite economic and very interactive. Hi everyone I am an online Spanish teacher who absolutely loves teaching Spanish, not just the language, but also the culture, things to do in Madrid or giving any kind of recommendations.

If you are interesred or want to get to know me better check my instagram Spanishandcronopios where you can read up to 50 reviews of old and current students and ask away! Vaughan trained. I have a degree and master's in Law. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

If you are an intermediate or advanced speaker, I can help you to improve or perfect your spoken English by engaging with you in discussions of topics of interest and by providing exercises tailored to areas in which you would like to improve. My methodology is based on contextualisation and personalisation. I also offer guidance with written English. I offer online lessons. Contact me at I look forward to hearing from you!

I am energetic, understanding and experienced. Price 24 euros per lesson. Free trial lesson. I am a resident of Spain. El enfoque es comunicativo. I can promise you will get results quickly. First of all thanks for taking the time to read this advert. The camp is inside the working week as it is an official school camp.

Dates are 2nd-4th May leaving teatime on Sunday 1st May, as there's no public transport to this beautiful location! Monday from through till Wednesday you'll be back in Barcelona by The official language of the camp is English. I am looking for lovely people who are interested and want to get stuck into a lovely camp experience in beautiful surroundings!

Please contact me if you are interested. Thanks once again, Paul. Las clases son en la empresa por la cual el precio de hora sube un poco por el desplazamiento. Si puedes una de las dos tambien contactanos porque no tiene que ser el mismo para ambos. Los cursos empiezan el 7 de julio y hay turnos hasta el 30 de agosto. Schedule Mondays 5. We are looking for teachers of English who can work as examiners, i. The job might involve participating in the design of exams or only acting as an examiner and writing a report on the students' levels and abilities online.

At Wall Street English, we help people realize their dreams. We teach English. We have been learning partners to over 3 million people, and have been passionate about teaching English for over 45 years. We have a current enrolment of , students and over learning centres in 28 different countries across the globe. Through providing a nurturing, fun and interactive learning environment and building relationships with Students, you have a unique opportunity to change their personal and professional futures.

You will provide a personalized educational experience that is supportive, effective and engaging. Each Student will need varying levels of support, ap-proaches, and teaching techniques to maximize their learning. You are a fundamental part of the Service Team, comprised of Qualified Teachers, Personal Tutors and Receptionists and work in synergy to ensure that each Student experience is premium and exceptional in every way.

Minimum requirements:? Native Catalan and Spanish? Intermediate English. Position available starting from September. No teaching experience necessary but definitely a plus! Native in English Willing to participate with students in social events. TASKS: - Providing individualized instruction to each student by promoting interactive learning - Create and distribute educational content notes, summaries, assignments etc. Due to the opening of new schedules and courses, we are looking for a qualified ESL English teacher for the forthcoming course starting on the 5th of September We can only accept candidates that can legally work in Spain as contract will be given.

Applicants must have work permit, NIE and social security number. Commitment to start in September and finish at the end of June. Master Languages Les Corts Barcelona We are looking for both full-time hours And part-time teachers hours for the next academic course in September. We offer : A contract from September to June Blocked afternoon and evening timetable from Monday to Friday A friendly working environment.

The opportunity to work in a Cambridge Partner school with Professional training opportunities. Pay rates between euros an hour net. We would like to start interviewing in June and July, in person if possible. Starting beginning of September til June. Please send CV and a cover note to the address provided. Do you want some international experience while getting a taste of teaching? Come to one of our schools in Spain and boost your resume by becoming a Language Assistant for the academic year.

Use your own initiative to help your students with their conversation practice, create teaching materials, and plan your own activities alongside the teacher. Native level of English C2 or near native C1? If you agree with the conditions above, please send your CV to rrhh iberidiomas. Job Summary We are a medium sized, friendly English language school and has a team of committed, caring, FUN loving, dedicated career teachers.

We use theatre as a teaching tool with our younger learners and value creativity and enthusiasm. We give a high degree of importance to communicative skills at all ages and levels. Willingness to live locally is preferable. The successful candidate will have a love of children and will be open, friendly, dynamic and willing to adapt to new systems and challenges. Salary 1. Salary depending on experience 2. Teachers have approximately 2 weeks of paid holidays at Christmas, 10 days at Easter and all local and national Bank holidays.

