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Ucsc financial aid email forex market magazine

Ucsc financial aid email

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There are several types of financial aid; these include grants, scholarships, work-study and federal or private loans. Students must meet eligibility requirements to apply and receive financial aid. This video will provide you with information on the costs to attend UCSC, how to apply for financial aid, and types of aid available to pay for college. In addition, our office works with departments and organizations on-campus to provide various resources, services, and valuable information to our students.

Click on the links on the left for additional information on the resources available to students who are FAFSA Applicants, Dream Applicants, Domestic Nonresidents, International students, and students interested in studying abroad. Paula Rizzi. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation. UC Santa Cruz. Welcome to the Financial Aid Staff Directory! Office Peak Times. Patrick Register Director jpregis ucsc.

Lorena Rodriguez Deputy Director llara ucsc. Glenn Gumin Interim Associate Director ggumin ucsc. Christine Camicia Business Manager ccamicia ucsc. Kori Calubaquib Scholarship Manager. Luis Melgoza Financial Aid Adviser. Savannah Calero Financial Aid Adviser. Frankie Quiroz Customer Service Adviser.

Patrick Martin Customer Service Adviser. Celeste Lopez Basic Needs Adviser.

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Financial Aid: Paying For College

We encourage students and families to contact us by phone to or by visiting in person to Hahn Student Services for more immediate support. However, you may also email our advising team to. Contact Information ; Mailing Address. UCSC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office Hahn Student Services Building High Street Santa Cruz, CA ; Zoom. Please check our Contact Information page for our up-to-date service hours and availability. Learn more about how to access and read your financial aid.