Teachers are entitled to coverage and benefits of the Spanish National Health System 4. The school provides in-house training and encourages career development. Teacher development sessions are given continuously during the academic course. Berlitz is recruiting native-level English teachers for our immersion courses in Huesca from 20th June to 5th August. Full-time courses, accommodation included.

Training asap. If you're interested and available please get in touch for more details. Unfortunately student VISA is not allowed for this programme. Monday to Thursday. Theatre Company is looking for energetic, adaptable and enthusiastic, English speaking Actors and Storytellers. You will be part of a team of actors, that along with lights, set and props, travels in our van to schools in Catalonia, performing plays in English and returning to Barcelona at the end of each day.

Rehearsals start October We are currently looking for a native English teacher to start in September Part time from 4ish to 8,30ish or full time To teach in homes with children, teens and adults, from Monday through Friday In Barcelona The classes are comfortable, they are walking distance from each other. We give all the material and support needed for the classes. Abbey Road is seeking dynamic individuals with strong academic and teaching credentials to serve as instructors of Italian language for our international programs Florence, Italy.

Subjects include foreign languages - Italian. Instructors play an important role in shaping and implementing the academic curriculum. They work with the rest of the program staff and share responsibility for student supervision, mentoring and directing program activities.

Responsibilities: - Create lesson plans based on the Experiential Learning Method and research the host community to determine locations for lessons and class discussions. Provide each student with written feedback and documentation of their grade midway through and at the end of the program. Requirements: - Advanced proficiency in Italian language. Type of employment: Full-time, temporary Accommodation: During the period of actual employment Airfare: Group flight from the airport to the program site Salary: 2, to 2, EUR per month Please send your resume to our email: altynaiabbeyroad gmail.

Abbey Road is seeking dynamic individuals with strong academic and teaching credentials to serve as instructors of Italian language for our international programs in Florence, Italy. Subjects include foreign languages - Italian and implementing the academic curriculum. Type of employment: Full-time, temporary Accommodation: During the period of actual employment Airfare: Group flight from the airport to the program site Salary: 2, to 2, EUR per month.

Experience with teaching General English and Cambridge exam classes to young learners, teenagers and adults is necessary. The position is for native-level speaking English teachers with CELTA or equivalent, preferably a degree, and 1 year experience.

Being one of the leading schools in the area, we have an excellent reputation for offering a high standard of language education and are continually striving to achieve the best possible results.. We are also a Cambridge and Trinity exam centre and our learners take their official exams at our school. Therefore, experience with Cambridge Exams is necessary. We also provide General English and Business English classes to adults and professionals.

The main duties include: - Prepare and plan classes incorporating a communicative approach to teaching. We need a native-level English teacher for our immersion courses in Barcelona starting asap. Full-time contract, competitive salary. Full training before starting. Please get in touch for more details. We are looking for monitors to work in our camps in Barcelona. The camp will be in June 13th to 15th. These courses are required to have one 1 session in-person which will take place in our Badalona center so candidates must be currently located in the Barcelona area.

Private school in Barcelona metropolitan area is looking for an Economy teacher. International Baccalaureate knowledge and experience preferred. Private school in Barcelona area. We are looking for a high school chemistry teacher. If you would like to work with us from Mondays to Thursdays , we would be happy to get your CV and interview you for the position starting next September.

It takes 35 min aprox to get here from Barcelona by train and it's a minutes drive. Here you can see our school: www. Full time. If you are interested in this position and meet all the job requirements, please, send your CV and cover letter to rrhh puebloingles. Hello, We are looking for a teacher for a face to face class. We offer a contract, so you must have papers for working in Spain.

Job Offer Hello, I have an English class available. It is to teach English to three 12 year old students who are from here, they are non native English speakers, but they have a good level as one of their parents is a native English speaker from the UK. The parents would like the students to work on grammar, reading comprehension and writing. The classes would start now and go all summer until August. They are available: Monday and Wednesday in between h to 20h Tuesday and Thursday h to 19h Saturday after 16h Sunday after 12h They live in the Clot neighborhood The family would like to do 1.

Esl teacher needed for next academic year ESL teachers needed academic year. September 12th until June 22nd For the school year we have several positions available. The position is Monday - Friday in the afternoons. We are looking to employ a qualified ESL teacher to provide English language lessons to children ages 3 to The successful candidate will be responsible for planning lessons and activities, adopting a creative approach, and encouraging and motivating students to learn 15 hours a week in the afternoons.

English teachers needed for immersion courses in Huesca starting 13th or 20th June. Full training prior to starting. Candidates must have permission to work full-time in Spain. Would you like to get a taste of teaching your native language while experiencing the fascinating Spanish culture? This is your last chance to join us in a Spanish school for one academic year! Gain teaching experience in Spain, receive a monthly grant, TEFL-related training, and ongoing in-country support.

This is a unique opportunity to boost your resume with an unforgettable international experience! Golden Gate English is looking for native level, dynamic and fun English Teachers for school year We are also looking for substitutes for classes if you have availability in the afternoons right now, please do get in touch! If you are interested please contact us. We offer flexible hours to adjust to your schedules and studies. Your responsibilities will consist of teaching classes, implementing student follow-up attendance records, grades, and reports, completing online reports at the end of each term, and performing other school-related tasks.

Candidates must be dynamic, fun, and feel highly motivated by what they do. Dates: From 13th of June to 1st of September extendable. Face to face class in El Prat de Llobregat 3-hour blocks We're looking for native English teachers who are available for in-company face to face classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays: - The classes will run until 28 July If you're interested, please send you CV with El Prat as the subject. ESL teachers needed academic year.

Sepetemtember 12th until June 22nd The positions are Monday - Friday in the afternoons. Pay is euros an hour depending on qualifications, experience and course type, plus finiquito. For more information or to apply, please send your CV and full availability to recruitment oxfordtefl. Hi TEFL teachers. We are looking for a teacher for an incompany 1 to 1 class on Mondays and Wednesdays 4 to Los candidatos han de enviar su CV a documents instituteuropeu. We are looking to employ two qualified ESL to provide English language lessons to children ages 3 to The successful candidate will be responsible for planning lessons and activities, adopting a creative approach, and encouraging and motivating students to learn one position is 15 hours a week and the other is 20 hours a week - in the afternoons.

Please send cv to bcnteflteachers gmail. Por favor enviar CV y horario disponible y nos contactaremos para una entrevista. Muchas gracias,. Posibilidad de ampliar horarios a corto plazo. Teachers needed for summer camp. First Page is a new school located in the center of Barcelona. We offer classes on and off site as well as extracurricular classes in public schools, private classes to both adults and kids as well as nurseries.

Camps run from the 27th June to the 2nd September. Possibility of continuing with us for the school year. We need to incorporate an English conversation assistant in Igualada. Employment contract is offered. We are looking for a Cambridge exam prep expert to prep teens ages 12 for FCE and CAE exams hours per week — in the afternoons. We are looking to employ a qualified ESL to provide English language lessons to children ages 3 to The succesful candidate will be responsible for planning lessons and activities, adopting a creative approach, and encouraging and motivating students to learn hours a week in the afternoons.

Need an intern who can promote my youtube and other social media channels and do some editing. Possibility of joining me in the videos. Remote English trainers needed to screen call center employees and applicants for acceptable accents and reading abilities. American English accent Male required only at this time. Please provide: 1- E-mail address. Laptop, Desktop or larger tablet for reading documents and responding using the script provided. Your responses are highlighted for you.

You will provide lines of feedback regarding the quality of the conversation. The class is a one to one adult near FIRA metro stop. We are looking for a French teacher to take an online class on Mondays and Wednesdays from Closest metro station Mundet L3. Dates: From 13th of June to 15th of December.

We are looking for qualified Science Teacher for Secondary Education to join our school in Barcelona. We offer: -Full-time position and a permanent role starting next September. We are seeking a German teacher for lessons at our center in Barcelona. Various students, Timetable: Tuesdays If interested please send your CV and contact Phillip. Hatfield berlitz. Rodgers berlitz. We are seeking native Spanish teachers to take part in a program with an important educational organization in Spain teaching on an immersion course to European university students in Barcelona.

Please contact via email phillip. Te escribo para preguntarte si a lo mejor te puede interesar estas clases. Buscamos profesor de aleman para realizar clases online. El alumno tiene un nivel medio. Se necesita profesor de aleman para clases online. Tres horas a la semana: Lunes, Martes y Viernes de a Hello, We are looking for an experienced teacher for a beginner class. We offer a contract or can work with autonomos.

Please reply with an up to date CV. If you like teaching children, have EU papers a teaching qualification and some experience please send a CV to us. Pay 17 euros net an hour with a contract, plus the chance of more hours in September. Mail your CV to: masterjobs outlook. The classes are Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to PM. The Academy Coordinator works under the supervision of the Head of the Department.

The Coordinator manages all day-to-day operations of the academy including the areas of language instruction, scheduling, enrollment management, recruitment and marketing. Experience: At least two years of teaching experience is required. Experience in student recruitment and marketing is preferred. Skills: Effective verbal and written communications are required. Effective interpersonal skills are required. The ability to develop knowledge of, respect for, and skills to engage with those of other cultures or backgrounds is required.

Coordinates course schedules, manages enrolments and delivers excellent customer service. Supervises and evaluates qualified teaching staff. Provides support to the teaching staff. Contributes to the overall success of Kids Speak English by performing all other duties as assigned. Iberidiomas language school is looking for a native or near C2 level to cover corporate lessons on Wednesdays from - This is to start on 11th May Send your CV to rrhh iberidiomas.

Requirements We are looking for sociable people who are dedicated to the teaching profession and who love working with young children or teens and everything it entails. We're looking for native English teachers who are available for in-company face to face classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays: - The classes will run until June If you're interested, please send you CV to empleo kennedylanguages. Iberidiomas language school is looking for a native or near C2 level English teacher for corporate classes.

Buscamos profesores para clases presenciales y online entre los horarios de Teachers needed for immediate start. Courses run until the 22nd of June. Possibility of continuing next year. Please only apply if these hours are compatible with your current timetable. Applicants must send a copy of their CV as well as a covering letter to school firstpageschool. Ofrecemos 2 clases particulares. Academy in Barcelona is looking for an English teacher for some weeks because one of our teachers has a backache.

We are looking for a person with experience in teaching kids, teens and adults. Schedule: - Monday and Wednesday, from 13,00h - 16,00h. If you are interested, please send your CV to rrhh puebloingles. We offer 2 x one to one classes. You should be able to work with multi-level groups engaging all the kids with speaking based lessons ESL Teacher Responsibilities: Conducting activities and lessons based on ESL teaching methodologies.

You are expected to attend staff meetings once per month - usually on Mondays at Ability to teach children ages 3 to 18 and to work with multi level groups Display patience and the ability to adapt quickly and creatively. Be self-sufficient Be up to date in the use of technology in the classroom video, audio, etc.

Se busca un profesor de portugues de portugal para clases de Portugues a traves de videoconferencia. Requisitos: El profesor debe ser titulado como profesor de portugues. Tener ordenador y buena conexion a internet ya que las clases son virtuales. Buscamos 1 solo candidato para ambas clases. We are looking for a Legal English Language trainer to cover a regular semi -intensive group class. The training is face-to-face. Ideally own transport would be a plus although not essential as the course is on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Hello, My name is Maly. I'm mexican but I live in Barcelona. Currently I'm studying English and I look forward to improve my speaking. I'm keen on walking and listening podcast. I can't help recording soundscapes. I feel like talking with somebody who likes cooking, cinema, walking I want to learn as much as I can about English, and If you need improve your spanish and cook the best tacos, please write me.

I love football, cooking, movies, sports in general. Hello everyone! One of my main goals for this year is to learn French. I studied French a couple of years ago but now I am not able to remember anything…! My classes start on August. I am looking for my partner in crime to help each other and drink coffee.

If you are up for this plan shoot me a message. Hello to everyone. I am looking for a exchange to learn english. I am italian but i am living in barcelona. It would be amazing to talk "tomando una copa" I am looking for someone to exchange language. I wanna improve my Spanish level and I will offer my English.

Hola a todos! Soy Claudia, de Londres y he vivido en Barcelona durante 3. Hey its aas i want to learn spanish if anybody teacher here they gonna help me for any time at the evening text me on my number I am looking to practise my Spanish. I am an English teacher who has just moved to Spain and I need to make it more fluent. I would prefer people aged between 30 and 45 and online. I am available in the mornings, Mon-Fri. I'm looking for sometime to hang out around Barcelona, practice languages and if we get along, just hang out as friends, contact me, I'll pay for the first coffee.

Je suis un prof d'espagnol. Hi, I am a guy from Barcelona looking for someone to practice my English for a period and practice Spanish or Catalan. See you! I'm native Dutch, and I have an advanced level of English. Write me if you're interested!

Hey, how's it going? Looking for people who are interested in having a language exchange in El Carmel - I'm a guy from London, my housemate is from Holland Idea is to meet up, get a table or 2 chillout, have some drinks, and talk : Let me know. Estoy estudiando Espanol en Barcelona. Quiero practicar y mejorar mi Espanol, tambien quiero hacer amigas con la gente de diferente paises.

I have a fairly good level of English but I need to practice more as it is slowly getting rusty. I am a designer by trade in my late 40s. Any topics work for me. In exchange, I would be happy to help you with any level of Spanish. Online, terrace sitting or city walks. Je ne cherche pas une professeure sinon quelqu'un sympa et communicative pour la conversation. En payant. My name is Quentin and I live near Diagonal.

I need someone to help me improve my conversational Spanish In exchange, I can help you with English, Italian or French I'm a certified teacher I live in Gracia, it would be great if we could meet in this area in the evenings :. I have a C1 level but I really want to gain fluency as well as to have conversations with someone who corrects my mistakes. Hi everyone. I am looking for someone to correct my mistakes in spoken Spanish.

My level is good but i make a lot of mistakes. I understand French very well but just need to start speaking. I am a linguist so I can help you with any English grammar questions :. I know Barcelona from end to end and I am actively involved in many cultural and political events in the city, so I am the best guide you could possibly hope for! I am American. My speaking level is low but I can understand a lot as I have stayed in Italy the past two summers.

I am also an English teacher so I can help you improve your level and confidence speaking :. I'm a native English Teacher interested in improving my Spanish. I would like to improve my knowledge of grammar as well as my writing and speaking skills. I'm only interested in meeting online via Google Meet, Zoom, or Skype.

Anyone interested in a language exchange? I'm a native spanish and italian speaker looking for someone to practice English with. Just let me know if you are interested! Hello, I'm looking for an intercambio to improve my Spanish. I'm originally from London but I've been in Spain for about a year and have approximately level B1 in Spanish. It would be online via Zoom at first but I will be in Barcelona in the autumn so potentially in person after that.

I'm Celeste, from the Philippines. I have been in Spain for more or less two years as an English language assistant. I would like to improve my Spanish in return to helping you improve your English. Looking forward to learning with you! On peut se retrouver pour prendre un verre au centre! Hello, I am Italian Guy that is looking for an English exchange. I am living in Barcelona.

Also I can speak Spanish. I'm looking for a french person to help me with my french speaking and who wants to learn English, too. I'm an English teacher and I teach any level. Speak soon! This is Paula from Spain!

I am a native Spanish speaker???????? In return, I can help you with your Spanish and spend a great time together. I studied psychology and nowadays I am working at the Human Resources area. I love to discuss about psychology and discover new cultures???? Preferiblemente online. Hola, soy Phil.

I would like to learn German from a native or native-level speaker, and in exchange I can teach you Spanish, Catalan or English. Thanks everyone for reading me, Kind regards - Joshua. Mejor dos veces por semana tambien! En este momento solo online mejor con zoom Gracias. I am a native Arabic levant dialect and English speaker, and I'm also quiet fluent in Spanish now too I've completed by B2 certification.

I'm looking for someone to help me learn modern standard Arabic fus7a and in exchange I can help with any of the languages I've listed above. Ich bin sehr freundlich und offenherzig. Ich mache gerne Sport und bin auch sehr gerne in der Natur. Lass uns einen Kaffee trinken und spazieren gehen!

Soy residente y nativa en Bcn ciudad. Muchas gracias. I'm a Spanish teacher ELE with more than 9 years of experience. I have worked in different schools in Barcelona Enforex, SpeakEasy I'm looking for a French teacher qualified as I to exchange. If you are interested in my offer, don't hesitate to contact me. We can do the classes by Zoom. Hi, I am an experienced English teacher and I want to do a weekly exchange online with a Spanish teacher. I want a lot of conversation and some help with my grammar and pronunciation.

Hi, my name is Ailsa, originally from Yorkshire UK and living in Bcn for 3 years already, I'm looking forward to practising and improving my Spanish. We can do some exchange face to face or via Zoom for example. Hi, Spanish twink offering Spanish. I used to teach Spanish to foreing people. I live in Central Barcelona. Hasta la vista! Hi everyone! We started our own business and looking for 3 volunteers to follow a free Mindfulness course.

The course will be 8 weeks in total with 1 session per week via skype or zoom. Please contact us for more information and to plan a start date! A la espera de saber de ti :. Esplugues area. Je peux t'aider avec l'espagnol ou catalan! Everybody, I am new here. I am a Chinese native speaker. So you know that I could offer Chinese and some "not very native" English.

Here I stay in Barcelona for nearly three years. If possible, we could go out for some beer or picnic. I really love hiking and traveling to experience various cultures. Hope to see you here. I am a primary school teacher here in barcelona and would like to practice my spanish with someone once a week in a cafeteria or bar.

I have a B1 level in spanish and it needs to improve!! If you wanna help in exchange for English, send me a msg. I'm an English teacher and I'm going to be doing free English lessons every Friday, if you want to join feel free to contact me!!! I'd love to have you there. I'm here in Central Barcelona looking to practice some Spanish. It'd be cool to hang out for a chat! Message or email me, and we can arrange for a time and place. I have recently moved to Barcelona from Tanzania where I was managing safaris.

I'm looking to exchange my English for your Spanish and to meet up face to face in the park or at the beach covid times ;- for a couple of hours a week. If this sounds possible please get in touch! Hi, I'm new to Barcelona and looking to practice my Spanish. I'd like to meet up with an experienced Spanish speaker and exchange my English for your Spanish.

We can meet for a coffee or a beer. I would love to learn Spanish in return I would like to offer my English. Complete beginners are welcome! Hi everyone, My name's Jeremy and I'm from Rome. I've been living in Spain for two years now. I have level b1 in english, I need to practice talking to someone. If you are intereseted write me! Me llamo Katina,soy de China.

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This diploma is an invaluable asset for students who wish to study at Spanish universities or work in a Spanish-speaking country. Class Sizes: Medium, students, One-to-One. If you want to acquire the language skills necessary to communicate in business and legal situations, this is the perfect course for you. We will help you pass the exams for any of the following official Diplomas from the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.

Class Sizes: One-to-One, Small, students. It is an individualized program for professionals of any kind who want to acquire Spanish skills for their line of work. You will be taught by a highly qualifi ed native speaker with specific knowledge in your field of expertise. Whatever your job —businessman, doctor, lawyer, biologist, etc. If you want to optimize your study time and enjoy a fully personalized method of teaching, this course is the best option.

The minimum duration is one minute class per week and you can decide the schedule and content of the program. Within a short period of time, you will begin to learn Spanish through an individualized course of study in grammar, speaking, listening, reading, writing and vocabulary. Class Sizes: Large, students, Medium, students.

Additionally, our youngsters participate in many traditional summer camp activities —sports, games, competitions, and parties— and go on excursions every week to local sites of historical and cultural interest.

In addition to the morning Intensive Spanish classes, this program includes a wide range of activities so that students can practice their Spanish outside of class in a dynamic and friendly environment. Los profesores son muy amables y preparados. El ambiente muy divertido y relajado.

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PROFE de ESPAÑOL🇪🇸 en ALEMANIA🇩🇪 Parte 1⎢Salario, condiciones, posibilidades...⎢Idiomas y emigración

Se puede hacer clases en cualquier sitio de Barcelona y incluso online si Me encanta enseñar y he enseñado desde matemáticas y economía hasta danza pero. El profesor / La profesora. El alumno / La alumna. El director / La directora Las matemáticas. La ciencia. La biología. La química. La física. I come from Guadalajara but live in beautiful Barcelona. Teaching practice at Enforex, specialized enterprise that teaches Spanish in Spain and South.